Friday, August 22, 2014

Secure your Future with Saving Investment Plans India

Secure future with money saving investment and with proper short term and long term financial goals. Many people think that savings are safest and enough to earn additional money in addition to regular income through job or business and other sources etc. There are a number of saving investment plans to save and invest money to improve your daily life depending on your financial, wealth building goals. But many citizens focus on savings schemes instead of money investments.

In their view money saving in saving bank accounts and fixed deposits, recurring deposits, security bonds etc. are very very safer sources to attain next level of financial position to meet future requirements and expenses. They are thinking that investment plans are very boring ones and somewhat complicated, high risk oriented than safer sources.

Indian Saving and Investment Plans are best sources to become millionaire and wealthy person if you are with effective investment strategy and selection of best suitable short term saving plans and long term savings schemes. Your financial career management requires a perfect financial investment strategy. The blind money investment is can results in no guarantee for your secure future and unhappy financial career.

A lot of Indian people are still preferring and treating that fixed deposits and saving bank accounts are very very safest sources in money saving for future needs and future financial career. Most of the investors are ignoring the money making opportunities with higher returns for secure future career. Many wealth building sources, monthly income resources are still not realized by many short term investors and long term investors even India share stock market traders. 

In India, there are many financial investment instruments are available to put money to earn high returns and to create wealth with right investing strategy. Shares, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Forex, Future, Options, Fixed deposits, PPF, FTP etc. Find here is a list of saving plans India for short term investment and long term investment sources. Most of Indians and retired elder people are prefer high interest rate based schemes and plans to invest money for future days.

How to Secure your Future with Financial Planning and Wealth Investment

Segregate yours all your expenses and investment options for future days security. Divide the all inputs into 2 categories. This can help you to reach yours short term inputs and long term inputs with proper financial strategy with money saving investment opportunities. All minor and major financial expenses are to include to consider your achieve your best financial health position. Yours present expenses are not same with yours future expenses. So secure your future days with perfect financial strategy.

You must have 2 types of financial inputs for your present and future income sources. Namely they are 1) Profit and Loss Account and 2) Balance Account.

Inputs for Profit and Loss Account

  • Include of daily or monthly expenses or payments and income amount.
  • Add your short term investment sources
  • No guaranteed of fixed amount
  • Fluctuation depends on multiple reasons
  • Requires low to medium investment
  • Future returns are not-guaranteed if invested
  • Not secures your future life
Inputs for Profit and Loss Account 
  1. Monthly salary
  2. Debt
  3. Saving amount
  4. Additional revenue
  5. Bike or car expenses
  6. House rent
  7. Family expenses
  8. School fee
  9. Medical expenses
  10. Transport charges etc.
  11. Shopping
  12. Credit card bill payment

Inputs for Balance Account

  • Includes of annual (long-term) generally includes of monthly or yearly expenses or payments and income amount.
  • Add your Long term investment sources
  • Fully guaranteed of fixed amount
  • Fluctuation depends on very less factors
  • Requires bulk investment
  • Future returns are guaranteed if invested
  • Secures your future life
 Inputs for Balance Account
  1. Property
  2. Land
  3. gold
  4. PPF
  5. Apartment purchase
  6. Child education
  7. Retirement plans
  8. Children marriage
  9. House construction
  10. Rentals
  11. Business planning
  12. Life insurance payment
  13. Medical health insurance payment
This article is developed after conversation with Edem. Prashanth Kumar, a senior accountant in globally reputed Organization in information security certification. Prashanth has working knowledge in Tax Saving, Money Saving, and Corporate, Individual investment. is saying "Thanks to you... Prashanth Kumar" for your tax saving tips and money saving ideas...

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