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Internet Stock Trading Advantages - Benefits of Online Trading

How to determine whether to invest long term or short term?

Short term investment plans

Short term trading

Time period - more than 2 days to 6 months
Degree of risk - medium level
Stock selection - Requires analysis of stock trend
Useful are - Chart pattern, Pivot point, etc...
Best stocks - Large caps stocks

Mid term investment plans

Mid term trading

Time period - 6 months to 1 year
Degree of risk - High level
Stock selection - depending on fundamentals of stocks
Useful are - trading system, trading chart patterns
Best stocks - Mid cap, Large cap stocks

Long term investment plans

Long term trading

Time period - More than 1 year
Degree of risk - lower level
Stock selection - depending on fundamentals of stocks, analysis of stock
Useful are - trading system, trading chart patterns
Best stocks - Small caps, Mid cap stocks

Best sectors to invest money in Indian share stock market
  • Oil and gas
  • Real Estate 
  • Education
  • Construction
  • IT 
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • Metals
  • Health
  • Food and beverages
  • Hospitality
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Tourism
  • Consumer goods etc.
* The best sector to invest money is here given are for example only. There are a number of factors to consider to choosing best investing options. It is advised to take wise decision after understanding the market and various factors. The market traders or investors must understand the required investment knowledge before planning to invest money. Research properly on fundamentals of the company, current turnover, market expansion plan, volumes traded debt, dividend payments, and balance sheet and so on.

Online trading advantages - Benefits of internet stock trading

 Before investing money in Indian share stock market should consider about disadvantages of online trading and advantages of internet trading.

Summary of disadvantages of online trade practice
  • Requires investment
  • Lack of effective Advice
  • Continues Internet access
  • High commissions charges
  • Loss of invested money in minutes and hours
  • Promotional or wrong advice

Though there are disadvantages, the freedom of online stock trading is attracting the traders and investors regularly. Find here benefits of internet stock trading online and investment. Know the best advantages with internet trade practice.

Work at home and office

Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tabs with high speed internet connection are common in the every home. These electronic gadgets are enough for promotion of online stock trading. With these gadgets you can begin trade in India share stock market even from your home or workplace if internet connection available. You can use your travelling journey hours to trade.

Low commissions fees

Days of high brokerage commission charges are gone, nowadays due to heavy competition and to attract the money marketers, traders, investors, many financial instruments broking companies are offering very lower brokerage charges to retain the customers. After computer and smartphones with internet access, almost all stock brokerage service firms offering low commissions for transactions and free demat account, free demo of trading, training and other facilities to attract global as well local clients.

Own trading and investing practice

Many traders and money investors don’t willing to open out about their investment and trading practice. Because they require own freedom from intermediary agents, stock broking companies etc...

Indian share stock market is offering with thousands of shares, stocks to pick depending on yours interest. As a trader or investor, you have all the complete freedom to save and invest money in any share or stock you interested in. Many brokerage firms are allowing freedom transactions. Your can do own research in your way and can take your own decisions to save and invest money in shares stocks.

No time limit or restrictions

This is another advantage of internet stock trading is there is no any restrictions on time to trade and invest. You can trade or invest at any time of the day hours (from 9:30am to 4pm) and can access your online trading account even in night hours at your own convenience. It also provides flexible and multi transactions facility.

Earn profits, returns in minutes

Indian share stock market is a best source to make money a lot of money within minutes to hours. If you are moving with a wise investment strategy and well educated about the current trends, after proper analysis of market, you can make money with share stock investment.

No investment restrictions

Many Indian saving investment plans have capital restrictions. But Indian share stock market is allowing unlimited investment without any restrictions. You can begin trading at low or at high capital amount.

No need of prior experience

Trading and investing is doesn't require any higher or technical education or previous experience. Illiterate people can trade in share stock market. You can manage your own stock portfolios

Knowledge sharing

Online brokerage firms offering real-time news, market research information, stock analysis results and trading software tools.

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