Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to Invest in the Indian Stock Market - Share Stock Investment

Indian share stock market is a best source to trade or invest money to get good amount of profits and returns better than traditional saving investment plans in India. Everyday many investors and traders are investing money into top rated Indian shares and high performing stocks in the trading investment market.

How to choose best stocks - stock selection tips

Here are few tips on selection of best stocks or shares to invest.

Where to buy stocks in India

In equity market, the shares and stocks are available to trade or invest money through individual and corporate exchanges or over the counter (otc) markets. The equity market is simply categorized into two main sections. They are 1) Primary Market and 2) Secondary Market. These two are the best sources to purchase shares or stocks in India.

Primary Market

The primary market is place where companies issues shares or stocks through initial public offering to raise the required capital. The issued shares are further available in secondary markets through trading process from shareholders or stockholders.

The primary market is a place that deals with new securities offerings by listed companies. The first time issuing shares or stocks are generally referred to as Initial Public Offers (IPOs). When the investors who are purchased these new IPO offerings are sells after sometime, these shares or stocks further available to buy at secondary markets.

Secondary Market

The secondary market is the source where an investor or traders can buy or sell already issued shares, stocks, bonds, options and futures etc. The buying and selling of these various financial instruments available through stock brokerage companies, online trading, financial investment institutes, and banking organizations etc. at offered market prices. The primary and secondary markets are closely monitored by SEBI.

Prerequisites to Indian share stock market investment

If you want to invest money in share stock market through internet trading is requires demat account and trading account.

Demat A/C - This is similar like yours bank savings account. In this demat account you can "hold" your purchased shares like available money (available balance) in your bank saving account.

How to open Demat account?

To open the demat account, you can consult your nearest any financial organization. If you have any bank saving account, just consult the bank personnel to open demat account. All banking firms, and financial organizations are offering at very nominal charge or zero fee (at free of cost) for opening demat account.

Trading A/C - This is similar like yours net banking transactions. On online you can login and to do various transactions such as money deposit, credit card payment, 3 rd party account transfer, loan payments, fund investments etc.

How to open Trading account?

Through this trading account, you can "buy and sell" holded shares or stocks whenever you want during market hours normally 9.30 a m to 3.30 p m. To open this trading account, minimum 5000 rupees (INR) are required. All banks and financial investing companies, stock trading brokerage firms are providing this trading account opening service.


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