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How to Invest in the Indian Stock Market - Share Stock Investment

Indian share stock market is a best source to trade or invest money to get good amount of profits and returns better than traditional saving investment plans in India. Everyday many investors and traders are investing money into top rated Indian shares and high performing stocks in the trading investment market.

How to choose best stocks - stock selection tips

Here are few tips on selection of best stocks or shares to invest.

Where to buy stocks in India

In equity market, the shares and stocks are available to trade or invest money through individual and corporate exchanges or over the counter (otc) markets. The equity market is simply categorized into two main sections. They are 1) Primary Market and 2) Secondary Market. These two are the best sources to purchase shares or stocks in India.

Primary Market

The primary market is place where companies issues shares or stocks through initial public offering to raise the required capital. The issued shares are further available in secondary markets through trading process from shareholders or stockholders.

The primary market is a place that deals with new securities offerings by listed companies. The first time issuing shares or stocks are generally referred to as Initial Public Offers (IPOs). When the investors who are purchased these new IPO offerings are sells after sometime, these shares or stocks further available to buy at secondary markets.

Secondary Market

The secondary market is the source where an investor or traders can buy or sell already issued shares, stocks, bonds, options and futures etc. The buying and selling of these various financial instruments available through stock brokerage companies, online trading, financial investment institutes, and banking organizations etc. at offered market prices. The primary and secondary markets are closely monitored by SEBI.

Prerequisites to Indian share stock market investment

If you want to invest money in share stock market through internet trading is requires demat account and trading account.

Demat A/C - This is similar like yours bank savings account. In this demat account you can "hold" your purchased shares like available money (available balance) in your bank saving account.

How to open Demat account?

To open the demat account, you can consult your nearest any financial organization. If you have any bank saving account, just consult the bank personnel to open demat account. All banking firms, and financial organizations are offering at very nominal charge or zero fee (at free of cost) for opening demat account.

Trading A/C - This is similar like yours net banking transactions. On online you can login and to do various transactions such as money deposit, credit card payment, 3 rd party account transfer, loan payments, fund investments etc.

How to open Trading account?

Through this trading account, you can "buy and sell" holded shares or stocks whenever you want during market hours normally 9.30 a m to 3.30 p m. To open this trading account, minimum 5000 rupees (INR) are required. All banks and financial investing companies, stock trading brokerage firms are providing this trading account opening service.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Benefits of Stock Trading and Investment

Advantages of trading investing in Indian share stock market online

Earn money

The primary benefit of the share stock market is money make opportunities with lesser efforts. You can make money online to earn primary or secondary income. Invest your money instead of depositing in low interest paying saving bank accounts and savings schemes. Indian share stock market is offering online money make opportunities without hard work with online stock trading and money investment. to earn extra amount as daily weekly monthly income.

Open to all money saving investors and traders

You can invest in shares stock market irrespective of yours income. To invest money in the stock market, small amount of money is enough on daily or periodical basis. The "small caps stocks" or "penny stocks" are easily available at very lower rates. If you have internet access from your home or work place you can trade shares, stocks on a minute-to-minute basis with small amounts as investment to trade to make maximum profits.

Variable risk

Share stock investment and trading is involved with an unpredictable degree of market risks. But if you with wise investment strategy, insight analysis of shares and stocks, company history, trust, company expansion etc., you can improve chances of huge money making with your online research knowledge and technical, fundamental analysis skills.

Here are few more advantages of online trading practice

Own management

You can manage your investment strategy in your willingly stocks and shares you very much interested to trade. Many stock brokerage companies and financial investment firms are offering this opportunity to manage your own stock portfolios yourself. You can trade yourself at any point of time through supported trading software or websites. You can practice on online with demo training. You have flexibility to transaction that you choose like buy or sell or hold stocks.

Low or Zero commission charges

Many stock brokerage service providing companies are nowadays reduced greatly their commission fee for trading and customer retention. The market broking firms are providing their financial planning, investment advice, financial health management services at very lower charges. For each of your transactions relatively they are collecting almost lower market rates. Enquire your share stock market brokerage service provider for latest commission charges.

Access to other financial instruments

If you deposit money in saving plans or savings schemes like recurring deposits, fixed deposits, PPF etc. you can't get access to other financial instruments such as corporate bonds, mutual funds etc. But India share stock market is providing this unique opportunity of accessing to other investment instruments like mutual fund at very lower fee amount.

Knowledge sharing

Many brokerage service companies are adapted to retain clients with a lot of offers. The offers includes of demo training with virtual trading software tools, Level 2 stock quotes, money market news, market analysis tools and latest graphs, historical charts, research information, expert tips for investment management, technical fundamental analysis data etc. to help you in improving money market knowledge and latest stock market awareness. 

This knowledge transfer is useful in tracking the latest share and stock performance also market movements. Beginner investors can learn how to trade online successfully, Share stock market for beginners, expert recommendations with trading investing tips to earn good returns and profits with less investment amount.

Unlimited access of trading account

In India, debit card transaction is restricted up to 5 times with other banks ATMs. But the same banks and nonbanking financial broking firms are allowing multiple times of access to investor's trading account 24/7, even though stock market working hours are from 9:30am to 4pm (i.e. trading hours); from your smartphone, laptop or tab or other electronic gadget with high speed internet connection. The unlimited access can help you in your financial investment management.

More control on your transactions

You can manage your trade practice with all control. You can decide yours stock selling prices and buying prices as well as your order placement whenever you feel like. No need to wait for stock service company phone call or company executive persons. You can control completely all yours financial trade transactions as your wishful with trading decisions.

No Experience required

Another internet stock trading advantages is no need of any kind of formal education in technical, financial courses. Anybody with or without any academic qualification can be allowed for investment. No experience is required to strategise wise investment plans and to make money online. 

The advantage of online stock trading is lessening the disadvantages. So for beginner investors and Indian investment market traders before investing money it is advised to consider the main disadvantages of internet trading, when planning to trade online. 

Internet stock trading is helping in avoiding the market middlemen fraud. The online trade facility is between the traders and the shares or stocks is supporting the individual financial transaction at own decisions.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Internet Stock Trading Advantages - Benefits of Online Trading

How to determine whether to invest long term or short term?

Short term investment plans

Short term trading

Time period - more than 2 days to 6 months
Degree of risk - medium level
Stock selection - Requires analysis of stock trend
Useful are - Chart pattern, Pivot point, etc...
Best stocks - Large caps stocks

Mid term investment plans

Mid term trading

Time period - 6 months to 1 year
Degree of risk - High level
Stock selection - depending on fundamentals of stocks
Useful are - trading system, trading chart patterns
Best stocks - Mid cap, Large cap stocks

Long term investment plans

Long term trading

Time period - More than 1 year
Degree of risk - lower level
Stock selection - depending on fundamentals of stocks, analysis of stock
Useful are - trading system, trading chart patterns
Best stocks - Small caps, Mid cap stocks

Best sectors to invest money in Indian share stock market
  • Oil and gas
  • Real Estate 
  • Education
  • Construction
  • IT 
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • Metals
  • Health
  • Food and beverages
  • Hospitality
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Tourism
  • Consumer goods etc.
* The best sector to invest money is here given are for example only. There are a number of factors to consider to choosing best investing options. It is advised to take wise decision after understanding the market and various factors. The market traders or investors must understand the required investment knowledge before planning to invest money. Research properly on fundamentals of the company, current turnover, market expansion plan, volumes traded debt, dividend payments, and balance sheet and so on.

Online trading advantages - Benefits of internet stock trading

 Before investing money in Indian share stock market should consider about disadvantages of online trading and advantages of internet trading.

Summary of disadvantages of online trade practice
  • Requires investment
  • Lack of effective Advice
  • Continues Internet access
  • High commissions charges
  • Loss of invested money in minutes and hours
  • Promotional or wrong advice

Though there are disadvantages, the freedom of online stock trading is attracting the traders and investors regularly. Find here benefits of internet stock trading online and investment. Know the best advantages with internet trade practice.

Work at home and office

Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tabs with high speed internet connection are common in the every home. These electronic gadgets are enough for promotion of online stock trading. With these gadgets you can begin trade in India share stock market even from your home or workplace if internet connection available. You can use your travelling journey hours to trade.

Low commissions fees

Days of high brokerage commission charges are gone, nowadays due to heavy competition and to attract the money marketers, traders, investors, many financial instruments broking companies are offering very lower brokerage charges to retain the customers. After computer and smartphones with internet access, almost all stock brokerage service firms offering low commissions for transactions and free demat account, free demo of trading, training and other facilities to attract global as well local clients.

Own trading and investing practice

Many traders and money investors don’t willing to open out about their investment and trading practice. Because they require own freedom from intermediary agents, stock broking companies etc...

Indian share stock market is offering with thousands of shares, stocks to pick depending on yours interest. As a trader or investor, you have all the complete freedom to save and invest money in any share or stock you interested in. Many brokerage firms are allowing freedom transactions. Your can do own research in your way and can take your own decisions to save and invest money in shares stocks.

No time limit or restrictions

This is another advantage of internet stock trading is there is no any restrictions on time to trade and invest. You can trade or invest at any time of the day hours (from 9:30am to 4pm) and can access your online trading account even in night hours at your own convenience. It also provides flexible and multi transactions facility.

Earn profits, returns in minutes

Indian share stock market is a best source to make money a lot of money within minutes to hours. If you are moving with a wise investment strategy and well educated about the current trends, after proper analysis of market, you can make money with share stock investment.

No investment restrictions

Many Indian saving investment plans have capital restrictions. But Indian share stock market is allowing unlimited investment without any restrictions. You can begin trading at low or at high capital amount.

No need of prior experience

Trading and investing is doesn't require any higher or technical education or previous experience. Illiterate people can trade in share stock market. You can manage your own stock portfolios

Knowledge sharing

Online brokerage firms offering real-time news, market research information, stock analysis results and trading software tools.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Online Stock Trading Advantages - Internet Trading Benefits

Disadvantages of online trading

Internet technology is a major factor playing a key role in online trading in the Indian share stock market. There is real communication between a financial brokerage agent and an online stock trading account holder. This will making the money investor out on their own to decision without any kind of money investment advice except professional brokerage services. The communication gap between beginner investor and financial broking firm is leading to severe financial risks and loss of invested money.

Beginner share stock market investors generally prefer to learn expert investment tips to invest money in best performable shares and stocks and other investment schemes in order to manage their future with right financial health career. The lack of expert advice on safe investment and saving investment education, money marketing is can lead to money lose. Here are the few well known disadvantages of online share stock trading, so consider before trading online.

Disadvantage of Online Stock Trading
  • Online brokers charges and applicable fees
  • Transactional margin charges
  • Monthly trading software usage fees
  • Work at home or work place
  • Lose of money in the trade in minutes to hours
  • No investment limit
  • No guaranteed returns and profits

Though there are various demerits of internet trading exist, there are a lot of advantages with online stock trading.

Benefits of Stock Trading

Money market with advantages of internet stock trading and share trading investment are attracting the online investors and day traders, short term traders to put money into Indian share stock market. For trading and investment there is no need of best time, academic qualifications, previous professional job experience even money investment experience. Indian share stock market allowing to work full time or part time basis for students, retired elders and working professionals and housewives, small medium corporate business owners too across the all states of India.

Financial health management is impacts the living life style of people. Debt is a major reason for sleepless daily nights and affects the living style and inner, external emotions. But many people are forgetting the financial career and focusing only on job career. Even they are thinking to improve secondary income sources in addition to primary salary sources. Utilizing the educational qualifications, industry knowledge creatively can help you in earning the extra money from avail sources offline and on online over the internet.

Trading in shares, stocks trade practice are the most convenient online investment solution for many students, working employees and retirement elders, mums who works from home etc... Internet trading is one of the best investment options for beginners and expert investors, online traders who want make money quickly. Money making opportunity on online is the avail best option to save and invest money in the Indian share stock market. Before trading and investing in money market, learn the disadvantages and advantages of share stock trading.

Getting into share stock market is requires opening of demat account and trading account from certified brokerage services or nearest banks or financial organizations dealing with money marketing. Online trading is helping the beginner and expert Indian investors to manage financial health career and wealth improvement.

Internet technology and investment education, computer operating skills are making the money earning very easier than before. Depending on the degree of financial risks, market risks are along with various factors leading to good profits returns with investment or money loss at Indian share stock market. 

In earlier days, the market traders and money investors are depended on daily newspapers and weekly business magazines, radio news and TV news to find the latest market news and investment performance. Based on these digital media news, the financial planners and brokerage firms are advised the customers. Then customers taken time and moved to the required course of action. Some times that resulted in huge financial lose (simply total investment lose). With the internet trading, the wise investment strategy with individual decisions and online analytical tools is become most convenient method of Indian share stock market capitalization. Accessing of internet from home computers, office desktops, laptops and smartphones gadgets even from home or office or travel hours is making the trade transactions very easier with your online account.

Online trading account is provided many benefits with easier method of stock investing and financial freedom to trade from any device and any place, even you whether from home or work station or on the travelling journey hours or any free hours in the day or night hours. You can do transactions to buy and sell stocks with your online broking account with 2g or 3 g internet access. Say good bye to traditional market investment methods.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Online Trading Disadvantages - How to Choose a Best Stock Broking Company in India

What is online trading or internet trading?

Buying and selling transactions of shares stocks at stock exchanges with the brokerage websites portals through internet medium is called online trading or Internet trading.

Who are participating in Indian Share Stock Market?
  • Students
  • Business owners
  • Working employees
  • Moms from homes
  • Retired elders
  • and others...
Using electronic devices to share stock trading with internet
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • and other allowing access to internet.
What to search for a brokerage company - How to choose a brokerage services company

Finding and selecting a brokerage services company to open demat, trading account to invest into share stock market to earn profits, returns on investment, also to get tax saving benefits is not a tough job in current days.

Just you type in Google. See the search results. Intermediaries firms, financial institutes, financial advisory companies and various banking organizations are providing various long term short term money saving investment advices, tips on financial career planning, investment money security, happy retirement planning, available savings scheme, investment plans also on Indian share stock market information, share trading, stock trading, mutual funds, currency trading, bullion trading etc... These financial investment institutes will works along with participants of the primary markets.

How to pick a best brokerage services company in India

Choose a best online stockbroking company from various perspectives. Select based on consultation fee, commission prices, available investments, market trading and research tools, money market analysis tools and customer service etc. factors. These factors are very common for every financial brokerage service providing companies.

Online stock market trading brokerage services are highly competitive and unique from other financial services. For example, money investors generally don't trades several times in a day, so the transaction price is not a compulsory one to collect from clients (investors) for providing customer services. Online traders, day traders are highly prefers to make multiple trading transactions than long term investors. So for each transaction, collection of consultation fee is not a right one.

Here is a list of services and offering features such as offering demat account opening, trading account opening services, investments, fees, trade transaction commissions rates, trading investment tools details, resources to improve the share stock market knowledge, training etc...

Investments Offered
  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Education Savings Plans
  • International Stock Exchange
Fees and Commissions
  • Financial advice
  • Broker-assisted orders
  • Market Trades
  • Limit trades
  • Options trades
  • Margin rates
  • Service fee
  • Documentation fee
  • Processing fee
  • Hidden charges
Trading and Investment Tools
  • Daily alerts
  • Level I quotes
  • Level II quotes
  • Automated trading
  • Charts and graphs
  • Criteria based search
  • Analyst research reports
  • Watch lists
  • Virtual trading
  • Beginning investor education
  • Demo trading
  • Seminars & live events
  • Webinars, workshops
  • Videos, DVDs
  • Tax information
  • Blogs
  • Magazines
  • Retirement resources
  • Newsletters
Help & Support
  • Telephone
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Forum
  • Live Chat
  • Website
Disadvantages of Online Stock Trading

Online trading is one of the best simple ways to earn high returns from share stock market. The primary and secondary money markets are always attracting a lot of investors and traders towards investment to gain higher returns profits with or without market investment risks.

Although share stocks' risk level from low to high, the market returns are relatively very higher than other saving investment opportunities in India. As the increase in high speed internet access, internet traders and online investors prefer to order to transactions (buy and sell of shares stocks) from their high-end electronic devices at home and workplace even from travelling hours. Trading online is the best source to acquire good returns and profits on invested money.

Disadvantages of Online Trading with Internet

No Efficient Advice

Share stock market traders and investors are needed to take care of insufficient middlemen advice. In 1990 to 2005 year the traditional brokerage service companies and financial institutes were firms provided money saving investment plans, financial health management tips, short term investments, long term savings schemes and financial business advice depending up on your economic situation, money protection sources that you won't identified in your surroundings. It might be you paid for ineffective and useless ideas and investing plans, non-resulting investment advices. Even nowadays you can get inefficient suggestions as you are paying for financial planning and money investment guidance.


Though online stock trading and share trading are very much comfortable due to latest electronic gadgets having high speed internet access, you required to open a demat account and trading account. Financial firms are collecting fee to these accounts. Documentation fee, processing fee, consultation charges are cost effective for small to middle class families based investors. Every trading transaction is costs some predefined charges and collected by broking middlemen agencies, financial institutions...

Work at home or office

Computers, laptop and smartphones, tabs are with internet access are highly preferred for online stock trading. These electronic gadgets are helping the money marketers to internet trading and day trading, spot trading etc. But you required analyzing the share stock market position and shares, stock performance on every hour. At your home or working place, you required to have any computer or laptop or tablet or even smart mobile phone and with high speed internet access. Otherwise this can leads to investment loss due to inattentive stock trade. This can impact your money saving investment strategy.

High commissions charges

Stock brokers, middlemen financial agencies are nowadays charging somewhat high prices as commission for every trade transaction. Stock brokerage service providing firms are collecting various fee structures from all customers. So they offer somewhat low brokerage charges, the organizations are collecting various hidden fees from clients in the form of commissions. High commission is one of the main barriers to online trading.

Loss of invested money in minutes and hours

Indian share stock market trading is subjected to various kinds of market risks and investment risks. Money marketing is highly required to have wise investment strategy, educated decisions, and systemic financial discipline. Otherwise you will lose yours money invested in equity shares, stocks. Even you are well educated in academic studies; however you are beginner to share stock market to trade or invest. Due to the lack of awareness in money marketing, developing and implementing effective financial investment strategy, all traders and investors can lose money.  

No investment limit

Another main drawback of online share stock trading is that you are not restricted with any kind of financial investment limitations. You can start online trade in a chosen stock or share with money that you are planning to invest or trade depending up on your money marketing strategy that allows.

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