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Online Stock Trading in India - Share Stock Trading Brokerage Services in Indian Cities

What is online trading?

Buying and selling transactions of shares stocks at stock exchanges with the brokerage websites portals through internet medium is called online trading or Internet trading.

Online trade transactions in India - Advanced investment technique

The internet trading is providing good user experience with latest stock prices, performance of invested stocks and share quotes, market analysis and trading account opening, demat account opening also financial planning etc. other services well designed and developed web sites.

In Europe and American markets, there are about 45 % to 48 % of trade transactions are operated from over the internet. Whereas in India, due to the enhanced web technologies, the online stock trading is become very popular source to make money with internet. Indian stock exchanges like Bombay stock exchange and National stock exchanges (NSE and BSE) are adopted and facilitated this internet share stock trading opportunities from all over India.

Online trading is requires just basics of computer operating and internet research skills. There is no need of financial market knowledge. Just the web trading is requires a computer with internet connection, enough money to open a trade account and interest in making money with investment in the Indian share stock market.

Every company needs some amount of capital funds in order to expand to improve the existing market share, to enhance to modern technologies to improve productivities, to enhance the manufacturing capacity, to enter into new market area to reach the targeted people etc. purposes. But small medium and few corporate companies are lack of sufficient funds to grow with the time. They look for various funding sources like self, debt and public funds (IPO) and other sources.

Capital Fund generating sources in India

There are two sources are exists in India. These two sources are supporting almost every company with rise of capital money from their adequate avenues. These two sources are simply categorized into 1) Primary markets and 2) Secondary markets. These both primary and secondary markets help in generating the required or sufficient money.

                                                        Capital Sources in India
Fund generating Source
If you involve you are called as
What you gain
Primary market
Self, Debt, IPO  
Gains interest for investment, dividends
Secondary market
Stock trading, Share trading
Gains income, profits, return on investment (ROI)

How to pick right companies to invest money to trade

In India, there are hundreds of new companies registrations are taking place.
Before investing, trading for a company stocks or shares, take insight of analysis of few features. They are,
  • Company Debts - Examine from last 5 to 10 years
  • Brand value - Examine trustworthy, multi group business etc.
  • Revenue and market share - examine from last 5 years
  • Competition - Analyze the Product or services spread area, top competitors
What are require to become successful investors
  1. Time
  2. Knowledge
  3. Discipline
  4. Dummy trading experience
How To Trade Stock Online - Advanced investment tips

Share stock investment is a best opportunity to make money online. But before moving your money into market, decide yourself Are you a trader or investor? Question yourself about your financial goals. Take the financial planners guidance to get clarity picture on wealth building and to get a saving investment blueprint to achieve good financial healthy career.

There are three types of financial health goals for all. They are 1) long term goals, 2) intermediate goals, and 3) short term goals.

Best money saving investment plans in India - Advanced investing tips
               Long term Short term saving investment opportunities in India

Financial Goals time period
Suitable plans
Long term goals (5 or more years)
Real estate, share trading, stock trading, SIPs, PPF, FTPs, RD, Fixed deposit, Bank Saving accounts, Property, Gold ETFs, Mutual funds, Bonds etc.
Tip - Prefer safe investment opportunities in India
Intermediate term goals (2 to 5 years)
Gold investment, Property, Season trading, Ulips, Security bonds, Share investment, Savings schemes, Equity shares                  
Tip - Prefer medium risk & safe investment opportunities
Short term goals  (Less than 2 years)
Stock investment, Currency trading, Option trading, Commodities trading, Bullion investment
Tip - Prefer high risk investment opportunities
These plans are for rough ideas in meeting your financial goals. These plans can helpful in reaching your safe financial health goals in order to meet future expenses, family needs etc...

Online stock trading, the easiest way to make money online

The emerging smartphone technology and other modern electronic gadgets like laptop, tablet, ipads etc. are highly accessible with high speed internet. Nowadays, computers are become regular household apparatus in India. This emerging consumption of high speed internet accessible electronic gadgets are acting as connecting bridges between online stock market trading and investors or traders.

Nowadays due to the Youtube video tutorials on share market, stock investment, money making tips, at today you don't bother about knowledge of investment market, saving investment opportunities, share stock education, expensive intermediary agent services etc.

Many brokerage service houses are allowing all kinds of investors and financial instruments traders with the help of simple easy and secured websites to deal with financial investment market. Even you can invest or trade these financial instruments from at your home and travel hours, free hours, vacation hours etc...

Online trading or internet stock trading is facilitating a way to become millionaire with trading in stocks and other options like equity shares, mutual funds etc. The profits earned from trader markets is attracting the all people to investing money into India shares stock market to make good amount of quick money.

How to start online stock trading - Advanced investment technique

If you want start your investment in shares stock market through online trading, there are 3 are required. They are 1) Money, 2) Demat account and 3) trade account.  
  • Enough Money - Should have sufficient amount to open needed accounts to invest or trade.
  • Demat A/C - This is the account needed to 'store' your shares (in the form of e-documents) (like saving account of a bank)
  • Online Trading A/C - This is the account needed to 'buy or sell or hold or cancel' the shares. (likes your internet banking transactions as money deposit or bill payment or money transfer)
How to open online shares stocks transaction account needed to buy or sell

India is from last few decades, adopting to modern technologies and become destination hub for IT software, internet business, retail, real estate, foreign investment, consumer electronic gadgets, aviation and online marketing etc. sectors

The global trends are changed the Indian citizens towards the usage of the latest electronic gadgets such as smartphones, ipads, tablets and laptops etc... The high speed internet access from these gadgets is facilitating the easy access of the process of online trading with India online share stock markets. Know here how to begin online trading stocks to acquire a healthy wealthy financial career success.

Web trading in other words online stock trading is dealing the process of stocks trade with the internet. Even it is offering an independent, broker-free shares stocks trade approach in financial instruments trading investment, in addition to intermediary brokerage agents’ firm services.

There are two options for each investor and traders in India. In them, one is using the stock broker services and second is independent approach. If you have any experience with these options or any one, let share your experiences on how brokerage service firms are treated you, how they advised you, what is your investment result are they in terms of profits or loss etc...

Internet stock trading is highly emerging and  becoming very popular with the educated students, working professional, financial investors, business profession and housewives, moms also retired elders those have a strong dedicated desire to make money from home, from mobile phones, laptop, tablet etc. devices.

Prerequisites to investing or trading
  1. Enough money to buy or sell shares stocks
  2. Computer or tablet or smartphone to access the internet
  3. Intermediary brokerage service to open trading and demat accounts
  4. Wise attitude to analyze and to development, implementation of investment strategy
How to open Demat account

Your saving bank is the best source to opening a demat a/c. All most all government and private banks are providing this account opening facility at nominal charges for this. It is like a savings account of your bank. In your savings account your money deposited to save money. Whereas in this demat account, all your purchased shares stocks stored in the form of electronic documents.

How to open internet trade account              

In addition to savings account, demat account, many banks are offering online trading account at very lower charges than others providers. Some banks are associated with online trading brokerage firms. If you are not interested to begin your trading account from your bank, then you can directly approach quality brokerage service providers.

Open from your saving bank

If you open account from your savings bank, just call or ask the executives about how to do yourself to do it.Request them to show a demo on how to do trading on online. Even many bank web sites are publishing relevant content on process of trading and instructions, fee also other details. Before doing trading transactions yourself, read those articles from on bank web site and blogs also other online sources.

After researching, log in to your trade account and click on "Help" file if exists for trading. After choosing best stocks depending upon your interest, just you need to transfer some amount of money from your demat account to buy shares or stocks. Then start online trading. For this, truly no need to approach to a paid stock broking service agents.

Here it is advised that, before you start internet trading; get a clear idea on bank's intermediary services structure and payment, money transfer options also others applicable charges like STT, stamp duties, commission fee, turnover charges etc. Compare all these charges with other share-stock market brokerage service providers. For this just you need to approach nearest online share-stock market brokerage agent or intermediary service providing firm to open an internet trading account. 

Open from Stock Brokerage Company

Choose a internet broking firm wisely in your local city. Generally these brokerage firms will be trade the share and stocks on online instead of you. There will be nominal charges as fee amount. The fee is in form of percentage for each trade transaction you done. So prefer the affordable brokerage services in your city. If you prefer regular trading, select a share stock broker with lower fee structure. If you are planning to
buy one or very few stocks (selective), you need to confirm with brokerage firm charges (fee amount) for your inactivity transactions over a certain period of time. Some firms are collecting fee for inactive transactional period.

Before the practicing of online trading, do careful indepth stock research to pick right stocks. Even your brokerage firm regularly makes phone calls to you on latest trends, best performing sectors to invest or to buy or sell. They can send SMS about the current share stock position. Just you need to collect indepth information from available sources. After you finding the sufficient information, analyze the collected details technically and fundamentally. Analyze the stocks and shares without any emotions to invest wisely or to trade.
Wise investment knowledge, technical analysis, fundamental analysis are help you to become successful investor and trader. Financial investment courses, stock trading courses, video tutorials, and web articles are improve your awareness of Indian share stock market. However before entering to this money market, decide yourself Are you an Investor or Trader?


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