Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Invest in Share Stock Market

Share Stock market is a location where companies shares, stocks, bonds, commodities equities and securities are buy or sell or holds with money investment through a trading account for short term or long term time.

What is a share?
How to invest in share stock market?
I am a beginner how can i plan to invest?
How to choose best stocks yielding high profits?
How to and where to find best expert tips and stock market updates?
Different types of trading in Stock Market
Various kinds of investment risks in the trading market
Tips to get financial advice from registered fin planners?

What is a share?

Share is a simple unit of ownership stock against contributed investment to raise company capital. The purchased person becomes a shareholder of the company.

What is a stock?

Stock is an equity stake traded at stock market through the stock exchanges. There are three types. Namely they are common stocks, preferred stocks and unlisted stocks.

What is a bond?

Bonds are usually long term loan from investors to individuals or companies or government organizations, who are to payback to investors with interest after due date.

How to invest in share stock market?

The basic reason for money investing in share stock market is to get profits and good returns upon investment amount. Everyday many investors are entering into share stock market with or without any fundamental knowledge.

Their aim is attaining good financial health management and meeting future financial needs. These investors are try to move into trading market blindly and few are follows other expert's ideas whereas some others are steps after financial advisor guidance.

However after entering into they will get impact with various factors such like fellow investor words, brokerage companies services, various online investment advisor sources, individual emotions, market up and down movements etc.

Types of investors

Depending upon the investor approach in the stock market, the investors are divided into Day traders, Swing traders and Trend traders. etc... Whatever the type of investor, every investor need face some degrees of market risk depending upon picked stocks, time tenure and market impact etc...

Few stocks have low risk profile whereas some other have high risk profile based are exists in the market. It is advised the decide yourself are you a low risk investor or high risk investor? Do you know this?... Your investment generally represents your financial plan.

Types of Stock Market trading

Day Trading: 
  • Day trading is the buy and sell of the stocks or shares within the same day hours. 
  • Day trading is highly popular after smartphone and mobile desktop internet connection.
  • Day trade is a best option for faster investment seekers

Swing Trading: 
  • Swing trading is the buying and selling the stocks at the peaks of market movement at profitable price
  • Swing trading generally occurs from few days to weeks time period.
  • Swing trading strategy is highly profitable than Day Trading process.
  • Swing trading is highly requires closer observation of market movement and analysis skills to analyze the stocks invested in.

Trend Trading: 
  • Trend trading is the buying and selling the stocks occurs during market trends.
  • Trend trading generally appears during marketing up and down movements with the impact of various factors like foreign investments, local government decisions etc.
  • Trend trading is highly needs wise understanding of share stock market movement.

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