Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hyderabad Real Estate - Telangana Property Investment Market Turnover

Hyderabad is the major Information Technology hub of India, and attracting billions of dollars of foreign as well domestic software based investments every year. But from last two years due to political uncertainty, many MNC international firms are postponed their expansion investment in Hyderabad IT market.

MNC firms like Facebook, Amazon, Google & Apple etc. planned to establish new offices as the part of their expansion strategy in Hyderabad. Apart of uncertainty, due to the restrictions in investments, new job opportunities for both fresher students and experienced ones are unable to create in larger number.

Hyderabad Property Infrastructure market

Hyderabad is south Indian city that occupies about 700 square kilometres. The city has a population of around 80 million citizens. It is a well-established multi-faceted economy; however, due to the longer days political uncertainty from the last four years, has been delayed the reality development in the IT city.

But now the hyderabad, secunderabad real estate market seems to gradual increasing from its inert status. Many new companies are preparing to open offices, new building constructions, expansion in new areas etc. activities are beginned. This is influencing the investor sentiment and investment trends in real estate property market.

Commercial, residential real estate property market still offering various housing opportunities such as large reality projects, ready to occupy, under construction buildings, villas, accommodation guesthouses, farm houses in addition to plot for luxury people, high income group, middle class income people etc. best investing options for both immediate home buyers and long term investors.

Right time to invest in Hyderabad realty property market

Hyderabad recently recognised as world's best affordable office location after Indian currency rupee depreciation. Also uncertainty, buyer sentiment, inappropriate investor trend the office rentals are fallen to some down level due to Telangana agitation for Andhra Pradesh state bifurcation.

In India other metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi etc. are listed in world’s most budget based office location across the global nations. In them, Chennai city are identified in top position as the world's third lowest expensive office space market. Other cities such as Pune in fourth and Bangalore city in fifth position respectively. Whereas Indian financial city Mumbai and Capital city Delhi are placed at 63rd and 49th position globally.

New Investing Opportunities in Hyderabad Real Estate Market

India's 29 th state Telangana formation from Andhra Pradesh state is bringing new investment opportunities in Hyderabad secunderabad cyberabad real estate sector. IT and IT software associated parks, IT SEZ parks etc. are helping the property market development with new capital, new infrastructure and real estate growth.

Telangana state is a best realty investment destination in India

The major district cities of Andhra Pradesh state are such as Visakhapatnam, Rajahmandri, kakinada, Eluru, Vijayawada, Machilipatnam, Guntur, Ongole, Chirala, Nellore, Chittoor and Tirupati etc. towns are continuing increase in residential property prices upward.

In addition to Andhra Pradesh state's major towns, the new state Telangana's districts are facilitating new investment opportunities along with Hyderabad’s real estate property market. The market is gradually showing up word movement after Telangana state official formation announcement by central government of India.

Telangana is new property investing hub for residential-cum-commercial properties assets. The major towns are currently offering luxury, stylish, budget homes and affordable new residential projects all over the new state.

Invest in Telangana

Adilabad and Karimnagar districts are major coal resources in telangana state. These Adilabad and Karimnagar districts are, best opportunities to establish power plant well equipped with all amenities. Also these both districts are are huge scope for inland fisheries and commercial prawn culture propagation across the Godavari river flow area. Godavari river is a major water irrigation and aquatic system in new telangana state.

Nizamabad and Medak districts are major resources for agro-based and food processing industries. Already a hundreds of industries on multiple sectors like chemical, pharma, medical, biotechnology and other small medium sized industries are appear across the Hyderabad, secunderabad cities surroundings.

Warangal and Khammam districts are hosting a lot of mineral based industries, educational centres, health medical hospitals, inland aquaculture (fish and prawn culture across the river bank of Godavari). These districts are with major agriculture based storage facilities.

The hyderabad surrounding district are Mahabubnagar and Nalgonda are with a vast government land and attracting the new industrialists and business institutions to establish new business offices and to construct new manufacturing units.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Multi Currency Travel Cards Benefits - Save Money to Invest Wisely

What is Multi currency travel card in India?

Multi currency travel card is a preloaded plastic card unlike ATM, debit cards, credit cards etc. It is new way to carry multiple nations’ currencies along with you wherever you travel in abroad.

Multiple money cards can saves your time and money or traveller’s cheques or carrying other international pay cash cards. You can use at anytime, anywhere, any nation to get instant access to cash.

Travel Money Card is a latest prepaid plastic card that reloadable with foreign currency. It is one of the secure and most journey convenient way to holds your money abroad and to pay funds, bills with this chip based traveller currency cards.

Many banking and non banking financial business and IT software companies, travel service providers are tying up to provide these multi-currency cards to use across overseas.

The multi nation currency preloaded card is a chip based plastic card unlike your plastic debit card. It is similar like having bank's saving account. Before going to pilgrim visits or domestic tours generally you will deposit or transfer money for your expenses and requirements.

Foreign Currency Travel Cards Benefits

Unlikely when you go foreign nations you need to contain all countries currency bundles along with you in your all journeys. This might be result in insecurity and inconvenient in your journeys. With this money chip cards wherever you travel, you can buy and pays with a simple swipe like yours credit card. This plastic card can be used to get funds from ATMs machines and selected VISA points of sale.

In the days, carrying local currency and traveller's cheques during extensive travelling is highly insecure. Another biggest problem is getting foreign exchange. Foreign exchange rates are always subjected to constant changes. So for traveller convenient, this multi-currency card is evolved as best way to pay your bills with these preloaded cards with the local currency of the country you visited.

Many import, export business professionals and software employees, students, research scholars are using this multicurrency card highly in India and treating this as best secure and most travel convenient problems free way to carry funds and bills payment whenever in foreign nation for their purposes.

Due to the preloaded in nature with foreign currency examples US dollars,
Australian dollars, dinars, etc..., the travel currency card is replacing the traditional payment ways like local currency, travellers’ cheque and international debit, credit cards etc...; In India, Axis Bank group is leading as top issuer of travel currency cards for 7 to 15 countries or more. (Ask your bank executives for more information on supporting locations)

It can be used by honeymoon couples those want to spend sweet romantic days in world best sea shores, tourism places, affordable, budget honeymoon hotels and restaurants, accommodation guest houses etc...

How to get a travel card while travelling foreign nations

While travelling to other countries, in earlier days all people are used the most traditional methods like carrying local currency notes, traveller's cheques. Few modern alternative ways like online paypal account, debit or credit card payments are not secured and avoiding by many people due to recent Heartbleed attacks and lack of proper network security, unauthorized intrusions attacks etc...

It can be like a bank ATM card or debit card that can used in ATM machines to withdraw your preload deposit cash while foreign travel. It can be used at merchant points of the across the chosen abroad. This card can be accessed at over 25 million multi nations’ merchant outlets across the world.

You can be use this chip cards to pay for college fee, hotels accommodation, flight tickets fare, local metro train tickets fare, car taxi rentals and entertainment, honeymoon, holiday vacation bills also business travel fares, immigration fees, medical treatment expenses,  etc...

How to Apply for Multicurrency travel card

Here is list of required documents to apply for multicurrency card to travel abroad nations.
  1. Multicurrency Application Form
  2. Form A2
  3. A photocopy of your Passport
  4. Visa
  5. Flight ticket
  6. PAN card
  7. Form 60 (must in case of PAN / GIR not available), (in case cash paid more than 25,000 Rupees INR)
  8. Eligibility for carrying Forex under FEMA for your travel
Multi Currency Travel Card Advantages

Fin here how a multi-currency travelling card can help you in several ways. So choose the avail right travel card that having several advantages of this chip based money secured card. The major benefits are like follows oftenly depending up on your bank.
  1. It can save time and your money
  2. It is easy to manage your multiples currencies with Net Banking
  3. Travel card replacement at your emergencies
  4. Simple cash delivery even at abroad locations
  5. Set up your own PIN
  6. Easy card blockage facility
  7. Backup or Replacement card facility
  8. Currency selection
  9. Global wide Acceptance
  10. SMS Alerts
  11. Insurance options
  12. ATM Cash Withdrawal
  13. Accessing to Shopping
  14. Online transactions Access
  15. Online customer care facility
  16. Easy Refundable
  17. Easy Reloadable
  18. Remote Reloadable
  19. Easy Account statements
  20. Preferential foreign exchange rates
  21. Highly Securable
  22. Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance
  23. Medical assistance service
  24. Travel advice / assistance service
  25. Travel Insurance