Monday, April 28, 2014

Multi Currency Travel Cards in India - Wise Saving Investment Advice

Many people in India have living safety and security to living and travelling domestic. India is must visit tourism destination for honeymoon, charity, business, employment and family vacation, medical tourism. There are about 175 airports (including largest, medium and smaller) exists in India. World leading Railway and Road Transport system along with roads and national highways etc. are making Indian country more safe country to travel. Also due to affordable and budget based health and medical hospital treatment facilities, it becomes world destination for health and medical tourism.

The recent increase in online banking, mobile internet banking trends, restrictions free tourism and global employment, educational also share stock market investment facilities etc. are grabbing the attention of foreign visitors and business entrepreneurs. Due to these travelling, multi nations currency travel cards are earning popularity among the Indian country visitors.

What is a multi currency card?

These are single or multi nations travel cards. Chip based with preload facility of currency of your own choice, truly for business professionals and multi-nations travellers those who having multiple destinations to travel for their requirements.

These are an international travel card is a prepaid user card. This is a plastic card that allows global travellers to preload the local money into the foreign currency to pay purchase bills, fees etc. when they visit abroad. This is a card worth like your credit card.

By using this international currency card you can withdraw local currency from any supporting ATMs across the pre-listed countries. Few ATM companies and banks are restricting the daily money withdrawal limits. In addition to this fund withdraw limit they might employ service charges for taking out cash from local ATM centers. The global travel card has pre-mentioned an expiry date visible on that card itself. All your unused funds on the unused or expired card will be get transferred to the new card.

Better than
  • ATM card
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank D Ds
  • Online payments
  • Travellers Cheques
  • Carrying extra cash
More suitable to

Multi nations currency cards are especially suited for the corporate employees, foreign business travellers. In addition to them they are most suited for students, research scientists, sportsmen, foreign investors, medical treatment seekers, honeymoon and charity voluntary services etc...

So many major government and private sector institutions and banks are offering these multi currency global cards for multi countries travellers. Financial business industry experts are estimating that Indian travellers can spend around $1.5 billion per annually with these travel currency cards.

For instance, if a marketing management professional has US dollar card and he travels to India, the amount he spends will depend on the local foreign exchange prices between US dollars and the Indian rupee. This is because he has to convert the USD balance in his traveller card into Indian rupee before making any kind of payments like flight ticket fare, local transportation, hotel and restaurant bills, accommodation fee etc. But if the marketing professional has a global currency card that may allow him to load both US dollar and the Indian rupee. This is a hassle free payment when travelling to abroad.

Load your card here = Use your card there

Can the card be used in India?

No, this card cannot be used within India. The multi currency card is very popular among corporates employees, business executives those often travel from one to another country. These chip based cards not only saves from carrying multiple money cards and protects the having money from existing foreign money exchange rate up and downs.

What is next?

Feel no more hassles in carrying money and no trouble in money exchanges. You can use this card across the global nations listed at your bank to access your preloaded funds any time, any country and anywhere you visit.

What are benefits of multi currency travel cards?

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