Friday, April 11, 2014

Save Money in Short Term Saving and Investment Plans India - Wise Investor Guide

Money investment diversification is the main key to the successful saving investing strategy. The success key is to market the investment amount in multiple sources; but not in one company stock.

Money investing in good saving investment opportunities is success key to become a richest millionaire in this financial world. You can start investment with any small amount of capital investment. There are two types of money savings investing schemes are exists in India. In them, one is short term savings plans and another is long term saving schemes.
become millionaire with wise investment and small savings
Money saying that "Save Me Today, I can Save you in your Retirement Age"
Read this Money Marketing Guide series article on best short term save and investment schemes in India. Generally short term investment savings schemes those needed to trade or invest for not long lasting time period.

The normal time (tenure) period is minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years... depending on selected plan. The amount and chosen tenure is mainly decides the earnings from capital market gains or losses of profits. Another feature of these short term schemes are requires a investment strategy and the financial discipline to execute to secure the invested amount and making profits with available several saving investing options. Here is a hugh list list of sources to consider for your money goals.

Best list of short term savings investment plans in India.
  1. Bank saving account deposits
  2. Bank Fixed Deposits (FD)
  3. Bank Recurring Deposits (RD)
  4. Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP) or Fixed Term Plans (FTP)
  5. Debt Funds (DF)
  6. Public Provident Funds (PPF account)
  7. National Security plans (NSC bonds)
  8. Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS Funds)
  9. Equity Funds
  10. Floating Rate Funds (FRF)
  11. Balanced Funds
  12. Unit Linked Plans ULIPs
  13. Endowment or Money back Plans
  14. Buy and sell Real Estate property
  15. Commodities trading
  16. Forex trading
  17. Buy and sell Gold
  18. Share Stock Market Day Trading
  19. Initial public Offerings (IPOs)
  20. Mutual Funds (MF)
Several opportunities are exists to invest in India to become millionaire with wise investment and small savings. National government banks, private banks, nonfinancial firms and post offices etc are offering these small savings and long term investing opportunities in villages, towns and major cities.

In every hour there are hundreds of Indian citizens are directly and indirectly entering to save and invest to acquire money to achieve financial goals and best economic health position with available sources. a thousands of people are awaiting to invest and save money in various schemes and plans in order to meet their financial goals and future expenses.

Even your small amounts of money on regular monthly yearly basis can support you to become a millionaire with your wise investments. Get here how to investing to save money wisely and best short term investment and short span saving schemes to earn good returns with risk less and less risky investment opportunities.
Who Saves more?  males or females;  boys or girls;  wife or husband...?

Based on level of risk, these saving and investing schemes are simply categorized into 4 levels. Namely they are,
  • Safe investment schemes or plans
  • Low Risk based schemes or plans
  • Medium Risk based schemes or plans
  • High Risk based schemes or plans
Due to the availability of thousands of financial products and lack of saving and investment awareness and best saving investment plans list also lack of quality financial advice and financial planning, the hundreds of investors are falling into the middlemen traps.

Before you planning to post office or bank's saving and investment opportunities in India, think very very carefully yourself, it is the matter of your financial career that going to meet future money needs and expenses... Decide your economic goals for short-term or long-term time span. In financial terminology to say, Are you a Trader or Investor?

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