Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Trader Opportunities to Day Trading Online in India

Indian stocks share market is a best opportunity to all market investors to become rich.
Online day trading is a process of buy and sell of shares stocks within the same or next day hours. It is an evergreen day trading method in past, present and in future days...

Read this saving Investing blog article on available Trader Opportunities to participate in Day Trading Online in India.

Many people are investing the money in Indian share stock market trading to become a millionaire from the current financial status. Investing the money in Indian share stock markets is usually to earn good profits and better returns from the trading or investments.

Savings and Investment Options

Here are two words are there. One is trading and another is investment. These both have their specific purposes. The investment can be either short term or long term time period.

Generally trading word is used to indicate the short term time period (Example - minutes, hours, days, weeks, or few months) and investment is used to indicate the long term time basis(years, decades). Traders are those who buy stock and holds for the short term time. Investors are those who buy stocks and holds for the long term time.

In India, though many people are saving and investing money in traditional plans that are offering money protection, risk free, predefined interest rates and tax savable. Many educated people are investing the sum of the income or capital money. Due to this they referred as individual investors. These will buy or sell stocks, shares, futures and commodities, bonds, options, derivatives etc...

In India, in addition to individual investors there are a large number of institutional investors. These individual or institutional investors are participating in both investing and trading process.

Indian share stock market is still making many people to rich with a number of saving investment opportunities for the traders and investors.  However, the saving investment is helps in managing financial health career to become millionaire. These market opportunities results like good returns and profits are mainly dependable upon the trading or investing platform you select. There are a several types of stock trading opportunities are occur in the Indian stock share market for all.

Difference Between Institutional and Individual Investors

Individual Investors
  • Same day trading process seen normally
  • High rate of trading can be seen at swings and fluctuations
  • Several trades can be done within the day 
  • Gathering of market information is very slow
  • Dependable sources are company newsletters, newspapers, blogs, emails, phone calls, financial company website, tv channels
  • Also called "retail traders" 
  • Less investment diversity is exists 
  • Less observation of the every market movement on daily basis
  • Highly depends on brokerage agencies
  • Little knowledge on trading software programs and applications 
  • Selection of right stock generally not in their hand
  • At normal circumstances small gains or bulk losses is seen
  • Reading of the disclaimer and policies, relevant documents is not seen before signing and following
  • Not follows investment strategy and the financial discipline

Institutional Investors
  • Same day trading process seen normally
  • Follows Wait and See rule
  • Hundreds of trades can be done within a day
  • Gathering of market information is very fast
  • Dependable sources are trading softwares, expert blogs, technical analysis, fundamental analysis methods, financial tv channels
  • Also called "bulk traders"
  • Investment diversity is exists at high rate
  • High focus and observation of the every market movement on daily basis
  • Very less depends on brokerage agencies
  • High end knowledge on trading software programs and web applications
  • Own share stock analysis and research to pick the best performing stocks
  • At normal circumstances bulk gains or small losses is seen
  • Reads and prepares investment strategy according to the disclaimer and policies, relevant documents is not seen before signing and following
  • Strictly follows investment strategy and the financial discipline 
Types of Traders

In India, there are 4 main types of trader is appears. Namely they are intra-day traders, swing traders, position traders and time traders.

Intra-Day Traders:
  1. Day traders are those buy and sell shares or stocks within one day.
  2. This kind of trading process makes people rich within the day(s).
  3. Can result in gaining big profits returns from market
  4. Highly risky process of trading stocks.
Swing Traders:
  1. Swing Trader is one who holds share or stock for 2 to 14 days
  2. These are follows the current upward or downward trend to hold or buy or sell.
  3. Normally results in very profits or returns.
  4. Very less risky process of trading.
Position Traders:
  1. Position traders are one who holds shares for 30 days to 180 days.
  2. These are wait and see process followers
  3. They are long term holders of stocks.
  4. They manages their stock market investment portfolio at well.
  5. Medium to low range of risks occur
  6. Earns profits from market situation
Time Traders:
  1. These kind traders hold shares for 6 months or more time.
  2. This kind of trading involves investing money in growing or well established companies.
  3. This is a kind of long term time period trade investment in order to get stocks dividends in the market.
  4. Very less risky process.


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