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Multi Currency Travel Cards in India - Wise Saving Investment Advice

Many people in India have living safety and security to living and travelling domestic. India is must visit tourism destination for honeymoon, charity, business, employment and family vacation, medical tourism. There are about 175 airports (including largest, medium and smaller) exists in India. World leading Railway and Road Transport system along with roads and national highways etc. are making Indian country more safe country to travel. Also due to affordable and budget based health and medical hospital treatment facilities, it becomes world destination for health and medical tourism.

The recent increase in online banking, mobile internet banking trends, restrictions free tourism and global employment, educational also share stock market investment facilities etc. are grabbing the attention of foreign visitors and business entrepreneurs. Due to these travelling, multi nations currency travel cards are earning popularity among the Indian country visitors.

What is a multi currency card?

These are single or multi nations travel cards. Chip based with preload facility of currency of your own choice, truly for business professionals and multi-nations travellers those who having multiple destinations to travel for their requirements.

These are an international travel card is a prepaid user card. This is a plastic card that allows global travellers to preload the local money into the foreign currency to pay purchase bills, fees etc. when they visit abroad. This is a card worth like your credit card.

By using this international currency card you can withdraw local currency from any supporting ATMs across the pre-listed countries. Few ATM companies and banks are restricting the daily money withdrawal limits. In addition to this fund withdraw limit they might employ service charges for taking out cash from local ATM centers. The global travel card has pre-mentioned an expiry date visible on that card itself. All your unused funds on the unused or expired card will be get transferred to the new card.

Better than
  • ATM card
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank D Ds
  • Online payments
  • Travellers Cheques
  • Carrying extra cash
More suitable to

Multi nations currency cards are especially suited for the corporate employees, foreign business travellers. In addition to them they are most suited for students, research scientists, sportsmen, foreign investors, medical treatment seekers, honeymoon and charity voluntary services etc...

So many major government and private sector institutions and banks are offering these multi currency global cards for multi countries travellers. Financial business industry experts are estimating that Indian travellers can spend around $1.5 billion per annually with these travel currency cards.

For instance, if a marketing management professional has US dollar card and he travels to India, the amount he spends will depend on the local foreign exchange prices between US dollars and the Indian rupee. This is because he has to convert the USD balance in his traveller card into Indian rupee before making any kind of payments like flight ticket fare, local transportation, hotel and restaurant bills, accommodation fee etc. But if the marketing professional has a global currency card that may allow him to load both US dollar and the Indian rupee. This is a hassle free payment when travelling to abroad.

Load your card here = Use your card there

Can the card be used in India?

No, this card cannot be used within India. The multi currency card is very popular among corporates employees, business executives those often travel from one to another country. These chip based cards not only saves from carrying multiple money cards and protects the having money from existing foreign money exchange rate up and downs.

What is next?

Feel no more hassles in carrying money and no trouble in money exchanges. You can use this card across the global nations listed at your bank to access your preloaded funds any time, any country and anywhere you visit.

What are benefits of multi currency travel cards?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Money Investment Tips in India - Wise Indian Investors Guide

Saving and investing money in best short term and long term saving investment plans is key strategy to improve your financial wealth to become millionaire rich person in order to meet future expenses and financial needs.

Secure your Money

Saving is a best way of making money safe and securing also to put to utilize in your financial emergencies and needs. Short-term savings schemes and long-term savings plans are almost riskless or less risk. The goal of your financial strategy can push to develop a good financial investment strategy. Your investing strategy is helps you to earn good returns and profits from available and chosen sources to save or invest.

Investing money requires good financial discipline, either short term or over a long term time period to make growth of your capital amount in various available saving investment schemes. If you investing money to meet education, medical expenses and school fee of your kids or college fee of graduate children even if you are planning to your retirement at yours elder age.

Every first step of money investment generally begin with opening of savings bank account if you are planning low risk investment and savings or opening of an investment account to trade or buy and sell according to developed your financial strategic plans. Begin your money saving today with diversified saving and investment options. Just you need to select best suitable save and investing plans and schemes. Don't be late person to invest for your future life needs.

Savings and Investment Ideas

If you are planning to invest in medium to high risk based saving investment opportunities in India, You can include Indian share stock market intraday online trading in your financial strategy. Learn how to select best stocks to get trade to acquire high profits earnings from India share stock market. Achieve your best financial health money management with best stocks selection to trade at profitable.

Indian stock share market is a best option to all kinds of beginners and experienced investors to become rich millionaire. Due to increase in internet connections and usage in mobile phones, desktops etc. are helping to participate in online trading. Online day trading is a process of buying and selling of shares stocks within the minutes, hours to same day or next two or three days . It is one of the best ever green intraday trading practices in recent to future days...

It is recommended to decide yourself before making savings investments; Are you a trader or investor?

Invest in the Indian Shares Stock Market

Indian share stock market has four kinds of stocks to trade and invest. Namely they are,
  • Large cap companies
  • Mid cap companies
  • Small caps companies
  • Micro cap companies
There are 4 kinds of traders exists in India. Namely they are 1) intra-day traders, 2) swing traders, 3) position traders and 4) time traders.

Wise Investor Guide

Indian Share Stock market a podium to a lots of financial expert planners and certified brokerage companies that are serving to their registered clients and new customers and invest seekers with detailed analysis of trading market, best share tips, online intraday tips at very lowest nominal to zero costs and helping to get profitable returns from the investment of market.

Simplified wise investor tips are given here.
  • Select Best Performing Stocks
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Do Profitable Trade
  • Don’t go for last minute investing plans
There are multiple online informative resources are exists in digital marketing media, shares stocks websites, blogs etc. and offline like books, magazines, TV channels, research articles, budget brokerage service provider agencies, certified financial analyst service providers etc... are offering latest market trading tips and how to make good profits with less and wise efforts.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Money Investment in Share Stock Market - Indian Shares Stocks Trading Investing Ideas

Indian Share Stock Market is a best source to increase money with several new saving options and investment opportunities for every Indians including students, college graduates, working professionals, house moms etc...

How to multiply your money

Indian Share Stock market a platform with a lots of financial experts and certified brokerage companies available to serve their client with accurate analysis of market, good share tips, intraday tips at nominal costs so that their client can get good profits out of their investment in the market.

Basically there are two kinds of saving investment sources are available in India. They are short term and long term savings investment options.

How to know Best Opportunities in the Saving Investing Market

There are a lot of offline and online informative sources are exists in digital market media and online market places etc... Books, TV channels, internet articles, shares stocks websites, blogs, brokerage agencies, financial planner service providers etc... are on regular basis providing market trading ideas and how to make profits tips with less and wise efforts.

Many brokerage firms are providing valuable and money making guidelines on market information such as NSE BSE sensex, short term and long term investment opportunities, mutual funds schemes etc... after their market analysts after careful analyzation and detailed study of the industry pattern, industry trends, stock trends, investment trends etc...

These ideal share stock market tips and trading ideas can help you in growing your money profits, returns and best financial health career management even to smaller traders and investors.

How certified brokerage service companies are providing stock investment ideas

The middlemen agency firms are providing various valuable services to Indian citizens and beginner investors. They providing up to minute trading and investment tips whenever you need. To analyze stock performance, investor trends, profit making market options and other sources, they will use two analytic research methods. These methods help in finding best sources to investing in Indian share stock market. Namely they are 1) Technical analysis and 2) Fundamental analysis.

Why stock research and analysis is needed

Stock research helps in determining of the best performing profit making stocks and wise money investment opportunities etc... After proper research they can get a clear picture on following topics to serve the registered clients, followers and invest seekers...
  • Online Intraday trading tips
  • Share tips/ Share market tips
  • Stock tips / Stock market tips
  • Nifty future tips
  • Stock market today
  • Share market today
  • Intraday trading ideas
  • Intraday phone calls
  • Intraday stock Tips
  • BSE tips
  • NSE tips
  • Equity market
  • Commodity market
Market Trading and Saving Investment Courses

Share Stock market trading and Saving Investment Courses will helps the beginners and investment seekers to understand the fundamental basics of Indian share stock market and market investment opportunities and savings options available. Many institutes are offering these money trading and investing saving courses with classroom training, or part time training, online training classes. You can register these leaning and money making courses at your comfortable free hours. 

By join in a trading or investment course before you want enter into shares and stocks trading is very helpful. Entering the Indian shares stock market without any kind of market knowledge or investment diversification, money marketing strategies, lack of information on investment risks etc. are not helps you in protecting your money from market ups and down situation.

Beginner mistakes in investment market
  1. Many beginners are making a simple mistake is putting all money investment into one company stocks. This is a wrong investing process that causes huge loss in the stock market.
  2. Another simple mistake is lack of proper information on stocks and shares performance. There are several online as well off line sources are available and making the investment seekers in aware of market trends, up and down, developing proper saving investment strategy, analyzing the stocks, money saving investment ideas, share tips, stock market tips etc.
  3. Here i would like to tell about another great mistake is emotional investment in trading and investment process.
  4. Last minute savings plans and investment schemes are generally seen from mid to forth week in March month of every financial year. These last minutes plans are generally for tax saving and to avoid income tax. So this is the best chance for middlemen intermediary service providers to make money with offering irrelevant investing schemes and money saving plans. Normally software employees, marketing employees and other are might fall in these middlemen traps. Beware of these irrelevant tax saving investing plans and schemes.
Difference between traders and investors in India

There is a difference between money traders and investors. To say in simple, traders buy and hold stocks for short term time period and investors buy and hold stocks for the long term time period. Before entering into Indian share stock market decide yourself, Are you a Trader or Investor? Then develop a investment strategy to meet your financial health career goals etc. 

Depending upon your financial goals, consult a local or nearest certified financial planers to discuss about your money goals, achievement methods, investing practices before you purchase the stocks and shares from a brokerage services. Nowadays in many towns and cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgav, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai etc. places, there are many brokerage companies and intermediary service providers are offering zero charges for their brokerage services.

When you planning to open a demat trading account, should aware of basic information about the Indian share stock market, forex market, commodity markets etc.... Take your own time to consulting right business financial planner service, services with zero brokerage charges etc... instead of wasting the time on unnecessary research. Use online research to get right planning, investor strategy, good returns profits from the market.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Save Money in Short Term Saving and Investment Plans India - Wise Investor Guide

Money investment diversification is the main key to the successful saving investing strategy. The success key is to market the investment amount in multiple sources; but not in one company stock.

Money investing in good saving investment opportunities is success key to become a richest millionaire in this financial world. You can start investment with any small amount of capital investment. There are two types of money savings investing schemes are exists in India. In them, one is short term savings plans and another is long term saving schemes.
become millionaire with wise investment and small savings
Money saying that "Save Me Today, I can Save you in your Retirement Age"
Read this Money Marketing Guide series article on best short term save and investment schemes in India. Generally short term investment savings schemes those needed to trade or invest for not long lasting time period.

The normal time (tenure) period is minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years... depending on selected plan. The amount and chosen tenure is mainly decides the earnings from capital market gains or losses of profits. Another feature of these short term schemes are requires a investment strategy and the financial discipline to execute to secure the invested amount and making profits with available several saving investing options. Here is a hugh list list of sources to consider for your money goals.

Best list of short term savings investment plans in India.
  1. Bank saving account deposits
  2. Bank Fixed Deposits (FD)
  3. Bank Recurring Deposits (RD)
  4. Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP) or Fixed Term Plans (FTP)
  5. Debt Funds (DF)
  6. Public Provident Funds (PPF account)
  7. National Security plans (NSC bonds)
  8. Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS Funds)
  9. Equity Funds
  10. Floating Rate Funds (FRF)
  11. Balanced Funds
  12. Unit Linked Plans ULIPs
  13. Endowment or Money back Plans
  14. Buy and sell Real Estate property
  15. Commodities trading
  16. Forex trading
  17. Buy and sell Gold
  18. Share Stock Market Day Trading
  19. Initial public Offerings (IPOs)
  20. Mutual Funds (MF)
Several opportunities are exists to invest in India to become millionaire with wise investment and small savings. National government banks, private banks, nonfinancial firms and post offices etc are offering these small savings and long term investing opportunities in villages, towns and major cities.

In every hour there are hundreds of Indian citizens are directly and indirectly entering to save and invest to acquire money to achieve financial goals and best economic health position with available sources. a thousands of people are awaiting to invest and save money in various schemes and plans in order to meet their financial goals and future expenses.

Even your small amounts of money on regular monthly yearly basis can support you to become a millionaire with your wise investments. Get here how to investing to save money wisely and best short term investment and short span saving schemes to earn good returns with risk less and less risky investment opportunities.
Who Saves more?  males or females;  boys or girls;  wife or husband...?

Based on level of risk, these saving and investing schemes are simply categorized into 4 levels. Namely they are,
  • Safe investment schemes or plans
  • Low Risk based schemes or plans
  • Medium Risk based schemes or plans
  • High Risk based schemes or plans
Due to the availability of thousands of financial products and lack of saving and investment awareness and best saving investment plans list also lack of quality financial advice and financial planning, the hundreds of investors are falling into the middlemen traps.

Before you planning to post office or bank's saving and investment opportunities in India, think very very carefully yourself, it is the matter of your financial career that going to meet future money needs and expenses... Decide your economic goals for short-term or long-term time span. In financial terminology to say, Are you a Trader or Investor?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Trader Opportunities to Day Trading Online in India

Indian stocks share market is a best opportunity to all market investors to become rich.
Online day trading is a process of buy and sell of shares stocks within the same or next day hours. It is an evergreen day trading method in past, present and in future days...

Read this saving Investing blog article on available Trader Opportunities to participate in Day Trading Online in India.

Many people are investing the money in Indian share stock market trading to become a millionaire from the current financial status. Investing the money in Indian share stock markets is usually to earn good profits and better returns from the trading or investments.

Savings and Investment Options

Here are two words are there. One is trading and another is investment. These both have their specific purposes. The investment can be either short term or long term time period.

Generally trading word is used to indicate the short term time period (Example - minutes, hours, days, weeks, or few months) and investment is used to indicate the long term time basis(years, decades). Traders are those who buy stock and holds for the short term time. Investors are those who buy stocks and holds for the long term time.

In India, though many people are saving and investing money in traditional plans that are offering money protection, risk free, predefined interest rates and tax savable. Many educated people are investing the sum of the income or capital money. Due to this they referred as individual investors. These will buy or sell stocks, shares, futures and commodities, bonds, options, derivatives etc...

In India, in addition to individual investors there are a large number of institutional investors. These individual or institutional investors are participating in both investing and trading process.

Indian share stock market is still making many people to rich with a number of saving investment opportunities for the traders and investors.  However, the saving investment is helps in managing financial health career to become millionaire. These market opportunities results like good returns and profits are mainly dependable upon the trading or investing platform you select. There are a several types of stock trading opportunities are occur in the Indian stock share market for all.

Difference Between Institutional and Individual Investors

Individual Investors
  • Same day trading process seen normally
  • High rate of trading can be seen at swings and fluctuations
  • Several trades can be done within the day 
  • Gathering of market information is very slow
  • Dependable sources are company newsletters, newspapers, blogs, emails, phone calls, financial company website, tv channels
  • Also called "retail traders" 
  • Less investment diversity is exists 
  • Less observation of the every market movement on daily basis
  • Highly depends on brokerage agencies
  • Little knowledge on trading software programs and applications 
  • Selection of right stock generally not in their hand
  • At normal circumstances small gains or bulk losses is seen
  • Reading of the disclaimer and policies, relevant documents is not seen before signing and following
  • Not follows investment strategy and the financial discipline

Institutional Investors
  • Same day trading process seen normally
  • Follows Wait and See rule
  • Hundreds of trades can be done within a day
  • Gathering of market information is very fast
  • Dependable sources are trading softwares, expert blogs, technical analysis, fundamental analysis methods, financial tv channels
  • Also called "bulk traders"
  • Investment diversity is exists at high rate
  • High focus and observation of the every market movement on daily basis
  • Very less depends on brokerage agencies
  • High end knowledge on trading software programs and web applications
  • Own share stock analysis and research to pick the best performing stocks
  • At normal circumstances bulk gains or small losses is seen
  • Reads and prepares investment strategy according to the disclaimer and policies, relevant documents is not seen before signing and following
  • Strictly follows investment strategy and the financial discipline 
Types of Traders

In India, there are 4 main types of trader is appears. Namely they are intra-day traders, swing traders, position traders and time traders.

Intra-Day Traders:
  1. Day traders are those buy and sell shares or stocks within one day.
  2. This kind of trading process makes people rich within the day(s).
  3. Can result in gaining big profits returns from market
  4. Highly risky process of trading stocks.
Swing Traders:
  1. Swing Trader is one who holds share or stock for 2 to 14 days
  2. These are follows the current upward or downward trend to hold or buy or sell.
  3. Normally results in very profits or returns.
  4. Very less risky process of trading.
Position Traders:
  1. Position traders are one who holds shares for 30 days to 180 days.
  2. These are wait and see process followers
  3. They are long term holders of stocks.
  4. They manages their stock market investment portfolio at well.
  5. Medium to low range of risks occur
  6. Earns profits from market situation
Time Traders:
  1. These kind traders hold shares for 6 months or more time.
  2. This kind of trading involves investing money in growing or well established companies.
  3. This is a kind of long term time period trade investment in order to get stocks dividends in the market.
  4. Very less risky process.