Saturday, March 22, 2014

Online Saving Investment Guide Switched to

Hi Saving and Investment Blog visitors and audiences......

I am Raju...Content crafter for this stock trading and shares tips blog. I would like inform few words... good news from us is changing domain name.....simply....Switching from to a Custom Domain

Want to move to a custom domain from from many days.
  • I thought multiple times and asked to few other bloggers about buying web hosting space for a custom domain or just domain name (URL) ... Finally decided to take a huge step forward...... exactly the switching is done within minutes from blogspot to our own domain...
  • It is nice moment to know that this online investment savings blog has been moved to buyed a custom URL
Wow... Itz a Nice Memorable Week...
  • What a weekend yaar... for this stock trading tips blog! A long time goal is reached (ever since this blog started)
  •  In the beginning days of this week,  i achieved Google Adwards Certification along with Advanced Search, Display certifications with about 90% score and on weekend changed to new level of blogging world.
  •  However addition of this new URL is pushing us to new blogging blogger heights with its appearance as the Custom website.
  •  Itz an entirely a smooth switch to my own domain on www online world.
  • From many hours i spent over the internet to move to a new custom domain URL for my blog.
  •  I am not worrying about old blog, any link from your site either or or any TLD will be automatically redirected to my new custom URL ( no need of any editing of links anywhere !!!
  •  You can re-bookmark or update in your collections... Saving investment blog now has its own personal space in the world wide web! :)
  •  Find time to edit the link of my previous link directed to my new domain URL. Please update or re-bookmark in your collections.
 Enjoying the new address & exciting experience
  • I respect your constant web efforts to improve ourselves or upgrade things of ours.
  • Our blog now really moved to a registed and purchased TLD URL "" still continuing to a dedicated full of detailed savings and investing tips information that cover various topics like share marker, stock trading, saving investment schemes, money investment tips, securing money from market trading losses, money making plans and money marketing tips etc...
  • We are appreciating and respecting your honest feelings, blog comments etc...derived from your own experience. 
  • Notified readers about this move on Facebook.
  • Modifying all my social sites profiles to link to my new domain.
  • After making this smooth move, my search traffic is changed from little lower to normal number.
  • The web traffic had returned to normal once search engines completely transferred my BlogSpot subdomain's trust and authority to this new one.
  • I switched my blog's URL (domain name) from a lengthy text "‎" to "".
  • This does not mean that I left Blogger and / or became self-hosted on some other blogging platform.
Why i changed to new URL structure?
  • Because the custom name is very very easier for online people to remember and it looks better than my blogspot URL at everywhere else on the Internet sources.
  • With my new exciting new experience on changing i found advantages and disadvantages of switching to custom domain name URL structure. See here my observations...
Advantages of owning a new URL
  1. Good online search visibility in search engines
  2. Easy to remember
  3. Quick index of domain
  4. Short length domain URL
  5. Scope to get an approval for Google Adsense account
  6. Improved brand name
  7. Gaining of Visitor's online audience trust
Disadvantages of owning a new URL
  1. Loss of Alexa rank and pagerank
  2. Takes a little time to index new domain
  3. Needs to submit sitemap at all search engines
  4. Need to update in all social media sites
  5. Need to Re-Branding to gain good exposure
Let Share your Advice and Recommendations...
See you on this page and other pages too......

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