Friday, March 28, 2014

Saving Tips to Savings and Investment Ideas in India

Money Saving Tips with Savings Investments Opportunities

Indian share stock market is a best profits and returns making source even with less capital investment. Money saving in share stock market is one of the available opportunities to become rich millionaire. There are new many saving investing options are available to all kinds of income people. Daily a number of people are entering into Indian investment world and investing money to gain good profits returns from the stock share market place.

Savings and Investment Ideas

But many people are entering this investment oasis without any kind of fundamental strategies and required knowledge. These beginners and investment seeker are considering the market investment is still a great opportunity to become rich within short time or long time.

But there are many firms are offering many stock market trading and share market investment courses to students and working professionals, retirement citizens. Everybody can join in this investor trading training course to start stock market trading without any middlemen brokerage agency services.

Stock Share Trading Tips In India

Almost all these training, courses are very cheap when we compare with unnecessary expenses we do. Learning these courses can help you in protecting your money safely from risks and losses also middlemen traps. Because you will learn knowledge on stock future tips, equity tips, nifty options tips and future trading tips etc…

The recent growth of internet services into mobile phones, laptop, tabs etc. is become supporting stones for various online business markets. Online gold silver platinum jewelleries gems zodiac stones, search engine optimization online sem marketing services, web design, web hosting, education courses online training, ecommerce online shopping, intraday trading, forex trading etc are widen greatly and made attraction of all people from students to retirement elder aged to  the internet from their electronic gadgets.

Internet is become one of main need in addition to food water, house, dresses. The online living with smart mobile phones and other electronic gadget is facilitating new start of investing.

Learn Trading and Investment

After joining the courses you can learn technical analysis, fundamental analysis, the share stock market concepts and ways to management, when to trading, handling the market ups and down, alternate to Indian shares stocks market, saving investment opportunities etc...

You can get basics of these topics on online books, financial planning company newsletters, emails, websites and blogs, newspapers magazines etc... Mainly you learn is difference between share and stock traders and investors, types of risks causes money loss, emotional capital management etc.

Invest in the Indian stock market

After these courses you have to decide yourself before making savings investments strategy. Are you a trader or investor?

Find here the simple definitions.

Traders are that who buys stock and holds for the short term time.
Investors are that who buys stocks and holds for the long term time.

If not able to get investing and stock trading training in your hometown, try to find the best stock brokerage services to get financial planning expert solution to manage your financial health management at locally and to determine money earning opportunities In Indian Share Stock Market and alternate sources and to get advice on your financial management in order to achieve your financial career goals.

Also you can gain money earning knowledge on alternate income and good return for your saving and investment, selection of right stocks the right stocks etc.

Read their disclaimer and policies, relevant documents before signing and following. Do this before making decision of saving capital investment into any money making schemes and plans in India.

So go ahead, Money protection and securing your savings and investments is your own responsibility. Money earning from shares stocks option forex trading market is just requires a mouse or mobile button click. If you have a computer with internet connection then Indian share stock market is welcomes your investment strategy.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Online Saving Investment Guide Switched to

Hi Saving and Investment Blog visitors and audiences......

I am Raju...Content crafter for this stock trading and shares tips blog. I would like inform few words... good news from us is changing domain name.....simply....Switching from to a Custom Domain

Want to move to a custom domain from from many days.
  • I thought multiple times and asked to few other bloggers about buying web hosting space for a custom domain or just domain name (URL) ... Finally decided to take a huge step forward...... exactly the switching is done within minutes from blogspot to our own domain...
  • It is nice moment to know that this online investment savings blog has been moved to buyed a custom URL
Wow... Itz a Nice Memorable Week...
  • What a weekend yaar... for this stock trading tips blog! A long time goal is reached (ever since this blog started)
  •  In the beginning days of this week,  i achieved Google Adwards Certification along with Advanced Search, Display certifications with about 90% score and on weekend changed to new level of blogging world.
  •  However addition of this new URL is pushing us to new blogging blogger heights with its appearance as the Custom website.
  •  Itz an entirely a smooth switch to my own domain on www online world.
  • From many hours i spent over the internet to move to a new custom domain URL for my blog.
  •  I am not worrying about old blog, any link from your site either or or any TLD will be automatically redirected to my new custom URL ( no need of any editing of links anywhere !!!
  •  You can re-bookmark or update in your collections... Saving investment blog now has its own personal space in the world wide web! :)
  •  Find time to edit the link of my previous link directed to my new domain URL. Please update or re-bookmark in your collections.
 Enjoying the new address & exciting experience
  • I respect your constant web efforts to improve ourselves or upgrade things of ours.
  • Our blog now really moved to a registed and purchased TLD URL "" still continuing to a dedicated full of detailed savings and investing tips information that cover various topics like share marker, stock trading, saving investment schemes, money investment tips, securing money from market trading losses, money making plans and money marketing tips etc...
  • We are appreciating and respecting your honest feelings, blog comments etc...derived from your own experience. 
  • Notified readers about this move on Facebook.
  • Modifying all my social sites profiles to link to my new domain.
  • After making this smooth move, my search traffic is changed from little lower to normal number.
  • The web traffic had returned to normal once search engines completely transferred my BlogSpot subdomain's trust and authority to this new one.
  • I switched my blog's URL (domain name) from a lengthy text "‎" to "".
  • This does not mean that I left Blogger and / or became self-hosted on some other blogging platform.
Why i changed to new URL structure?
  • Because the custom name is very very easier for online people to remember and it looks better than my blogspot URL at everywhere else on the Internet sources.
  • With my new exciting new experience on changing i found advantages and disadvantages of switching to custom domain name URL structure. See here my observations...
Advantages of owning a new URL
  1. Good online search visibility in search engines
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Disadvantages of owning a new URL
  1. Loss of Alexa rank and pagerank
  2. Takes a little time to index new domain
  3. Needs to submit sitemap at all search engines
  4. Need to update in all social media sites
  5. Need to Re-Branding to gain good exposure
Let Share your Advice and Recommendations...
See you on this page and other pages too......

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Best Indian Stock Market Share market and NSE BSE Tips for Beginners

Intraday market trading tips for investors to get best returns and profits. Achieve your financial health security with best stocks selection to pick right ones to trade at profitable. Share stock market tips are best guide for all beginners and even for experts to do trading for profits and returns.

Study Your Stocks Future
  • Though you are not a horoscope fortune teller, but as a n investor you need to examine the all angles before choosing and analyzing the picked stocks.
  • Financial health and wealth management is mainly depended upon how you manage your investment risks and trading losses with investing diversification.
  • Your profits and desired results from market trading are depended upon your investment strategy and stock selection. So it is advised to pick best stocks after indepth research with either technical analysis or fundamental analysis.
  • After researching and selecting best stocks; you should prepare a profitable trading plan with best performing intraday trading ideas and money securing plans along with saving investment schemes.......
  • Before it you have to watch the Indian share stock market closely without any emotions. Emotions are speed breakers to any best decision. Take control of those emotional situations to limit the money losses in the riskiest trading market and to minimize the risks with proper financial advisor's tips.
Stocks Research Guide
  • This is like a child student's homework in the home.
  • Parents are prepare themselves to helps the children in the house to do school home works in the school the class teachers will give required tasks to be do at homes.
  • These tasks will improve the student's subjects knowledge to attend further classes in next days.
  • This subjects knowledge is gradually increases and improve the awareness of relevant subject on regular basis.
  • Similar way your stock research can helps you in improving your NSE BSE trade market awareness and how to choose right stocks to earn good returns with profitable trading.
  • Your research supports you in buy and sell of shares security bonds, low performing stocks also to prepare a investment strategy to make money.
  • Find here beginner's tips for selecting stocks for good Returns.
Beginner's Basic Mistakes in Indian Stock Market Investment
  1. Lack of market and knowledge on when to trade
  2. Putting money without any plan / strategy
  3. Thinking for unrealistic profits / expectations
  4. Lack of awareness on types of investment risks
  5. Planning to last minute money saving and investment
  6. Emotional investing
  7. Putting money into one stock
  8. Lack of own money management skills
  9. Lack of investment money diversification
  10. Listening to middlemen sweet words
  11. Fearing to trading intra day / online
  12. Lack of proper way research to identify new opportunities
  13. Lack of guidance to avoid market investment trading mistakes
  14. Lack of researching skills
  15. Lack of reliable stock investing market news sources
  16. Following the rumours and fake trends of market
  17. Lack of an appropriate alternative investment portfolio
  18. Having dependent mentality and decision takings
  19. Over thinking about money security
  20. Lack of stock selection tips and ideas
Stock Investment Trading Tips to Become a Successful Share Stock Investor
  • People believe Indian stocks share market investment is quick way to become a millionaire.
  • In Indian share stock market, there are a lot of companies are got listed at NSE and BSE and are offering many shares, stocks and bonds for short term, long term investing period.
  • Hire a local stock market analyst or certified financial planner to analyze these stocks technically or fundamentally to determine future performance of stocks.
  • If you are not preferred the hiring of expert market analyst then you have to do own research. This may consume your time and efforts.
  • Affordable financial analyst services at your budget cost will help you in managing your financial health career to attain secure future with their saving investment tips and ideas.
  • Money investing schemes are savings plans are supporting the all kinds of people with jobs or business in occupation.
Why Indian Saving Investment Market is Oasis?
  • Stock market trading is a ladder and snake game.
  • Ladder is your money security and earning good returns.
  • Snakes are your risks and money losses middlemen traps.
  • You have to play carefully with awareness of next step.
  • Then only you can achieve success with your best investment strategy.
Wise Investment Guide
  • Select your best stock to buy or sell when market movement is in good situation.
  • Don't invest all your money at one source.
  • You should diversify your stock selection to buy multiple companies stocks.
  • Some sources can offer low performing stocks and shares.
  • Do an in-depth market research for them.
  • At the same time you have to understand your current, future financial needs and your investing strategy management.
  • Then only you have to plan to select your own choicest stock after opening a demat and trading accounts.                                                                                                                                                                                                            If you want to avoid capital money risks of market and trading results; then you can prefer short term savings schemes and long term investing plans. There are many traditional money savings plans and other sources are available to secure your money from various risks and losses. Save your future with right methods of money earning, saving and investment plans.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Select Best Stocks to Get Trade Profitable with Best Trading Plan - Stock Picking Selection Guide

Read this Indian saving plans blog article to learn how to Select Best Stocks to Get Trade Profitable with Best Trading strategy in order to achieve desired results from India market.

How to Select Best Performing Stocks?

Analyzing and choosing is the key for success of trading with selected stocks in Indian share stock market. Learn here to find best stocks to trade to earn good profits and returns from trading market either short term or long term oriented. 

In Indian stock market, more than 6000 companies got listed in the BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange. In them, there are many best rated and highly preferred 300 companies from listed in BSE to choose to buy and sell stocks to make profits. Every beginner and expert investor either corporate or individual investor prefers to invest money in these top rated companies.

So these companies stocks generally not available to all people at budget prices as everybody want to purchase to investing. So, it is better to consider few criteria to select top performing stocks in the competitive market even with risk investment.

Do Profitable Trade

Are you searching to to learn tips to trading to make more money? If you are searching to find best expert's tips to have successive trading strategy, read this saving investment blog article. Want to earn good profits and returns from stock market?

This saving and investment article is for you to secure your money from various middlemen traps to lose invested money. The following stock selection tips will helps you in getting success with stock trading in Indian share market.

stocks selection tips

Trading plan is an important tool to get success in earning from stock market. Without having an own trading strategy, it is very difficult to gain regular basis good profits and returns from Indian share market. Normally it is difficult to find to buy best performing stocks with your saving investment portfolio.

How to find sources to know best stocks

Pick the best stocks from various sources online and offline. The major sources are middlemen broker, financial agency, friends, saving investing blogs, shares stock web sites, newsletters, newspaper, business magazines, TV channels, Youtube and Google adsense ads, local classified advertisements, workshops, financial investment conferences etc... There are thousands to lakhs of these sources exists. So you have to learn stock selection in order to earn best high rate of returns and high marginal income.

Stock Selection Guide

Right picking strategies to finding good stock ones are really tough than investing in share market trading.

You should consider a number of criteria and other factors to choose the good ones. Know here the art of stock picking selecting the best ones.

Selection of the best stock to buy or sell is one of the success key in making money with trading market.

Many investors are making a great mistake is putting money into one company stock.

They are not even thinking of investing money diversification to earn good returns and to secure money from market fluctuation.

They are just believing stock market investing is best way to become a millionaire with less effort.

Very few people are trying to invest wisely money in the Indian stock market. For them here are tips to selecting high yielding stocks for good amount of returns.

Become a fine stock picker to improve your money profits returns with market day trading

There are two ways to find stocks of companies to invest money to meet financial career goals with market trading strategy.
  1. Technical Analysis
  2. Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis:
  • It is the detailed examining and analysing the stocks planning to investing.
  • Prices of stocks mainly examined with variety of technical parameters to come up with best investment strategy.
  • You can follow financial business industry best advisor's or technical analyst's views, ratings,
  • Technical analysis is needed to find the right stocks to trading at best time or to buy and sell new stocks.
  • Analyse these chosen stocks technically to pick.
Fundamental Analysis:
  • This another method of picking finest stocks.
  • Fundamental analysis is used to insight examination of a company's financial statements in order to determine the company's performance.
  • Study the company fundamentals to know their performance in past present for future days on regular basis to find market performance results.
Each of these two methods have their own proponents and greatly used by regular expert's investors and traders in India.

What companies stocks are best to invest

In the Indian share stock market for trade and invest; four kinds of stocks available. namely they are,
  1. Large cap companies
  2. Mid cap companies
  3. Small caps companies
  4. Micro cap companies
To have best financial health career, invest in chosen and selected stocks on a periodic time basis.

Begin investing with large cap companies

Why to prefer large cap companies at market entry stage
  • Should prefer large cap companies when you are newbie to investment market.
  • Because these large companies very less gets impacted.  
  • Prefer large cap companies for longer period investments to achieve good fruitful results
  •  Stay away to mid cap and small cap companies shares and stocks at beginning market entry situation. Because without awareness of market trends, fluctuation and basic fundamental knowledge of market trading, there is a huge scope to loss of money.
  • Micro caps stocks are subjected to high risk as many middlemen and intermediary brokerage agency are able to do fraud for reasons like trade commissions etc.
Understand your financial needs and manage your investing strategy.
Ask a licensed stock broker to open demat and trading account.
Diversify your stock selection to buy multiple companies stocks.
Do not put all your investment money in stocks or one source.
Plan carefully your financial health career to meet future needs.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Best Last Minute Saving Investment Tips to Secure Your Money

Find here Best Last Minute Saving Investment Tips to Secure Your Money and efforts on protecting from income taxes in India.

This march month is days of saving and investment for every business owner and working job employees. Almost all companies’s financial accounting departments are busy with preparation of budget and income tax saving plans.Many financial advisers and certified financial planners are becoming very very busy for this march especially. 

Many financial accounting service providers at affordable prices are become much busy in providing quality services like tax saving planning, budget preparation, income calculation and saving and investment for coming years, finding the best money saving schemes, suitable investment sources to save earned income and profits etc..

At the same time this is the best test period to financial savers and investors. How know here.

Financial investment and money saving is a play like ladder and snake game. A qualified and certified financial planner service provider will help you in keeping aside of your income and returns with the applicable income tax exemption.

They will choose best saving plans and investment techniques to save your money from your job or business. This is on climbing a ladder to reach your financial career goals with financial health management to meet future expenses and needs.

The snake side is choosing non beneficial plans and schemes to save money in this month without finding the plan or scheme reviews, ratings and testimonials, expert's advice etc...

Another one is falling into the trap of intermediary service providers and tax saving agents who tells a sweeten words to gain own benefits in terms of commissions and leads and sales also others too...

This is a money loosing trap for many last minute saving seekers and investors. They will ask you to save some taxes from your income and earning profits; but this leads to gaining real profits and returns on investments.

Tips to start tax saving opportunity seekers

Many beginner business owners and fresher employees are highly confused and tempted much to look towards best income tax saving investing plans. They will consider the march month is the best time to begin investment and savings plans to keep earning profits money aside from tax cuts.

They will consult available tax advisers and fin planners without having ideas on financial health career and goals. Due to this lack of awareness of money saving and investing in best available options, they will get hypnotized by many brokerage agents and unqualified intermediate service providers.

To avoid this middlemen trapping, consider these fin health tips to save money with the right investment in money securing sources.
Best tips to secure your money and investments

Start your savings in the first month of every financial year to avoid the middlemen traps.

Before choosing best saving scheme, do research online to identify best saving investing schemes and high earning plans to increase your money in terms of primary and secondary profits, best returns on your efforts.

After finding online customers, policy holder's reviews, their ratings, expert's guidances and forum member advices; decide yourself to sign after reading relevant documents.

Best saving time period in India

First two months of every financial year it means April and may months are best time period to begin your save and invest in choosing plans. The available 60 days are enough to research and clarifying doubts and saving, investing frequently asked questions (SIFAQs). Another point you should to think is financial budget. Include these new expenses in your latest budget. 

Why you should emotional investment and last minute savings plans

Emotions are common characteristic feature of every human mind. 

If an investor planning to put money when his lack of proper emotional balance, definitely middlemen will take condition this as best advantage to motivate the hurry investment seekers with wrong savings plans and schemes and both short term based and long term based investment products.

This is pushing the last minute hurry investors into wrong financial goals that disturbs healthy financial career goal meeting future expenses and needs.

Another harmful condition to face is a financial budget risk situation with inappropriate tax savings plans and investment schemes to save income earned. 

If you have not started your savings, investments, just plan to consult certified expert financial accounting planner to have best ideas to get tax deductions and money securing tips to provide investments security.

Follow these two tips to secure your money from last minute middlemen traps. 

Normally a long term saving investment plans are best suitable for all kinds of income earners. Business persons and working employees. Public provident fund and Equity linked savings plans, Ulips and fixed deposits, NSC Secure bonds etc... are high returns and good profits making long term plans in India. 

These are traditional save and investing plans in India to secure your money from share stock market and alternate to shares stock markets.

Do you know this, you can buy a home in Hyderabad, Chennai and Gurgav also Alahabad, Lucknow with your PPF investment or bank saving account. Post office schemes, life insurance products and policies, buying property, secure bonds, fixed time maturity schemes can make you a millionaire if you strictly managing your's funds. All these long term time period policies will supports your last minute tax savings at great levels. 

In addition to these long time plans, short term oriented share stock investment, forex market trading, buy and selling real estate lands, residence villas, health and medical insurance schemes etc. can help in becoming a millionaire if planned correctly without any emotional savings and putting capital money.

Just you need to decide your financial health career management with your ideas or with recognized intermediary service providers at your budget cost.

Take good decisions to secure your money from taxes.

Have a happy Fin year with good returning and profits along with security for your money....