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Online Gold Jewellery Market Status in India

Gold Jewellery Online Market Status in India:

India is very popular country in consumption of gold the yellow metal for saving investment and making jewellery products. Though many kinds of gold investment in India exists after China country, a first place holder in gold savings. The industrial, medical (dental, medicine manufacturing areas) have more demand for this precious yellow metal and contributing key role in gold consumption in India. 

Gold is a security proof saving investment tool to get secure from political, financial, international currency fluctuations and local government crisis. The recent economic crisis and global slowdown situation. India and china etc. countries are pushed the global currency crisis impact with gold in available forms. The economic slowdown is highlighted the few safer investments savings plans to secure future life. One of them is Gold Investment.

Recently from last 10 years, purchase of online gold is became very popular due to rise in new websites with regular gold updates about on the day gold prices, rating about quality, tips on how to test gold quality  before and after purchase and available various gold savings plans, yellow metal investment tips, techniques in earning good returns with goldish metal.

These online blog and websites are on regular basis blogging about gold to improve awareness of people in terms of purchase, savings plans, storage, investment tips, security and good returns on investment etc. These topics in addition to awareness on investing and savings also brought rise in good number of online visits, qualified traffic, business leads and sales enquiries from local as well Indian nation wide. 

Role of SEO SEM services for Gold Jewellery, Diamond ornament selling websites

Search Engine Optimization, SEO Marketing tips and techniques are helped to these websites and blogs. With the advanced and qualified efficient seo services in India, these gold blogging sites became very popular over the internet and reached the targeted online customers all over the India. these sites also offering rare coins, historical coins sales, diamonds sales, quality and glass made or imitation pearls etc...

Search engine marketing (SEM) and search optimization (SEO) services are played a key role in increasing the the number of online customers visits to reach 3.76 million when compared to double than last year 2012-2013.

Gems and Stones jewellery market size in India

The local market of gems and stones jewellery market status in an averagely crossed 1.2 lakh crore in India. Almost 1 to 2 % of jewellery are sold over the internet during 2012 to 2013 year. Where as online enquiries about gems jewelleries are marked the growth to 6 to 9 %. On Akshyathritiya day and during the Deevali (a major festival of Indians), the purchase and investment enquiries over the web sources for domestic zodiac gems and stone jewellery has reached to 13 %. This is nearly double to last three years. 

Imitation Jewelery market size in India

A remarkable growth on online is imitation jewelery market. India market is a good source for imitation jewelry. From last seven years the imitation jewelery market size in Indian country is raised and reached a mark of 7500 crore to 8200 crore in the year of 2013. 

Current imitation jewelery market size in India is proved its rise over the internet with 2% to 3.2% growth. It mean the current market size of imitation jewellery is cost of nearly 200 crore on online. The margin of imitation jewelery is around 40% to 65% on each sales order. Many popular gold shopping malls and medium to small sized shops are now focusing on this market segment to attain good profits and returns on investment.

Why online gold market status and market share is increasing in India. What causes more more gold leads sales and enquiries?

There are few reasons are exists and causes more gold sales in India. The reasons are,
  1. Availability of websites for popular corporate and medium sized gold shops and selling shopping malls
  2. Gold consumer search intent and increase in purchasing behaviour
  3. Availability similar model of jewelries on online in the form of images
  4. Availability of jewelry description and technical information in the websites
  5. Affordable prices and increase and reduction of gold rates with international, national factors,
  6. Desired international designs and manufacturing information
  7. Gold quality certification with third-party lab sources
  8. Increase in Gold investment savings awareness
  9. Availability of Internet over the laptops, tablet and mobiles with 2G and 3G telecom services
  10. Simple online payment systems like paypal, credit cards and debit cards
  11. Availabilty of sales improving schemes (like EMI, 30 days trial, buy-back policy, free home delivery, purchase discounts and sales coupons etc.) to get new and retain exists large number of online customers in addition to regular over the counter sales and enquiries. 
  12. Availability of Gold jewellery user reviews even for similar designs, models, weight and qualityness and quality check certifications also resale gold value etc.
What are Indian cities having more Gold demand?

The software cities like chennai, hyderabad, pune, mumbai, delhi, noida and other major Indian cities are competing themselves in attracting more web based consumers in gold transactions, business enquiries, gold sales etc in India nation. These top Indian cities playing a key role in demand for  gold savings and investments including buying and selling this precious yellow metal. 

Silver and Platinum jewellery are also offered along with gold metal to online visitors. Normally gold purchase is done with a lot of process. The purchaser will arrive to gold shop along with elder family members or family well-wishers those had a good idea in purchase techniques, quality check, gold prices on the day, jewelry weight, jewelry designs and certifications, return policies and even offering payments modes.

They asks a lot of questions about various aspects of the yellow metal and jewelleries to on counter sales boys and girls to get an idea of up to date about gold metal to improve their existing knowledge. Later they will take some time to decide to purchase or withdraw.

How to contact Gold selling persons on online? What are safest and best methods?

Almost the similar process of gold enquiry is still available to all people on online. The Gold blogging websites are ready to give answers to online enquiries and sales seekers through their contact forms, business email id and contact phone numbers. Even many of these shopping sites are available on social media sites (universal / global social networking sites and regional social networking websites, social news sites and social bookmarking websites) and local business classified sites, local business directories etc. to reach qualified and targeted customers.Social media optimization and social media marketing services are helped these sites in addition to SEO services in local and international online marketing practices.

For more information on BIS hallmarking information on gold ornaments quality testing, and to booking or filing complaints against fraud gold shops, gold sales & weight frauds, please call to 040 – 24731091 (This is the contact phone number of BIS office in Hyderabad).

find here where is nearest BIS Hallmark gold metal quality testing centers in your surrounding locality  

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margin of imitation jewelery is around 40% to 65% on each sales order.

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