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Hyderabad Haleem Market Status in India

Hyderabad is one of the major city in south India ad having major IT and its based Services, non IT services, chemicals and many business Process Outsourcing (BPO) (both inbound and outbound i.e. domestic and international) call centers, research and technological educational, entertainment industries.

Who introduced haleem to Hyderabad?

Haleem is is introduced by Irani hotel Madina Hotel in 1953. Madina hotel became first served hotel to all hyderabadi citizens with price of 3 paisa.

In later days, the successful introduction of Hyderabadi haleem, all other Irani hotels were focused on this haleem market. City Light, Garden, Shadab, Nayab, Paradise, Bahar and Hotel Grand etc. were sold haleem recipe during the Ramzan holy season.

Hyderabad is also well known for pure quality pearls. So it was also called "city of pearls".

Majority of indians from northern and western regions as the part of the pilgrim tourism, medical tourism: arrives to deccan hyderabad city and purchases the quality pearl to make ornaments and readymade jewelleries.

This deccan city also famous for silk made saris, cotton-ware and woven clothing materials, Bidri handcrafted items, Nirmal Kalankaari paintings, designed bangles, rold gold metal bangles, stone bangles, silverware and purfumes.

Associated markets with Haleem

Want to visit badaa shopping malls for your Eid shopping. 

Haleem business turnover boosts many other businesses during the Ramzan holy month in secunderabad and hyderabad cities.

Fruits, dates, semiya, attar (quality flower made purfumes), clothing, jewellery etc. are highly selling materials in large quantity during Ramadan mousam.

You can shop for latest and classic design clothes and gold and pearl jewellery. Buy perfumes at your affordable cost in hyderabad charminar surroundings.

In addition to Irani Chay hotels the local hotels chains of Yusufain Pista House, Madinah Hotel, CafĂ© Bahar, Bawarchi, Paradise and Hyderabad House etc are offering quality haleem ad dum biryani during the holy month. Of Course these hotels and restaurants are offering biryani on daily regular basis to customers. Few more hotels are offering door delivery services for haleem and dum biryani at affordable prices.

As increase in demand for hyderabadi made haleem in cities like Delhi, Bombay, Chennai and Bangalore, lucknow, pune, chennai, bhuvaneswar and visakhapatnam, many small and medium logistic companies, website owners courier services are booking haleem orders on online.

Overseas destinations like Dubai, Bahrain, Muscat, Quathar, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Dammam and Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Middle East, the US, Canada and Europe countries are leading in booking the hyderabadi haleem on online. To export to these countries Haleem outlets have been set up at Shamshabad airport of Hyderabad and Sahara airport of Indian financial city Mumbai.”

Market Status of Hyderabadi Haleem

Hyderabad Haleem becomes the first ever meat product of India to receive the Geographic Identification Certification on 4th of August month 2010 year.

Majority of haleem food lovers says that it was treated and proven as healthy mineral, nutritional richen anti-aging food.

in 2005:

Major haleem selling outlets sales around 2,000-10,000 plates a day. At this time the price of haleem is about 30 to 50 INR. Noted business is about 22 crores of rupees.

in 2012:

During the 2012 Ramadan season, 120 crores worth of Hyderabadi haleem was sold in the city and an additional 25,000 people were employed in the preparation and sale of haleem at 6000 outlets. About 30% of Hyderabadi haleem produced in the city is used to export to foreign nations.

In a peak years between 2005 to 2011, it is estimated that around 50,000 people were employed in Hyderabad and Secunderabad cities.

In 2013:

Hyderabad the deccan's pearl city witnessed 25-30% scaling down of these outlets from 6000 to 4500 outlets. This is due to heavy monsoon rain season and economical inflation, manufacture cost increase etc.

How to serve to guests and customers?

Haleem will be served during or after Iftar meal that starts with intaking of quality dates and fruits. These help in stabilization of low sugar condition (medically known as "hypoglycemia"). These are riched with enough needed hydration. After them, baked or grilled fry and spicy foods are to served usually at homes. Hyderabadi Haleem served at end along with dum biryani and other recipes.

Haleem variations and How much a plate costs?

There are around 125 variations are served in Hyderabad secunderabad cities. The varieties like Emu Haleem, Murrel fish Haleem, Vegetable Haleem, Sweet Haleem, Salt Haleem, and Chicken Haleem etc...

Haleem selling Restaurants and Hotels.

There are top two Restaurants and Hotels are selling this delicious haleem from many years and known for customers and the recipe lovers. The best tasty haleem providers in deccan city hyderabad are 1) Pista house 2) Shah Ghouse.

Contact Information of Haleem selling Restaurants and Hotels.

1) Pista house

Address - Opposite Asra hospital, Shah Ali Banda, Old city, Hyderabad.
Available Timing for haleem - 530 pm to 11 pm
Pricing - The haleem’s priced at Rs.150 per plate
Contact Phone number – (+91) 9396500786, 9885258786
Website -

Shah Ghouse 

Address – Syed Ali Chabutra, Shah Ali Banda, Old City, Hyderabad.
Available Timing for haleem – 5 pm to 11.30 pm
Pricing – The haleem is priced at Rs.150 per plate.
Contact Phone number – (040) 24524506.

The price per plate haleem and Hyderabadi dum biryani are gradually rising up by about 10% - 15% annually. The haleem price generally depends upon the quantity to be purchase.

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crores worth of Hyderabadi haleem was sold in the city and an additional 25,000 people were employed in the preparation

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