Monday, January 27, 2014

How to Book Online Travel Tickets - Online Journeys Ticket Market Status

Read this saving and investment article to get an overview on the booking travelling journey tickets and online business of various travel agencies with their web portals. 

Online Journeys Ticket Market Status in India

India is a well established market in trading online. Indian are buying and selling consumer goods, pre owned or used cars, household goods, mobile and gadgets, fashion dresses. In addition to the, booking tickets for latest released movies, online festival offers, travelling tickets for busses, trains, aeroplanes etc.

Various government websites like RTC websites, Indian railway websites are adapted to book your ticket over the internet within the minutes of time. for these sites you need to register or signup with your email id. Many private organization websites like etc. travelling agencies companies websites are similarly offering advance reservations for travel tickets even in your last minute of journey.

These private firms are invested a huge amount of money to build and develop a secured websites and needed applications by hiring a secure programmers and web developers. The recent trends like secure online payments, medical tourism in India, work from homes, secure credit card payments with mobile internet banking, luxury train journey (on rail tourism), booking flight tickets, train tickets, bus tickets even are attracted the people to spend their time for searching and booking.

The industry trends like buy and sell realestate property, computer, smart phones, normal mobile and accessories business, software jobs, bank homeloans to middle income people,  saving schemes and investment plans to all citizen, online medical advices, learn while earn and online course training etc. are increased the financial growth of individuals. The rising of primary and secondary income is attracting the people towards the online living culture and increasing the awareness of secure internet usage.

Due to the secure payments, travel packages, high speed internet services like 3G, 4G, international travelling facilities, religious tourism like haj yatra, foreign education, working visa and medical tourism facilities in various cities, online speed banking, availability of secure programming skills, web and mobile application (Apps) development etc. were made the citizes to depend on them to save time, money and standing in queue for long hours.

These travel information portals acts as helpful tools for citizens to book tickets through internet. You can also get the journey information, travel ticket fares, available seasonal packages and availability of travel tickets.

Online Bus Ticket Booking in India:

Busses are well known as major and best mode of transport in India. Many Indian towns and cities are connected with safe and widen roads with one another. And due to recent hikes in train A/C and first class journey tickets are same with flight to major cities are pushed the citizens into thoughts to reduce the travelling cost by making journey reservation in advance with Garua, Indra, Volvo and fastest speed busses with semi sleeper, non A/C, luxury, A/C coaches facilities. These facilities are meeting the travelling requirements of many passengers. 

Many travelling agencies are offering daily and weekly bus services to major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad and Chennai, Pune, Kolkata and Ahmedabad, Lucknow etc. You can search for ticket availability and advance booking for your shorter and distance journeys. Many bus operators are region based travelling route. Only major operators are offering their busses countrywide. 

Many agencies are now adapting to printing and distribution of computerized ticketing or reservations services. In earlier days, travel agents are booked the journey tickets upon the request of passengers. At that time, many accommodation lodges are also participated as agents in reserving the passenger’s tickets in the minutes. They had collected five to fifty rupees extra to travel fare for each ticket. But nowadays there is no fixed fare; it depends upon the demand of agent or agency along with service and user charges etc. Many bus operating agencies are advertising various packages like corporate bookings, concession in return tickets, travel insurances to hold the customers network. 

for booking your journey return and last minute journey tickets during the summer vacation and festival seasons, the operators are demanding more money than actual bus fare amount. This is happening to online bookings too. In some buses the passengers have to seat in a plastic chair or standing journeys too.

The latest trends like online banking, mobile internet, secure payments, and phone calls from mobile numbers are resulting in instant access to purchase airline, bus and train travelling tickets. Many of bloggers and blogging sites are sharing a lot of information over the Internet.

Plan to book your window seat ticket at your convenient hours. Just pay the ticket fare online without wasting your time and energy. Even you can book an individual bus for your marriage, educational tourism, and religious pilgrim tourism. 

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