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Hyderabad Haleem Market Turnover - Book your Recipe Now...

Book fresh and special haleem in Hyderabad to eat delicious Hyderabadi famous haleem to your doorstep during Ramzan Ifthar with online delivery service.‎

What is haleem? Why it is famous?

Ramzan is a holy month for believers of Allah. They will be in fasting during day hours from sunrise to sunset of early night hours without eating any food. After the namaz, all people in the houses, get together to eat food, fruits etc. along with friends and family members. 

Haleem is a composition of selected meat, lentil, ghee and pounded wheat, barley made into a thick paste. In hyderabad, each street almost offers special biryani, delicious haleem, paya, kebabs etc, in them, haleem is got very famous than hyderabad chicken biryani. Buy Chicken biryani online. Book your order today and enjoy the taste of HYd spl Dum Biryani

Haleem is imported from Irani countries

It is an Arabic dish, and imported to hyderabad city (at the time, it is a kingdom) at the time of ruling period of Mughal kings. It was brought by citizens of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran and Afghanistan etc. The immigrants came for glass decoration, palace building, decoration works and to provide security to forts, residences of ruling kings.

From them it was spreaded all over the hyderabad state. Now you can order the delicious freshly prepared haleem from various cities of India. Buy or order your delightful haleem recipe from Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Visakhapatman, Coimbatore, noida, Gurgav, Kolkata etc. Now this Ramadan Haleem is exporting to many countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Canada, UK, USA, Europe nations and Singapore.

How many Hyderabadi haleem recipe variations are there?

Basically there are two kinds of variations are obtained before after few years to India independence. The recipe made up of selected meat in fine paste form, wheat, barley, ghee along with aromatic spices in other words garam masala. This high-calorie haleem was used to break the Ramadan ifthar (fasting)

Available best tasty varieties of Haleem recipe
  • Lamb meat
  • vegetable
  • fish
  • chicken (Harees)
  • mutton
  • meethi (sweet)
  • beef
  • khari (salted)
  • Khichra
  • Soya etc.
In 2013 year, in Himayath nagar area of Nizam's city, around 125 varieties of haleem recipe were advertised for people to eat this special Ramzan food.

Learn how to prepare Haleem cooking method.

Here are some and best links to find how to make this Ramzan recipe.

Cook Haleem at Home

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2.      http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipe/118/Haleem
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4.      http://nidhiraizada.blogspot.com/2008/10/difference-between-khichri-khichra-and.html
5.      http://syedakbarindia.blogspot.com/2006/09/hyderabadi-haleem-medicinal-properties.html
6.      http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2005-10-16/hyderabad/27839242_1_haleem-ramzan-dish

How to serve hyderabadi Ramzan special food

Serve after preparing this Ramadan food along with mint leaves, lemon, coriander leaves, onions according to eater's taste and desired flavor.

Market Status of Haleem food for the year

Hyderabad Haleem market status is 120 to 150 crores in Indian rupees. In coming years it is expected to reach 2 billions (2oo crores INR). About 30 % of prepared haleem is exported to various global nations including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Canada, UK, USA, Europe nations and Singapore and Indian cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Visakhapatman, Coimbatore, Noida, Gurgav, Kolkata etc.

Whenever you arrive to hyderabad on your works (office, business etc), make your free time to taste Hyderabadi Haleem during Ramazan days. Break your Ramadan fast even from your home by ordering online for HALEEM MEGA FAMILY PACK... Place your order and get tasty Haleem in specially designed sealed tins.  

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Tips for New Investors - Investment Guide

Recently stock market index is hiked above the 21,000 points. This is the critical situation to think all about new investments, short term savings, buy and sell stocks and shares, analyzing market performance with current position.

This is the best time to take wise investment and to improve saving investment education. Because at time when the market is around 20, 00 points, it is hard to analyze exactly to get good returns with new investing sources.

Stock market investment - Why people taking risks to investing

Stock market investment looks like a profitable way to make money. Many citizens and foreign investors want to earn profits and best returns from over the investment within a time period. Newbie and experienced investors with enthusiastic and emotion decisions to earn money even in critical position. Earning money without any delay is making the people very emotional and not to take wise investment decisions with their current knowledge.

Due to this people are not considering the pros and cons of a decision and to learn from share and stock market. This mistake is resulting in loss of investment amount. You should not make any emotional thoughts and decisions before and after investing your money. Appreciate knowledge of market, investment risks, proper investment educational skills, pros and cons of a decision, analyzing skills, identifying good performing stocks and shares etc. make you a perfect man to earn from shares stocks market even in falling condition.

While beginner investment seekers needs to understand the basics of market.

Why share stock market to earn money?

There are many investment sources available. Beginners should get conclusion before investing the money. Shares and stocks market give you profits and good returns on investing amount. It is offering thousands of stocks to trade online every day to make money. Before putting money in the market, decide your self are a trader or investors?

The upswing and down swing of market can leads to good profits and best returns on one hand, on another hand money loss, risks etc. So it is better to take investment advice from experienced and certified financial planners.

Get financial advice

Certified and financial planners can advise you to securing the investment tips and profit making investment ideas. These certified personnel are well trained professional with relevant graduation in financial, banking and investment courses. Discuss about your future financial career and goals with the fin advisors. Then they can provide you best tips that help you in achieving financial goal. Learn pros and cons of a investment plan and ideas on how to invest wisely? You can also get aware of market risks, precautions and analysis of stocks etc.

Why certified fin professional?

Normal persons can understand the market flow at certain level only. They can't estimate and have not aware of beyond valley. To understand the current stock position investment consultant guidance and tips are essential to earn good returns. Nowadays many financial advisors are available at affordable consultation fee. Hire and take investment advice from the certified fin consultants with well-versed knowledge about the stock market. Many beginner investors not aware of proper financial planning and agreements while buying and trading of stocks, shares. Consider advisor help to find smart investment strategies to generate good returns from market.

Essential things before starting over

Proper fin guidance from an experienced share stock market analyst is highly recommended for newbie investment seekers. Give high priority to securing the invested amount. Otherwise your journey can moves towards fatal results. 
Reading the relevant documents, improving the knowledge with investment educational programs, right advice, etc. helps to change your financial position.

What is Investment Diversification

The investment diversification is highly suggested at this current position of market. Every day market is getting with upswings and down from regular market status. Here various factors impacting the stockmarket performance. The fluctuation of the trading and investment market is resulting every day in generation of the new millionaire or earners on one hand; failurers in making money with smart investing and savings.
On which side you want to be? Think now!

Want to stand on failure side or side of success with stock investment. Choose your option now!

Be a successor in saving investment and trading by choosing best plans to become a Millionaire.

Segregate your total investment amount into multiple slots (multiple schemes or plans) to secure your money from negative impact of market trade. You can contact experienced financial and trading adviser to meet your future financial goals and career. Meet a consultant and get ideas to get free from future financial problems.

Select right portfolio

The economic advisers will guide you about suitable save and investing schemes that meet your future economic goals for a timeline. The financial planners can share best performing schemes from the available plans after understanding your budget goals.

Find reliable market information and update industry knowledge

Search online and other reliable sources to get required information from various available sources. Take your free hours to read and to analyze the current stock position and performance. Some cases there are no need of technical analysis.

Follow the fellow online bloggers of financial and banking, investor blogs and authorized sites. This can helps you become a stock market trading consultant and savings adviser.

And finally, before planning to open a demat account to start market intraday trading. Create or build a group or circle among you known people to share ideas vice versa. Investment is well known as a ladder and snake game that needs to avoid emotional financial investments. If you can’t tolerate the risks and loss of money, try for long term money saving and investment instead of (short term) day-trading.

Have a happy save and investing time and financial career