Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Risk Based High Yielding Best Investment Options in India

Risk based investment sources are can produce high returns depending upon various types of risks and other factors. You can become a millionaire if you are able tolerate the risk factor of investing market. Here are few sources of invest and saving options.

  • Mutual Fund InvestmentsDiversified portfolio offers high good returns with mutual fund (MF) investments. Low to high degree of investment risks based performance. Various kinds of mutual funds with their advantages and disadvantages are available.

  • Stock Investments – You can make money quickly with investment in share stock market. Online trading and intra-day trading are best options facilitate good scope in earning high returns depends upon market investments risks. Choose best performing and top rated stocks in addition to financial advice. But learn investment basic fundamentals before preparing to invest money in share stock trading.

  • Real Estate Property Investment – Emerging investment opportunity for beginners, youngsters, senior citizens etc. Buy and sell land property in emerging cities and district capital, revenue divisions can show good returns within short period even in long term days. Before finding some more details, understand this “You can become a millionaire by investment and savings”. In current days, buying residential flats or commercial retail investment sources available in all major and 2 nd or 3 rd level cities and towns.

  • Gold Investment - One of ever green good option for investing money for future. Both short term and long term options are available for investors.

  • Direct Equities: These equity market investment options are tradable. You can buy and sell at point of time. These can gives high profits returns over long term time line. You need market fundamentals and analytical decisions, online or offline check after your investment. For equity trading you need trading account.

Here is a list of few best investing options available in India,

  • Shares
  • Large cap, mid cap, small cap,
  • Balanced funds
  • Derivatives like futures, stock options, index options
  • Commodities like Gold and Silver
  • Yellow metal - Gold ETFs, online or e-Gold, Jewellery, gold in physical form
  • Silver – silver in physical form, online or e-silver
  • Other opportunities like bullion market, metal, pulses, crude oil etc.

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