Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monthly Income MIS, MIPs, Post Office MIS investment in India

This savings investments blog tips helps you in achieving financial freedom.  Hope this savings investments blog posting helps you take wise financial decisions to change your financial position.  Here you can find secure investment savings article on monthly income providing best safest policies to make money on every month.

Monthly Income Plans or Monthly Income schemes or Post Office POMIS are introduced to make achieve financial freedom. Typically these MIS, MIP, POMIS are suitable for newbie and long-term investors planning to secure the savings investments. Find these Monthly Income policies advantages below.

Advantages of Monthly Income Plans or Schemes:

·        Safe investment to earn monthly income on regular basis
·        Able to make supplement money in addition to your regular income
·        Does not require any extra formalities after depositing money for saving
·        Suitable for all employers, business owners and retired professional also Senior Citizens too.
·        Current Rate of interest is 8% above.
·        Guaranteed returns after maturity.
·        Priory known and fixed returns investments.
·        Provide security to your investment money.
·        Not applicable for Non-Resident Indians NRI / HUF.
·        You can apply for either single account or joint account.
·        Nomination facilities are available for this MIS, MIPs and POMI Schemes
·        Earned Interest will be paid on monthly basis at discounted rate.
·        Interest amount is paid /credited to mentioned Savings account or Current account or Cumulative account during the last week of every month on regular basis.

Deposit Tenure:

Minimum limit – 500 INR per month
Maximum limit – varies for each organization
Maturity Period is 5 Years to above (found 15 years).

Age Eligibility:

Minimum to open Monthly income schemes and plans is 18 years and maximum age for maturity is 85 years.

Documents required applying monthly income plans and schemes:

  • Passport size photograph
  • Proof of residence
  • Defined certifications as per post office or bank's norms

This supplement income yielding schemes are perfectly suitable for Indian citizens considering for best secure investment savings. If you are a beginner investor wants to safe about your investment money with these MIS, MIPs and POMIPs. If you are a retired employ, you can eligible for these best Senior Citizens Savings Schemes and plans. 

I”ll cover more blog posting information on save and investment opportunities, and you can post any questions having about this specific monthly schemes, post office saving plans or any other clarifications, please leave your request or observations to share with online visitors...

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