Friday, June 7, 2013

IPO - Initial Public Offering

What is IPO - Initial Public Offering?

IPO is an acronym for Initial Public Offering. IPO is trading the company equity or stocks to all. Companies call IPOs to acquire investment from interested people.  

How Companies Get Money?

Truly there are two kinds of options are available to get money. They are 1) trading the equities 2) Debts. In India, most of the companies are categorized into public or private. 

A typical public company will contain an enormous number of shareholders. In other words these companies shares already retailed in the market and collected investment equity money from invested people. The sold shares are can be trading in open stock market of Indian stock exchange.

IPO Investment Check List:

Before investing in available or upcoming IPOs, as an investor, you need to verify or research about these following tips. Immediately don’t come to conclusion to invest money into IPO share stock market. 

It is advised that you should research for company developments plans, achieved projects out sourcing, company value, company market share, stock performance, stock investment, investor trends and available data analysis etc.

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