Sunday, June 30, 2013

Invest Money Wisely – Save to Investment

How to Invest Small Amount of money Wisely
Money (Savings in Rupees)
Best Investment Savings Schemes or Plans
500 to 1500 Rupees per Month
Safe & Secure saving investment opportunities like Saving bank account, Fixed deposits, National saving certificates, Security bonds, Post office savings bonds, Life insurance, Recurring deposits, Pension plans, Public Provident Fund, Monthly income schemes and plans, Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, FMP,FIPs, Gold EFTs etc…
1500 to 2500 Rupees per Month
Low Risk based saving investment opportunities like indexed funds, money market investments, mutual funds of selected sectors, online Gold trading or investment, Small and mid-cap stocks etc…
3000 to 5000 Rupees per Month
Medium Risk based investment options like income mutual funds, Selective shares and stocks, utility based stocks, Equity mutual funds, Commercial or residential real estate, Blue-chip stocks, Forex currency trading etc…
5000 and above per Month
High Risk based small mid cap funds, Mutual funds of selective sectors like IT technology, oil and energy gas based, commodities, purchasing selling the shares, stocks, equity stocks investments etc…
This above information is to better understanding the available saving investing schemes and plans and level or degree of investment risks.

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