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Hair Market Status in India

History of Human hair products in India:

Exporting is officially recorded from 1950 and exported to Japan and Germany countries for Amino acids productions.

India is currently exporting to international markets like Brazil, Italy, China, America, England, Spain, Lebanon, Germany, Korea, Indonesia countries.

India is world leading human hair extensions and products exporter.  Local market for human hair extensions and products in India is very poor. But various health diseases like Alopecia areata, Carcinoma, Boldness, Chemical dyes and beauty cosmetics, emotional conditions like stress etc.

Alopecia areata is a kind of hair loss in the form of bald patches. Generally Alopecia areata is not easy to medical cure, but possible is treatment with human wigs, hair extensions etc…

Chemotherapy is a kind of medical treatment with antibiotics and others. Hair fall out is usually occurs at 1 to 3 weeks after treatment begins. The hair fall out appears at faster rate. The loss of human hair is appears throughout chemotherapy treatment. Radiation also affects human hair loss

Stress is a main factor in nowadays that result in hair losses at higher rate. Emotional or physical stress is affects the growth of healthy hair. The intense worry at work location, worrying about death of a loved one, family or business financial troubles, divorce with life partner, job harassment etc…

Stress levels are the best indicators of health conditions in human life. Many people are failing to handle stress in proper way. It can be managed easily with stress management techniques and tips.  Consult your hair or skin specialists to prevent the hair losses.

Hair transplantation and other hair treatment are becoming very costly. So many people are especially young to early elder aged TV anchors, fashion models and film actors actress also many celebrities are prefers human hair extensions and wigs to manage and to hide their age.

The collected human hairs are used to prepare following various hair products.
  • Manufacture of various kinds of hair extensions, wigs, beards, eyelashes, eyebrows, 
  • Agriculture fertilizers,
  • Suturing Materials – suture thread
  • Some kinds of amino acids like L-C Stain etc. that are used to make kids foods and animal food.
  • To prepare the cosmetics products etc…
Main sources of hairs collection:

Temple hairs are main dependable sources for hair collections.

Lord Venkateswara temple located at Tirupati town is achieved around 200 crores INR, while Sri Shailam Mallikarjuna (Lord Shiva) temple earning around 5 crores INR, Vijayawada Kanaka durga temple is receiving 7 crores, Yadagiri Laxmi Narasimha (near to Hyderabad) temple is 4 crores, Simhachalam Appanaa (near to Visakha patnam) temple is 6 crores, Annavaram Sathya narayana Swami temple is received around 1 crore during actions for collected human hairs at international markets.

Other sources for hair collection:

Home hairs – collected from house wives against edible sweets, plastic or metal vessels etc…

Barber hairs – collected from barber, hair saloon shops

Indian hair market status

Year      Market in Rupees (INR)

2012 – 13                   2000 Crores
2011 – 12                   1505 Crores
2010 – 11                   1018 Crores
2009 – 10                   1050 Crores
2008 – 09                   970 Crores

In India, unlike all kinds of products market, human hair industry is offering employability to thousands people. Many people are directly and indirectly depend upon the hair industry. Various segments like Human hair collection, hair processing, exporting, hair marketing etc are offering jobs and work for local persons and to non-technical people.

See here a video on Cris rock’s Good Hair documentary. From this video you can learn hairs collection methods, wig manufacture method etc…

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