Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BSE and NSE Stock Exchanges of India

What are NSE and BSE?  

  • BSE acronym for Bombay stock exchange
  • NSE acronym for National stock exchange

NSE & BSE Location:

  • Bombay stock exchange is located at Mumbai
  • National stock exchange is located at Mumbai.
* Mumbai is well known as financial capital of India.

Bombay Stock Exchange Highlights:

  • Establishment year – 1875
  • It is one of Indian oldest stock exchange.
  • Previous name - Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.
  • It was a wide platform for capital market investors.
  • A large number of companies are listed on BSE stock exchange.
  • It is first ever stockexchange in receiving an ISO 9001:2000 certification.
  • Its trading is global markets includes EUREX, China, Brazil, South Africa and Russia etc.
  • Allows trading for equity market, share stock, derivatives and mutual funds schemes etc.
  • It hosts share stock market, data services and investment education, risk management services.

National Stock Exchange Highlights:

  • Formed by Government of India.
  • The index is famous as NSE NIFTY.
  • Top 11th largest stock exchange worldwide.
  • It is the 2nd fastest growing stock exchange at international level.
  • It is owned by various banks, many insurance companies and financial mediators.
  • Hosts online examination and provides awards, NCFM certification with beginners, advanced levels.
  • NSE stock exchange covers Equities, Derivatives, Debt market, Currency Derivatives, NSE Exchange Traded Funds etc. investment segments.                              

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