Monday, May 13, 2013

Top and Today's Savings Investments Plans to Secure Future Life in India

Savings and Investments are become most required to make money flow to meet future needs and expenses. In addition to regular primary income, it becomes necessary of getting the secondary income from available sources to generate money with your savings investments and little efforts, time. 

Plan your family financial budget carefully to balance the oncoming needs and sudden expenses. Understand your income sources including primary income source and avail secondary income sources to design a good financial cash flow layout. The financial layout is explains you all about your money flow week and monthly based. 

Decide your financial goals for coming years. How much money you want to save and to invest for future expenses and family & personal needs. Save Money in Best Savings plans in India for Family Childs Future Needs and to invest today for future life

Here is the best financial layout for this year that guides you to secure your future as well family members. Here are best saving investment plans to match your needs and expenses with your current income sources. 

PPF = Public Provident Fund
  • PPF is acronym for Public Provident Fund. 
  • PPF is the best investment plan in nowadays. 
  • You can include happily in your financial strategy. 
  • It is highly popular investment tool for long-term profits and returns with tax benefits also security for saved money along with other advantages. Find here PPF investment benefits.

ULIPs = Linked Insurance Plans

What is ULIPs?
  • ULIP is acronym for Unit Linked Insurance Plans. 
  • ULIPs are the plans that are provide both life insurance protection and investment opportunities.
  • ULIPs are varying from regular traditional insurance plans. 
  • You can find the difference in required documents, switching funds option, lapse, revival conditions and claim settlement conditions etc…

Find here more information on ULIPs – Unit Linked Life Insurance Policy plans,Products In India

Equity Funds
  • These are well known as Growth funds in the Indian share stock market,
  • In these types of funds, there is a best scope for good profits returns in long term.
  • The equity funds are also facilitating short term based investment gains with high risk nature against investment. 
  • Include these equity growth funds in your financial layout for savings investments for future.

Debt Funds
  • These are very popular as Bond Funds. 
  • These debt funds are provides security against invested amount in addition to assured gains profits. 
  • The earing interest rates and profit returns are somewhat less than other plans and schemes. 
  • The invested amount is transferred to security bonds, corporate bonds with high ratings. 
  • Include these equity growth funds in your financial layout for saving for short term investment. 
  • But not for long term if you want to earn more money on your saving investment amount

  • The yellow metal Gold is becoming best saving investments tool for both short and long term period.
  • Do you know about gold stocks at India? 
  • Yellow metal Gold deposits at Indian citizens are more than 18,000 tons. 
  • This 18,000 tons stock is enough to manufacture jewelries for USA country citizens for coming 100 years.
  • Indian are prefers the gold investments in the form of gold bars, gold coins, gold jewelries like pendants, rings, ear rings, bangles, bracelets and heavy and light weighted neck ornaments along with Gold funds, Gold ETFs also online gold sales.
  • This the best season to apply for Gold loans, when gold prices in India is high. 
  • Find here more latest Gold News India

Pension Schemes

There are a lot of best pension plans are available in India. Both governmental and as well private organizations are offering these popular pension schemes or plans for all kinds of people.

New employers and experienced jobbers can prefer shares stock market investment, top rating (MF) Mutual funds, Forex trading, Equity market investment, Public Provident Funds and best performing Index Funds, Gold ETFs, online gold trading (buying and sellong gold through internet), purchasing DTP lay out real estate property or regular traditional plans like national savings certifications, fixed deposits (term deposits), savings account in banks etc...

But these investment plans generates money after certain time period (months to years).
When you are in older age, it might need an immediate money making policies, regular money generating savings plans or investment schemes and other like monthly pension plans, renting a property, monthly income policies etc...

Fixed Deposits
  • Fixed deposits are highly popular tools of traditional investment.
  • These fixed deposits are very secure and guaranteed profits returns on investment.
  • Current deposits, saving fund deposits, term deposits and recurring deposits, etc are some available fixed deposit accounts types.

FDs Plans are have many advantages. They are…
·         Riskless, safer alternative to mutual funds (MFs) and share also stocks.
·         Guaranteed and high returns
·         Withdraw Interest Amounts from your savings account
·         Best option of tax exemption under income tax section 80C.

Know more information on Best Alternate to
Fixed Deposits.

Real Estate Property
  • Buy and selling the property and assets is become most of best investment saving tool for long term growth. 
  • Purchasing the surrounding residential approved lands with good layout is providing good scope for realestate property owners to make money even in short term period. 
  • The growth of invested money is depends upon many controllable and uncontrollable factors. 
If want to invest money to save the earning income amount for future days, the real estate land and property investment is good source for gaining high returns profits on investments. Home insurance and assets protection are also good investment sources to secure your money and property.

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