Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Save Money to Become a Milliner

Here are best ways to save money. These money saving tips can help you to become milliner with your savings investments habit.

Good ways to saving money...

Avoid unnecessary use of Credit card: 

Should avoid exceeded usage of the credit card. We are often wishing to purchase goods with credit card instead of cash. This is because we feel very happy to pay bills later. Avoid thinking in such way. Try to pay your bills in cash. Save your money by controlling the usage of plastic money cards.

Begin with small savings:

These savings money makes you a millionaire. In another hand, invest this small saving money in high yielding as well secure savings plans. Various investment tools are available to Shares, stocks, small-caps, mid-caps, large-caps, saving certificates, Mutual Funds, commodities, secure bonds, Futures and Options, gold, assets and property, real estate etc… Know more about risks on trade, while save and invest.

Stop unnecessary shopping:

Plan your shopping wisely. Stick to your budget. Should not get exceed your limits of expenses. Don’t let out your money flow to waste. Don’t get attraction to shopping advertisements of products and fashions. Avoid spending of money. Postpone your major unnecessary expenses.

Become a milliner with your income:

Open a saving account from a bank on your life partner name. Divert a portion of your monthly income. If you save 5,000 Rs per month, after 5 years, it will be 3, 00,000 Rs. Simply 3 lakhs rupees excluding bank interest money credited in yours savings account. Think how your simple saving accumulated to large money. Plan to improve monthly savings for your future days and to become milliner.

Try to improve your income sources:

There are two kinds of income sources. They are 1) primary sources (Ex: self-employment or company job), 2) secondary sources (Ex: part time or seasonal jobs, freelance jobs, dealer or distribution opportunities). Try to join in skill development programs. Get training to gain new career opportunities. Get certify in advanced skills to make your to next level.

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