Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Improve your Savings with Various Money Savings Sources

Savings and Investment sector is highly depends upon both banking and non-banking organizations also NGO institutes. These firms are playing a major role in financial security for individuals, families. 

Individual savings plans and family members savings schemes offered by these firms helps in our Indian country economic growth. Do you know? In this modern world, the banking and non-banking systems are we known as dealers of money and leaders of financial development.

Future or current financial requirements for children education, to meet the marriage ceremony expenses and to save the sufficient money for retirement, home construction, travelling to abroad, you need to save little by little with short term savings plans as well long term investment schemes.

It is best starting the savings at your younger age. Long term investments plans are best at this age. Here you need to set long term financial care and financial goals to meet future needs like your health, child education, college fees, own dream home, luxury cars and secure retirement age etc. 

Age            Savings Plans Timelines                Regular Income Sources


Younger      Long term Plans                             Self-employment / Company job
Middle        Long term + Short term plans         Self-employment / Company job
Older          Short term plans                            Pension + earning from invested plans
In young and mid age, salary amount, PF and gratuity funds, various investment tools like Shares, stocks, small caps, mid caps, large caps, PPF, Mutual Funds, secure bonds, commodities, forex trading, national saving certificates, Futures and Options, etc. are best sources to save money. Where as in older retirement life age, in addition to these above best investment tools (sources), yielding money on maturity of savings plans, investment schemes, pension, rents etc. are act as major sources to save money to meet rising financial needs.

Here is a list of sources of savings along with their income sources:

Public Sector:  Ex:  national government, state government.
Sources of savings: revenue from various taxes and savings of public sector institutes.

Private Sector: Ex: banks, non-banking firms, private companies, co- operative institutions.

Source of savings: service fees, other fee structure, profit of these organizations

Household Sector: Ex: rural and urban households.
Source of savings: land, assets, property, gold, house rents, commercial building rents, agriculture, money from traditional savings plans, bank deposits etc.

Today's world is full of financial challenges and economic uncertainty all over the globe. This is best time to pursue future life needs with available best saving plans. There are thousands of savings schemes can help you in facilitating good financial security for you and to your family members.

Protect your children, family members from suddenly rising tough or down grade financial situations. Step ahead to take educated decisions to secure your retirement life age with healthy saving investment plans

Here is a best savings investment options benefiting the all invested individuals. These save and investing plans and schemes helps you in improving your financial status.

They are,

1) Cash investment - Ex: Bank's Saving accounts, fixed deposits, 
2) Traditional investments - Ex: National savings certificate, Security bonds, 
3) Share Stock investment - Ex: Company shares stocks trading
4) Mutual Fund  investment: Gold ETFs, index funds, small mid and large CAPS
5) Property investment - Ex:Real estate lands, buy and sell residential homes, commercial property,  

Choose a best suitable plan to save money and invest to meet your needs 

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