Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shares Stocks Trading and Getting Investment Information

June 3 rd is birthday of popular share stock market blog. Here is weblog posting on Shares Trading and sources to get live Share Investment Information.

Many newbie beginners are looking to invest some portion of money on regular basis to invest in Indian share stock market. Market investment is a double edged one. If investor ignores the risks on trading, they might receive losses instead of good profits returns from in market. If we are not doing proper technical analysis (at least basic research on investment tools or stocks shares trends, regular observation), there might be scope for investment losses.  

Making good returns and profits on invested amount is depend upon various factors like market knowledge, analytical skills, regular check of stocks performance, invested amount, chosen plans or schemes, taking of educated decisions instead of emotional decisions. There are various best investment sources or tools available in the stocks share market India. On another hand, there are 3 diverse ways to invest to start trading shares and stocks, they are as follows.

Consult a stock broker

Take help of a stock broker who provides full-service. Generally many share stock broking companies offering these service. These investment firms trades and invests money on the behalf of your name. The stock broking firm will monitor the market always. In addition to this, they provide you wise advice and offers knowledge sharing programs or seminars. To prove the up to time service, they might collect some fee or charges from you.

Meet a part time or personal broker

There will be a difference between regular stock broker and personal broker. These part time brokers make trading upon your request. Manual trading or online trading are done by them. But you need to analyze the market trends, top performing stocks, your stocks returns and some research on market.

Online trading

If you are with basic internet concepts, you can able to trade share stocks online. Even you’re using mobile internet, you can always watch and trade. Many banking and non-banking financial investment companies are offering this online trading service. This online brokerage service might charge a little money from you. Online is a best source to initial researching and to trading the stocks, bonds, other investment tools. You can monitor the invested stocks performance at 24*7.

Get Share Investment Information

Success of any shares stocks investment is depends upon your market knowledge. Analyzing the investment is begins with collected information about company. Try to analyze about these factors like company business expansion plans, company stocks performance, announced dividends, marketing plans. This is known as fundamental stock analysis.

Online trading or shares stocks trading depend upon Technical analysis of stocks. This analysis involves reviewing the performance of the invested company's stock price, habitually this analysis obtainable in the form of a chart.

Where to get latest information on investment?

What are the best sources available online to find update market performance?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Save Money to Become a Milliner

Here are best ways to save money. These money saving tips can help you to become milliner with your savings investments habit.

Good ways to saving money...

Avoid unnecessary use of Credit card: 

Should avoid exceeded usage of the credit card. We are often wishing to purchase goods with credit card instead of cash. This is because we feel very happy to pay bills later. Avoid thinking in such way. Try to pay your bills in cash. Save your money by controlling the usage of plastic money cards.

Begin with small savings:

These savings money makes you a millionaire. In another hand, invest this small saving money in high yielding as well secure savings plans. Various investment tools are available to Shares, stocks, small-caps, mid-caps, large-caps, saving certificates, Mutual Funds, commodities, secure bonds, Futures and Options, gold, assets and property, real estate etc… Know more about risks on trade, while save and invest.

Stop unnecessary shopping:

Plan your shopping wisely. Stick to your budget. Should not get exceed your limits of expenses. Don’t let out your money flow to waste. Don’t get attraction to shopping advertisements of products and fashions. Avoid spending of money. Postpone your major unnecessary expenses.

Become a milliner with your income:

Open a saving account from a bank on your life partner name. Divert a portion of your monthly income. If you save 5,000 Rs per month, after 5 years, it will be 3, 00,000 Rs. Simply 3 lakhs rupees excluding bank interest money credited in yours savings account. Think how your simple saving accumulated to large money. Plan to improve monthly savings for your future days and to become milliner.

Try to improve your income sources:

There are two kinds of income sources. They are 1) primary sources (Ex: self-employment or company job), 2) secondary sources (Ex: part time or seasonal jobs, freelance jobs, dealer or distribution opportunities). Try to join in skill development programs. Get training to gain new career opportunities. Get certify in advanced skills to make your to next level.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Improve your Savings with Various Money Savings Sources

Savings and Investment sector is highly depends upon both banking and non-banking organizations also NGO institutes. These firms are playing a major role in financial security for individuals, families. 

Individual savings plans and family members savings schemes offered by these firms helps in our Indian country economic growth. Do you know? In this modern world, the banking and non-banking systems are we known as dealers of money and leaders of financial development.

Future or current financial requirements for children education, to meet the marriage ceremony expenses and to save the sufficient money for retirement, home construction, travelling to abroad, you need to save little by little with short term savings plans as well long term investment schemes.

It is best starting the savings at your younger age. Long term investments plans are best at this age. Here you need to set long term financial care and financial goals to meet future needs like your health, child education, college fees, own dream home, luxury cars and secure retirement age etc. 

Age            Savings Plans Timelines                Regular Income Sources


Younger      Long term Plans                             Self-employment / Company job
Middle        Long term + Short term plans         Self-employment / Company job
Older          Short term plans                            Pension + earning from invested plans
In young and mid age, salary amount, PF and gratuity funds, various investment tools like Shares, stocks, small caps, mid caps, large caps, PPF, Mutual Funds, secure bonds, commodities, forex trading, national saving certificates, Futures and Options, etc. are best sources to save money. Where as in older retirement life age, in addition to these above best investment tools (sources), yielding money on maturity of savings plans, investment schemes, pension, rents etc. are act as major sources to save money to meet rising financial needs.

Here is a list of sources of savings along with their income sources:

Public Sector:  Ex:  national government, state government.
Sources of savings: revenue from various taxes and savings of public sector institutes.

Private Sector: Ex: banks, non-banking firms, private companies, co- operative institutions.

Source of savings: service fees, other fee structure, profit of these organizations

Household Sector: Ex: rural and urban households.
Source of savings: land, assets, property, gold, house rents, commercial building rents, agriculture, money from traditional savings plans, bank deposits etc.

Today's world is full of financial challenges and economic uncertainty all over the globe. This is best time to pursue future life needs with available best saving plans. There are thousands of savings schemes can help you in facilitating good financial security for you and to your family members.

Protect your children, family members from suddenly rising tough or down grade financial situations. Step ahead to take educated decisions to secure your retirement life age with healthy saving investment plans

Here is a best savings investment options benefiting the all invested individuals. These save and investing plans and schemes helps you in improving your financial status.

They are,

1) Cash investment - Ex: Bank's Saving accounts, fixed deposits, 
2) Traditional investments - Ex: National savings certificate, Security bonds, 
3) Share Stock investment - Ex: Company shares stocks trading
4) Mutual Fund  investment: Gold ETFs, index funds, small mid and large CAPS
5) Property investment - Ex:Real estate lands, buy and sell residential homes, commercial property,  

Choose a best suitable plan to save money and invest to meet your needs 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Stock Market Trading and Risks on Trade

What are the investments tools traded in the markets?

In the Indian stock market, there are many forms of investment tools are available and creating confusion to select best performing or highly yield savings investment plans and schemes among the small caps, mid caps, large caps, Shares, stocks, secure bonds, saving certificates, Futures and Options, Mutual Funds, commodities etc.


What are the trading risks to understand before starting stock trading?

After stock trading, there are some controllable and non-controllable risks on trade will come themselves. Here is the list of various risks after starting the stock trading. They are,

·         Regulatory Risk
·         Market Risk
·         Business Risk
·         Industry Risk

Regulatory Risk

Basically every listed and non-listed company is follows its own rules and regulation and changes according to various factors like industry growth, local government laws, investors trends, time and market situation and market performance, implementation of new technology etc. Generally these regulations are planned to avoid the oncoming losses of company business.

Market Risk 

Stock market is subjected to change always based upon various causes. Foreign investment, local citizens involvement, company performance, company business development plans, foreign orders, outsourcing projects, investors trust, stocks trend, political uncertainty, crisis, inflation, changes in currency value, alteration of interest rates etc. are highly affects the market trading. Whole stock market will subjected to impact to a huge level.

Business Risk

Each company entirely get affect when the relevant or belonging industry under goes massive impact with various factors like market competition, market share, marketing strategy, organization management, sales force, product performance, brand awareness, advertisement, customers reviews, modifications in service or products, political strikes, bundhs, employees behaviour etc. factors brings business risks. These business risks causes are matchless to each company or sector.

Industry Risk

These kind of risks affects all belonging companies in a particular industry. For example, If US and Europe countries passes a bill on stopping the IT projects for outsourcing, the entire software, hardware industry will get massive impact. A number of small and medium IT companies will face threat of survive. Both fresher and experienced software programmers and non-programming employees will lose their jobs. A true example is 2008-2009 financial crisis, 2012-2013 US’ Obama bill on IT outsourcing. After these two incidents the entire IT software industry got changed and all IT sector companies stocks still under industry risk.