Saturday, March 23, 2013

Share Stock Market Trading and Investment - Savings Investments

Here is a Savings Investments latest blog post on difference between Share Stock Market Trading and Investment.

Want to make money with share stock market investment. Before investing money, decide yourself one thing. There are 2 ways are existing to earn profits and returns. These are of 2 ways to money earning with the shares stocks market.

The 2 ways are,
  • Investing
  • Trading
Normally investing is used for long term (usual time period is from year to selling date) based buying stocks, futures options, security deposits etc…

Trading is usually short term (time period is from minutes to selling hour or days) includes buying and selling of shares stocks, equity options and futures trading. Generally this is well known as intraday trading.

For intraday trading requires educate decisions making skill with proper market trading strategies and technical analysis knowledge. Your skills are primary investments in share stocks market. Emotional decisions may hurt you, so avoid the taking emotional decisions of buy and sell share stocks.

So decide yourself where you want to fit to make money online with Indian share stock market.

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