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Human Hair Products Trading Market Status of India

Human Hair Products Trading Market Status of India

India accommodates the largest human hair market of the world. Asian countries have diverse religions, beliefs and myths in addition to traditional customs. India has a huge population of around 120 crore. Majority of Indians are giving up their black hair (Long and short) at temples and hair salons.

Though human hair plays a major role in showing of their physical beauty, when visiting to a desired temple of god or goddess, people give up their hair. Donating hair in India is an indication of eliminating the human ego in front of god, being thankful for his concern and to seek  blessings to fulfill their further desires. Many devotee families visit most of the temples during summer vacations and on other religious occasions. 

In India, temples are the best place for huge hair collection. The contract based employees or permanently hired barbers serve the pilgrims by shaving under hygienic conditions. Every day thousands to lakhs of pilgrims donate their healthy hair in various temples of India. The shaved hair is collected in steel or metal containers and stored after the segregation of male and female hair. 

All the segregated hair is collected and put for auction to hair exporters. The auction notice is announced in popular south Indian languages in addition to English language for e-auction and also published in popular local and regional newspapers also on the temple’s designed official website.

Interested hair marketing dealers and contractors can collect these hairs in bulk tins. The collected tons of bulk quantities of hairs carried to the nearest factories to sort hairs by length. Later the hackle gets washed cleanly with special industrial shampoos. The shampoo washed hair is then dried under the sun and later collected as bundles. Finally these hair bundles are sent to national and international hair exporters.

Hair Market Status in India

Due to less demand for synthetic hair in international market, majority hair importers focus on bulk exports of natural hair. Due to the availability at cheaper price and high quality, many international hair importers are importing a large amount of Indian hair.The best hairs can cost millions of dollars in various western countries. These countries require a large quantity of natural hair to manufacture Wigs.

Bulk importers of Indian hair

US, France, Canada, UK, Africa and also other European countries prefers Indian hair extensions. These countries manufacture human wigs in China and use them for actors and actress in Hollywood movies. They prefer Indian virgin hair extensions for following reasons.

Indian black hackles are with good quality hair extensions. Dark black colored and lengthy virgin human hair with silky thin to thick natured. People in India use freshly prepared coconut oil with other supportive hackle healthy natural products like Baadam (Almond), Oosirika etc. They will not apply any artificial products to their hair. They use homemade natural oils (Olive oil, Coconut oil, Almond oil etc.) that are free from chemicals.

The following is the list of the properties that Indian natural oil possesses:

Nourishing oil
Moisturizing action
Best hair conditioner
Rich source of vitamin E with antioxidant nature.
Calming and relaxing properties
Increases the circulation of blood in the scalp
Antibacterial effect
Hair growth-promoting properties
Anti-inflammatory properties
Softening action

What are the types of hair collected in India?

·        Temple Hair
Indian temples are the main collection source for all kinds of hair                     
·        Barber Hair
These collected sweepings off the floor from barber shops
·        Village Hair
From Indian villages hair is collected on regularly like weekly, monthly basis on an exchange call for steel vessels, plastic vessels, edible sweets, toys etc.

What are the major uses of the collected hair?

Collected hair is used to

·                     Manufacture various kinds of Wigs
·                     Beards, eyelashes, eyebrows
·                     Fertilizers
·                     Suturing Materials
·                     Hair Extensions
·                     Prepares a rope
·                     Some kinds of amino acids to prepare baby foods and donuts.
According to the Indian ministry of the Department of Commerce and Industry, the hair and hair products from India reached $190 million-worth of export during year 2009-10, The growth of hair market is expected to reach to $470 million by during the year 2013-14.

Imported at international market

United Kingdom
$ 80 millions
United States of America
$ 800 millions
China & Hong Kong
$71 millions

Hair how much cost in Indian markets?

Hair length
Cost per Kilogram
31 inches and above
20,200 rupees
16 -30 inches
18,650 rupees
10-15 inches
7,400 rupees
5 -9 inches
5,200 rupees
Less than 5 inches
80 rupees *

(Short hair is the best source of raw material in manufacturing small baby foods and donuts etc.)

Why India and China are the best source for Hair and Hair products?

Here one has to mention about the dragon country China. India exports hair of  worth of $140 million per a year. Dragon country China is best hair processing, manufacturing center for all kinds of human hair and hair products. Both, local Chinese hair and Indian hair is clubbed to manufacture a number of variations and stylish hair wigs and hair extension products. These products are exported to the Western market to meet raised demands. Every year the demand is growing . Every year Indian hair export is increasing from to 15 % to 18%.

And finally, 

Human Hair trading in India is an export oriented market. The hair is collected from various sources like Indian temples, barber shops, local villages and small medium towns. These collected hairs are processed and sent across the various countries of the world. The world demand is playing its role in the growth of Indian economic value in the exporting quality hair products market. The hair product industries itself plays a key role in offering employment opportunities as hair processors, export contacts, middlemen, collective agents etc. . .

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