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Mutual Funds 2012 – Overview to Earn Money with Savings and Investment Plans

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Mutual Funds 2012 – My Overview……
Mutual funds industry investment is fast developing sector in India. Many employees of software, marketing, financial business, BPO, KPO and health medical also others are focused towards Savings and Investments to meet future expenses. The investing money for future needs is gradually increased from the last few years. Long days back, there were a limited opportunities for money investments like traditional savings, savings account in bank, fixed deposits for a time periods, recurring deposits andfew security bonds etc…

Year to year, the mutual fund investment sector is growing bigger and bigger. The MF investment is spreading gradually to all kinds of economic level families. As this mutual fund sector is spreading into various investment plans like retirement plans, balanced funds, SIPs (systematic investment plan) and gold funds, tax saving funds, liquidity funds also mutual funds etc…

From past five years, many people were shown their interest in mutual funds investment in additional to regular saving accounts, bank recurring deposits, insurance policies for life, home, vehicles and fixed term plans schemes etc…

With these MF investments, the investment sector got changed to public friendly over the traditional investment plans. These MFs are moreover known as money market funds in other words bond funds, fixed income funds etc…

Selection of Good performing MFs:

Multiple factors are playing key role in selection of best mutual funds from the investment market. Depending on many factors like our habits like savings amount per month, spending capacity, ability and desire to take market risks, needs of secondary income, short term and long term financial goals, future needs and funds performance… we can choose best mutual funds from the market.

Here are few best performing mutual funds 2012 that you can consider:

Mutual funds are collective investment plans schemes available for the all individuals. As stated below, there are many kinds of mutual funds are available.

Advantageous of MF investments:

Below are the good benefits in MF investments. They are,

  •   Higher returns,
  •   Better performance
  •   Tax benefits

Due to these benefits, the mutual funds investments are gradually populored in the investment world.

There are many types of mutual funds for Indian citizens, NRIs and foreign origin investors. 

  1.  Open ended funds,
  2.  Closed ended funds,
  3.  Balanced funds,
  4.  Equity funds,
  5.  Systematic investment plan,
  6.  Gold funds,
  7.  Tax saving funds,
  8.  Retirement schemes,
  9.  Gold ETF funds
  10.  Unit investment trusts…

Equity Fund - equity funds are well known for EFs. It is the investment in stocks; here are few examples of equity funds. They are index funds, asset allocation funds, growth funds, value funds and income funds, balanced funds. We can choose for investing money in these available best equity funds though they have their own deliverables and functions vary with other.

Gold ETF - ETF stands for Exchange Traded Funds. The investment in the ETF funds is to generate good returns depends on the current performance of precious yellow metal Gold and its market price.

Liquid Fund - These are the somewhat more secure as like short term-fix deposits. These liquid funds are with lower risks of market,

Due to benefits like tax benefits, higher returns, better performance features, the mutual funds investments are attracted the Indian citizens, NRIs and foreign origin investors. The investors consider to investing money in mutual funds that earns good returns and benefits example tax saving funds, Gold ETFs, closed-ended, open-ended MF schemes that provide somewhat more secure than other investment plans and schemes.

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