Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top Sectors Offering Jobs Opportunities for 2013 Year - Latest India News

Here is a latest blog article posting on best top jobs offering segments or sectors for year of 2013. Grab the best opportunity or advance the existing job skills to enter into better career world.

Slowdown of Global as well Local Country economy resulted in low range of job market and less opportunities for company recruitment.  Unstableness of share stock market and lack of investment also currency value downgrading are have much impact on latest recruitments. All these are also impacted on pay, hikes, salaries and budget expenses.

Though hiring of employees is declining, there are many vacancies and opportunities also job positions are awaiting for freshers as well experience employees.

Find here is a list of latest jobs in important jobs sectors.

The top sectors offering best jobs in 2013 are given below.

Segment: Analytics
Sectors: Consumer Goods, Banks, Business Consulting, Retail, IT, E-Commerce (online).
Required Skills: Training, Statistical or Financial Analysis
                                    Familiarity or working Knowledge with Statistical Techniques and Software SPSS, SAS, SAP, Informatica and Advanced Excel…

Segment: Sales & Marketing
Sectors:   Health, Consumer, Engineering, Manufacture, Automobile, Bio sciences
Required Skills: Sales and Communication skills, Update Knowledge on Local Market and Trend Analysis

Segment: Mobile Apps Development & Information Technology
Sectors: E-Commerce, IT, Mobile Products or Mobile Applications, IT consuming Products
Required Skills: Knowledge of latest versions of Softwares, Familiar with Latest Technology, Project management and Consumer Insights Analysis.

Segment: Research & Development, Quality Analysis
Sectors: Chemical, Medical, Health Care, Automobile, IT and Consumer
Required Skills: Ability to create new Products, Conducting Research, and Market Trend Analysis

Segment: Supply Chain & Procurement and Management
Sectors: Petro Chemicals, Chemical, Automobile, Retail, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Consumer, Manufacture and E-Commerce
Required Skills: Project Planning and Management Skills, Familiar with Procuring Latest Equipments

Segment: E-Commerce, Sales & Marketing and
Sectors: Social Media & Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Media, Automobile, E-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, FMCG Products
Required Skills: Working Experience with Multiple Search Engines, Online Trend Analysis, Certifications of Search Engines Google and Yahoo and from Microsoft Ads, Planning Proper Online Marketing Strategy, Competitor Analysis, Tracking Skills of Latest Algorithms of Google, Bing Search Engines…

Segment: Engineering
Sectors: IT, Product Processing, Product Designing, Automobile, Chemical, Telecom, Manufacturing
Required Skills: Tech-Savvy, Project Planning and Management, Product Analysis Skills, Knowledge on Latest Trends, Familiar in Customer Behaviour Analysis, Effective Competitor Analysis Skills.

Segment: Training & Development
Sectors: HR, Faculty, Education, Technical, Life Science, Research, Teaching and IT
Required Skills:
Ability of teaching, Fabulous Training Skills, Project Handling, Academic Year Syllabi Planning Skills, Training the Staff, Recruiting Skills, Verbal & Language and Analytical Skills Analysis.

IT Software, Product Marketing, Service Marketing, Automobile, Chemical, Telecom, Manufacturing, Petro Chemicals, Chemical, Automobile, Retail, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Consumer, Manufacture and E-Commerce, Mobile Applications, IT consuming Products, Medical, Hotel, Agro, Mining, HR, Travelling, Tourism, Research, Market Analysis…
Required Skills: Good Communication Skills, Verbal Language Skills, Project Planning and Handling, Consumer Behaviour & Trend Analysis, Excellent Skills in Competitor Analysis, Motivating the team, Team player Skills, Leadership Skills, Identification of team abilities & Skills Development.

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