Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Legal Services can Help Cut Financial Losses - Savings and Investment Plans

Here is blog articles series of Savings and Investment on How Good Legal Services can Help Cut Financial Losses.

Nowadays even for a simple endeavor, purchasing a property or renting a property, taking of a good legal service is become compulsory. Many small medium and corporate companies are paying money for legal advisors on consultation basis. Generally, for one time consultation, they may pay averagely 1500 INR to 5000 INRs. This small payment can protect the companies from financial losses.

Here are a few situations where a legal counsel or advice necessary.

Buying property:

Before planning a huge investment on buying a property like house or land, it is better to take lawyer advice. Many times we might hear about legal disputes while getting registration of the property upon our name or nominee name. There may be scope to face legal action due to legal glitches creators who are objecting the property registration.

Before purchasing a property, after our enquiry about legal issues of the property, if we discussed about planed property to buy with a lawyer, he may conduct background verification check for that property as well relevant documents in-depth and clarify our doubts and worries.

It is better to take legal advice from a reputed and expert lawyer, who is giving consultation especially for property buying, property registration…
The payment for legal consultation for law firm is different from individual or independent lawyer. Also payment charges are varying for legal services like online lawyer service, instant lawyer service ….

Leasing a property:

Generally lease contract is prepared by a mediator agency or real estate brokers or property broker firm. Think is broker a best person to finalise lease contract.

To avoid the legal disputes and illegal issues, it is better to meet lawyer for discussing to clarify legally for buying or leasing property for a period. Legal agreements are protects us from legal as well illegal disputes.

Is there any difference between in agreement and contract…?

Is there any difference between leasing and renting a property…?

Once you get clarified about worries and doubts upon a planned property and inform your forward step to make leasing or renting a property, the lawyer after verifying all relevant documents to avoid legal and illegal issues like taxes, estate planning, maintenance charges or non-occupancy and others charges collectioned by housing society…etc…, the lawyer will advise us how to proceed legally to own a property or leasing a property.

Then lawyer provides will-writing service upon our interest and prepares a draft or contract agreement and get it attested by at least two witnesses. It is better to approach best independent lawyer services or law firm services or even online attorney consultants services.

Hire a lawyer……Get a legal service……Take a legal advice……

Think before buying or renting a property…. Prevention is better than Cure….

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