Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tips to How to Choose Best Investment Sources - Savings Investments Plans

Here is a Savings Investment Tips on How to Choose Best Investment Sources and available list of kinds of Mutual Funds.

There are around 40 mutual fund institutes are offering hundreds of schemes and facilitating investment in share stock market to investors who has no any idea how to invest money into Indian shares stock market.

Many of among us don’t know available kinds of mutual funds and suitability for invest etc.

Here is list of available kinds of mutual funds.

  1. Equity diversified funds

  2. Equity based savings schemes

  3. Balanced funds

  4. MIPs

  5. FMPs

  6. Liquid funds

  7. Gold funds

 All these funds are depended upon Indian shares stock market. According to market value, these funds NAV also get change.  For Indian investors, there are two sources for investment one is direct into share stock market and another is these funds and schemes an indirect source for investment into shares market.

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