Thursday, October 4, 2012

Money Saving Investment Tips to Save and Invest

Here are some money saving tips to save and investment money for future and current days

Here are some money saving tips here below, 

There are a lot of easy ways to save money in routine daily life.

  1. Buy or rent comfortable and less square foot area for living in cities. Rent of a home or office is become most expense in today. So choose your living locality carefully.
  2. Don’t go for larger houses and double or triple bedroom apartments if you have little family. Choose carefully and select your home repair firm wisely. Check your local newspapers or classified sites and local websites to find latest discount offer around your living area.
  3. Nowadays many major and other towns are with internet and cell phone communication. So try to reduce your communication cost. Cell phone are generally increases our personal budget in terms of communications expenditures.
  4. Build your emergency fund at home to avoid excessive interest rates for loaning. This saving money helps in paying less money to lenders. If you are a young employee, plan to save money for retirement savings.  Find here best saving investment plans.
  5. Use available local newspapers and classified websites to find out low-cost parks, entertainment shows, film and art theatre, interested sports events, workshops to improve your job skills and dine restaurants to spend along with family members.
  6. Buying a journey train ticket fare is becoming costly in Great Britain. Especially on the day train ticket fare and last minute train tickets, air tickets are example for increased travel budget. For seasonal or festival holidays prepare to buy travel tickets from home with credit cards or debit cards or e-wallet travel ticketing system.
  7. Monthly family budget and financial planning can impact with credit card payments. Because these credit cards are offering a most beneficial way of payment with EMIs and payment period of time.
  8. Use your skills and knowledge to earn extra income in addition to regular salary or primary income. Advance your career skills to earn money. Even give up the most expensive habits.  
  9. Apply the cheapest household insurance to secure your home from abnormal incidents. Turn off the television, electronic and kitchen tools whenever not using. Pay less electricity bills with latest technology like CFL etc...
  10. Avoid expensive hotel days or evening outs or costly food at restaurants. Home is very less expensive than going out. Plan to invite family relatives, friends instead of going out.
  11. Stick to your monthly budget. Avoid restaurant food at weekends. Prepare regular meals at home instead of eating at outside.
  12. Sale your non fuel-efficiency car to reduce travelling expenses and buy a high fuel efficient car today or purchase the best conditional used car at lower prices. Control the usage private transport. Don’t book taxi or cabs for local trips. Plan public transport
  13. Buy books online with free shipping offer. Many websites are offering nowadays music, and album DVDs, video games at budget cost over the internet.
  14. Choose a bank that offering a Savings Account with high interest rate. Many banking and non banking firms are offering best interest rates o saving amount. So open a bank account.
 Simple ways to save money

  1. Save money with short-term goals, even a $25 a week or month can make you richer.  Become a millionaire with your budget savings and investment schemes.
  2. A simple idea to read but most efficient tip is preparing a list of required items before going to shopping. Don’t spend much in terms of money to entertain your children.
  3. Find the lowest-cost place to purchase home needs and household provisions
  4. Making changes in your lifestyle can make you a millionaire even.
  5. Identify sales discount outlets for purchasing clothing. Many shopping malls and normal shops are offering many discount prices on sale. You can find low-priced and quality branded dresses there at affordable budget prices. Use your local newspapers or classified sites and local websites to find latest discount offers or on the day or seasonal or festival offers.
  6. Find the advantage of discounts or available incentive programs like card credits, rewards cash back offerings on sale etc. Many e-commerce shopping sites are announced discounted prices for electronic gadgets, computers, household accessories and movie tickets booking facility with cash back offers, online shopping, group shopping, bulk shopping offers etc.
  7. If getting married recently, Plan your honeymoon with cheaper and affordable tour and travelling packages. Use a budget calculator to reduce your expenses.
Follow best MoneySaving tips, ideas, tools though they can't guarantee about your money spending habit or other; but they can help you perfectly to spend less money.

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