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Popular Corporate Branded MNCs in India with Multi Divisions in Business - Financial Business News

Here is a list of Popular Corporate Branded MNCs in India with Multi Divisions in Business

Many Companies are now having a business network directly and indirectly in India.

Asian country India had business relationships with many countries from past 3000 years. Roads and marine vessels, boats, crafts, small ships including mechanized and non-mechanized technology, the business is continued for thousands years.

Due to Indian government protocols and procedures also modifications in the business guidelines, Many MNC companies were shifted their business market area to India under the plans of business expansion.

Here is a list of companies having multidivisional business in India.


Sony is Japan based world popular MNC Company with multiple business sectors like Laptops, TVs, Home Appliances, Music systems, Mobile phones, camera and other electronic goods etc. In addition to above sectors, Sony Company had film making, TV channels, banks and insurance sectors.


Many Indians believes that Colgate Company is India origin. But this not true one. This is belonging to USA’s Colgate-Palmolive. It has multiple divisions like Toothpaste, Brushes, Bath soaps, Toilet soaps, Deodorants, Dish wash, Body wash, After shave lotions and pet animals feed for cats and dogs etc.


This the Indian origin company with multi divisions like Air conditioners, Washing machines, TVs, Refrigerators, Locks, Home appliances, Electrical electronics, Chocolates, Soaps, Hair dye, Cooking oil, Bath soaps, Toilet soaps, Deodorants etc. In addition to them, Godrej Company is manufacturing necessary ones for ISRO Institute.


ITC Company is well populared for cigarettes and other products. From 1970 year, ITC Company entered into Hospitality sectors. Hotels, Paper, Agriculture, Biscuits, Notebooks, Soaps, Pens and other stationary items also shampoos, cloths, cosmetics… etc… a lengthy list is there.


What is the LG. What is abbreviation for LG?

LG means Lucky Gold Star. This is a South Korean company. Another largest South Korean company is Samsung. Earlier Lucky Company manufactured only plastic goods. In 1995 after with Gold Star Company, LG was became populared and manufacturing a lot of products for many sectors.


It is largest company in South Korea. In 1938, this company started in noodles and retail business; later it is expanded business into insurance, security, refinery, sugar, electronics, hotel, real estate, heavy machine, ship manufacture sectors.
Samsung is largest electronic products manufacturing company in the world.
Samsung is 2nd largest in Ships manufacturing company in the world.
Samsung is 14 th largest insurance company in the world.

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