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List of Mutual Funds Schemes for SIP investment - Savings Investment Plans

Here is a Savings Investment related List of Mutual Funds Schemes for SIP investment.

Here is a list of Mutual Funds Schemes for SIP investments.

Equity Based Schemes:
  • Reliance Pharma
  • SBI Magnum FMCG
  • ICICI Prudential
  • UTI Pharma, Health Care
  • Reliance Banking Retail

DET Based Schemes:
  • Gilt Investment PF
  • ICICI Prudential
  • Canara Robaco Income
  • JM G-sec Regular
  • ICICI Pru gift
  • JM Short Term

Equity Based Savings Schemes:
  • Taras Tax Shield
  • Canara Rebaco Equity Tax Saver
  • ICICI Pru Tax Plan
  • Religer Tax Plans
  • Sahara Tax Gain

Gold Funds:
  • R shares Gold ETF
  • UTI Gold ETF
  • Kotak Gold Fund
  • SBI Gold ETS
  • Quantum Gold

Tips to How to Choose Best Investment Sources - Savings Investments Plans

Here is a Savings Investment Tips on How to Choose Best Investment Sources and available list of kinds of Mutual Funds.

There are around 40 mutual fund institutes are offering hundreds of schemes and facilitating investment in share stock market to investors who has no any idea how to invest money into Indian shares stock market.

Many of among us don’t know available kinds of mutual funds and suitability for invest etc.

Here is list of available kinds of mutual funds.

  1. Equity diversified funds

  2. Equity based savings schemes

  3. Balanced funds

  4. MIPs

  5. FMPs

  6. Liquid funds

  7. Gold funds

 All these funds are depended upon Indian shares stock market. According to market value, these funds NAV also get change.  For Indian investors, there are two sources for investment one is direct into share stock market and another is these funds and schemes an indirect source for investment into shares market.

How to Invest in Gold ETFs through Stock Market Every Month - Savings Investment Tips

Here is a latest Savings Investment tips on How to Invest in Gold ETFs through Stock Market on Every Month.

Gold ETF stands for Gold Exchange Traded Funds. These Gold ETFs are recorded in stock market.

To invest in Gold Exchange Traded Funds (Gold ETFs), it is necessary of a Trading Account from a reputed or registered stock broker.

Trading Account is compulsory to invest money in Gold ETFs, because to purchase and sell from stock exchange.

If anybody wants to invest money systematically into gold, the Gold Exchange Traded Funds are best option for investing money.

Gold Exchange Traded Funds are in the form of units in the electronic form in the demat.

If planning to invest amount every month, then purchase the units own on willing date / day or if planning to invest money systematically on a particular date / any selected date, you can choose mutual funds that are invest in Gold Exchange Traded Funds (Gold ETFs).

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Popular Corporate Branded MNCs in India with Multi Divisions in Business - Financial Business News

Here is a list of Popular Corporate Branded MNCs in India with Multi Divisions in Business

Many Companies are now having a business network directly and indirectly in India.

Asian country India had business relationships with many countries from past 3000 years. Roads and marine vessels, boats, crafts, small ships including mechanized and non-mechanized technology, the business is continued for thousands years.

Due to Indian government protocols and procedures also modifications in the business guidelines, Many MNC companies were shifted their business market area to India under the plans of business expansion.

Here is a list of companies having multidivisional business in India.


Sony is Japan based world popular MNC Company with multiple business sectors like Laptops, TVs, Home Appliances, Music systems, Mobile phones, camera and other electronic goods etc. In addition to above sectors, Sony Company had film making, TV channels, banks and insurance sectors.


Many Indians believes that Colgate Company is India origin. But this not true one. This is belonging to USA’s Colgate-Palmolive. It has multiple divisions like Toothpaste, Brushes, Bath soaps, Toilet soaps, Deodorants, Dish wash, Body wash, After shave lotions and pet animals feed for cats and dogs etc.


This the Indian origin company with multi divisions like Air conditioners, Washing machines, TVs, Refrigerators, Locks, Home appliances, Electrical electronics, Chocolates, Soaps, Hair dye, Cooking oil, Bath soaps, Toilet soaps, Deodorants etc. In addition to them, Godrej Company is manufacturing necessary ones for ISRO Institute.


ITC Company is well populared for cigarettes and other products. From 1970 year, ITC Company entered into Hospitality sectors. Hotels, Paper, Agriculture, Biscuits, Notebooks, Soaps, Pens and other stationary items also shampoos, cloths, cosmetics… etc… a lengthy list is there.


What is the LG. What is abbreviation for LG?

LG means Lucky Gold Star. This is a South Korean company. Another largest South Korean company is Samsung. Earlier Lucky Company manufactured only plastic goods. In 1995 after with Gold Star Company, LG was became populared and manufacturing a lot of products for many sectors.


It is largest company in South Korea. In 1938, this company started in noodles and retail business; later it is expanded business into insurance, security, refinery, sugar, electronics, hotel, real estate, heavy machine, ship manufacture sectors.
Samsung is largest electronic products manufacturing company in the world.
Samsung is 2nd largest in Ships manufacturing company in the world.
Samsung is 14 th largest insurance company in the world.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best savings Investments Plans for Retiring and Working Professional Employees - Savings Investments Ideas

Here is latest Best Savings Investments Plans for Retiring and Working Professional Employees.

During the employment, we can invest our money in share stock market and popular savings and investment plans. Some persons may invest on land and purchases developing real estate properties or assets to earn long term.

During job, we can get salary every month into our saving accounts and divert the money to meet our expenses like children educations, home loans, and savings for marriage also for retirement life preplanned.

We will not depend as our career showing improvement graph. But we have to depend in retirement life. This is because banking institutes, financial institutes not lend money for retirement life. They lend money for working employees and professionals.

We have to put afford on savings investments for happy retirement life from now onwards in order to meet retirement life needs and expenses for health insurances, life insurances, bank deposits and for other expenses like children education, marriage, home loans etc.

It is better to start savings and investments from first job onwards. Because inflation, debts, loans, bills payments and regular and non-regular life needs are divert your money from savings deposits.

We have to wait until salary day. Until then we have to control our joy, happiness, life habits and other ones…If you are suffering every month like this, it is the best time to think yours coming life instead of non-retuned or non-turned life.

Be A Master Rider for Your Future Life:

Here are some my views on Become A Master Rider for Retirement Life.

Begin Early:

One day we asked our college faculty as “what is the best life stage in her life?”.

My college faculty returned her answer as “best life stage in her life is young age to elder age (22-45 years age)”.

I was motivated for her answer. Because we can earn money, we can be healthy, we can choose life partner, we can spend money from our pockets.

We can plan future life with insurance plans (health/life) and medical reimbursement plans, we can save a bulk amount (Lakhs to Crores) if you start our savings and investments in order to meet our retirement life need and expenses.

Read How to Become A Milliner (Millionaire).

Plan a target year (60 years or 65 years etc.), Start save money at 10% to 15% of annual growth. We can start savings at low amount if we begin savings as young as possible instead of 30 years plus. If you are planning to savings after 30 years age, you have to increase your investment for happy retirement life.

Invest Money According to Age and Career Growth also Life Stage:

A regular career growth can facilitate the best savings and investments for happy healthy retirement life.

At young age we can take high risk for our investment. Whereas we can’t put much afford on high risk investment during retirement life. This is because of “AGE” problem. 

Investor’s age is a major consideration for planning the investment plans and premium payments. 
Plan the best investment schemes and policies that are meeting your afford and future plans and which can give a up lift to your life from normal financial life.

Follow An Investment Portfolio:

High risk investment plans are like double edged ones. To say, we can earn profits and returns. In another hand, we might lose some amount due to many factors like share market up and down or share price or stock price fluctuations etc.

Before Savings and Investments, plan carefully your financial goal. After planning the financial goals (cumulative savings and investment amount, target age, time period etc.), we have identify all possible sources to develop your amount to wards planned financial goals.

Read How to Become A Milliner (Millionaire).
Here are some best savings and investment plans for Retiring Employees and for Working Employees.

Few Best Savings and Investment Plans
Product / Plan Name
Return / Profit
Risk Range
Equity Mutual Fund
Medium to Long
Public Provident Fund (PPF)
Provident Fund (PF)
National Pension system (NPS)*

* These are available under 3 options of Gift, Equity and Corporate Bonds.

We can find here always there is a risk for high returns and profits and less return are with less risk.

So we have to plan carefully our savings investment portfolio into many policies or schemes based on many factors like income sources, age, cumulative corpus, current savings, planning products like PF/PPF/FTP/MIP/NPS/Mutual Funds etc…

Planning the right investment portfolio and investing the money is the incomplete one. Because we have track the invested portfolio results at regular time. We have to find the good and top performing products or plans also to identify under performing plans and schemes or products in which we invested.

Tracking the results of savings and investment is helps us in many ways. We can modify our plans or we can invest more money to earn maximum results profits. Savings and Investments are very important as it can change the status of our current Financial Position scenario.

Be a financial independent even in retirement age by following the best principles of financial planning in this current inflation and crisis period with retiring career.

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Become a Best Own Financial Analyst with Savings Investments Tips.