Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pension Schemes for New Employers and Experienced Jobbers to Meet Retirement Future Needs

Here is latest news on Savings and Investment Plans available Pension Schemes for New Employers and Experienced Jobbers to Meet Retirement Future Needs

Every year in India lakhs of graduates are getting pass out from basic courses, language courses, technical education courses, vocational courses and from online, distance education courses.

Ex: in Engineering, every year above 7 lacks of graduates are coming out from various engineering colleges allover India. Among these seven lakhs, 4 lakhs of BE, B Tech students from Andhra Pradesh state only for every year.

In these lakhs of graduates, Master’s Degree holders (in Thousands only) only few hundreds of students are getting jobs in MNC and other reputational, medium, small companies.

After joining in a new job, these people are spending money on cosmetics, semi luxury and luxury goods, leather goods, latest cell phone models, smart phones, cars, two wheelers, pubs and parties with friends and to pay bank educational loans, credit card debts, family debts… etc…

Think how many of them Saving Money for Future Needs

There are many savings plans are existing in India to meet future needs, family member needs, health needs, educational needs, retirement needs.

Check here for existing savings plans in India:

Save money 6,000 RS every year (i.e. 500 Rs/- per a month). (This is minimal amount money to save)

There is no restriction on maximum saving money. It depends up on our future needs.

Another plus point is that we can choose to decide time period to pay for pension scheme
(It is better to pay up to 60 years of age)

Many banks are offering these pension schemes and plans in India.

Some of them are:

Axis Bank
Union Bank
Allahabad Bank
Kotak Mahindra Bank…etc…

Save Money for Your Future.........

Save Money to Become A Milliner

Save Money for For You............

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