Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Indian Railway's IRCTC Introduces Purchase of e-tickets Online under Rolling Deposit Scheme - Latest India Railway News

Here is a Latest News on Indian Railway's IRCTC Introduction of Online Purchase of e-tickets through internet under Rolling Deposit Scheme.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation well known as IRCTC is announced e-wallet ticketing system.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) introduced Rolling Deposit Scheme (RDS) to purchase online e-tickets for Indian railway passengers.

This is an e-wallet for a user friendly ticketing scheme aimed at getting e-tickets easier than current process.

In the e-wallet method, passengers can open a deposit account (like bank's saving account) with the IRCTC website and should deposit their money to use to book e-tickets from website in future days whenever required.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is saying few advantages over other payment modes for railway tickets.

Advantages of RDS e-wallet ticketing and account payment method

  1. It is offers a hassle free and highly secured payments transactions
  2. It saves the customer times because there is no need of payment approval from banks 
  3. No need of dependency with banks and their servers for net banking transactions
  4. No additional charges for booking online tickets with these RDS mode. 
  5. No need of usages of credit card or debit card 
  6. PAN card holders also can open this RDS e wallet account  
  7. It is allowing transaction history.
  8. In case of ticket cancellation, you can get refund on next day only
  9. Under this Rolling Deposit Scheme (RDS), we have to pay or deposit money minimum 1,500 Rs/- as advance amount to purchase railway journey e-ticket online whenever have to travel in train.
  10. There are no additional charges for these online train ticket bookings.

Disadvantages of RDS ticketing and account payment method:

  1. To open RDS e-wallet account, PAN card is compulsory.
  2. Without PAN card you can not register and open this account.
  3. Management of this account is only on online
  4. The minimum deposit is Rs. 1500 to above. It is a little problem to lower income people.
  5. Instead of on the day, the ticket amount will get refunded on next working day. The amount will credit in RDS e-wallet account. 
  6. At now, all are booking railway tickets (e-tickets) with credit card or debit cards also from internet banking mode. The process is taking a little bit of time. In some cases these methods are testing the patience of tickets seekers due to server issues, server downtime, bank server problems, online payment security issues, internet speed etc...
  7. The one time e-wallet registration fee is Rs.250/- a non-refundable amount.
  8. e-WALLET ticket facility timings are not available from morning 8:00 AM to afternoon 12:00 PM. But this is the best timings to available on online by many people from home or offices and internet cafes.

In the IRCTC websites, the RDS option is available along with other options for payments, booking railway tickets online, checking PNR status, berth reservation…etc…

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