Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Indian Shares Stock Market Latest Trends on Market Investments and Net Banking - Share Stock Market News

Here is latest news about Indian Shares Stock Market Trends on Market Investments and Net Banking

Here is latest Indian shares stock market news on latest investment trends and Indians opinion on Internet Banking (Online Banking) or (Mobile Net Banking).

In recent years Indian citizens are investing their money into share stock market online.

The number of online share market investors gradually increasing from 2009 onwards.

Many of share market investors are take other person opinion while planning to invest money to earn returns profits and to secure invested amount.

Generally online investors plans to invest their money in stock market, security bonds, metals, mutual funds and traditional savings plans etc…

Most of the normal investors ask the known persons opinion before investment into Indian share stocks market. After investments also depend upon neighbourhoods opinions.

But most of online Indian investors takes own decisions while investing money into Indian share stock market. They will not depend upon other persons or neighbourhoods.

To take financial related decisions, generally Indian citizens choose to ask the close relatives, friends, co-employees and family well-wishers 

Especially for investments, Indians depends upon nearest and dearest ones. At the same time they will not believe others including close relatives, friends, co-employees, nearest and dearest ones…they will depends upon their decisions.

Even though Indians are experts in internet usage, they will not treat that the internet banking or mobile banking is not secured one.

They will go directly to their bank for any transactions. This is not only in villages also in urban areas also.
Due to news on information security breaches, phishing, identity theft, identity fraud, hacking, email spamming, password leaking… etc…Indian citizens though having awareness on online banking, always prefer the direct banking transactions.

They are treating the direct money transactions in the relevant branch bank is easiest and safer than online transactions.

Due to recent developed mobile phone technology and secure mobile phone applications online Indian citizens preferring to mobile phone banking as safer from information security breaches, phishing, identity theft, identity fraud, hacking, email spamming, password leaking from secure java applications based their high-end smart phones.

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