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Indian Gold Investment Contending with China Gold Consumption Investment Demand Gold demand statistics, future trends :Gold news India

Here is latest Gold news on Indian Gold Investment Contending with China Gold Consumption Investment Demand and Gold demand statistics, future trends.

China is dominating the world market in Electronic apparatus goods, cellphones, home appliances and other sectors from last 10 years.

China exporting all these imitated mobile phones, electronic goods and cheap plastic, fiber made home appliances to all major countries.

From recent days, china is focusing on gold and silver commodity market and entered in.

For gold investment in the form of gold bars, gold coins are used generally by every country in this word.

Nearly 934 tons gold purchased by India during the year 2011, whereas 1006 tons in 2010 year.

The greater fluctuation in gold prices at international market, variation local currency value against dollar, dissimilarity in local market gold rates and Indian economic growth slowdown situation are discouraged the gold purchase and consumption.

From last 4 to 5 years china closely observed and analyzed the gold investments and future trends. Greater china purchased gold from international market to meet domestic gold demand.

From last 3 to 4 years, the demand of light weight gold jewellery increasing in India. Indian citizens putting their investment in light weight golden jewelleries in this global slowdown crisis period.

China, Singapore, Bankak countries manufacturing these light weighted golden jewelleries by utilizing Italian electro foaming technology. 

These China, Singapore, Bankak countries manufacturing Indian popular god and goddess gold coins and light weight jewelleries with 12, 14, 16, 18 carrots quality of gold purity.

Koyambattur of Tamilnadu state is manufacturing light weighted gold pendants, various styles of gold rings, ear rings, bracelets, golden bangles, neck ornaments etc…

These light weight jewelries are looking so beautiful and though weighing at light weight but appear like 20 grams weight.

Indian gold trading organizations analyzing the current gold trends and future trends and planning to hallmark of golden jewelries in order to eradicate conflicts and doubts on gold quality and gold purity in India.

Here is latest gold statistics about gold import to meet demand.

Gold demand for year 2010,

Country           Jewelries            Gold Investment

India                657 tons              349 tons
China               480 tons              187 tons
World countries  2017 tons         1200 tons

Gold demand for year 2011,

Country           Jewelries            Gold Investment

India                567 tons              366 tons
China               545 tons              266 tons
World countries  1963 tons         1487 tons

For the year 2011, China’s gold demand increased due to many reasons

Per head income of China is more than India,

Raised local market demand

Chinese citizens interest on golden ornaments, jewelries

Slowdown of world economic situation…etc…factors leading to rise in in the gold demand in greater china country.

At this same time in India, the gold purchase demand is showing somewhat slowdown trends position due to Indian financial economic growth slowdown that look like crisis situation in 2012 year, Change in the rupee currency value with dollar, investment season on agriculture, less sumurthams for marriages (unseasonal of marriages), non availability of traditional good days like ….  to purchase gold ornaments…

From early winter season and late rainy season the gold sales may rise to a level is expected by Indian gold trading firms.

Purchase the gold today…

Save money for future needs……

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