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India is Became No 1 Even in This Eurozone World Crisis 2012 :Latest India News

Here is latest Indian market news on emerging New Global leader is India

India is became No. 1 even in This Eurozone global Crisis 2012.

India is an Wide evolved market for hotel, tourism, travelling, hospitality, corporate medical pharma, hospital treatment, forex trading, shares stock market investment, Insurance loans Sensex investment for profits returns, Banking, business, real estate, automobile, textile, carp fisheries brackish and marine water aquaculture, financial, BPO, KPO processing and food and beverage, Gold, Silver, Iron, Steel, Metal industrial sectors, manufacture, production,

In the international business market, India is becoming monopoly market leader in multi segments. Indian business market is competitioning to many countries well established market.

Many Indian sectors are making the country proud to be a good market source for many brands in almost all commercial segments.

Indians are sentimental to their family conventional traditions, best in money savings all over the world and lovers of cosmetics & beauty products.

Here is detailed information on How India country became New Global Market Leader

Gold Consumption:

Yellow metal Gold deposits at Indian citizens are more than 18,000 tonnes. Do you know, with this 18,000 tonnes of Gold, (USA country citizens) Americans can make desired jewelleries for coming 100 years.

***India has share of 27-30% in the international gold jewelleries even in this current Eurozone India Crisis 2012.

Every year, India is purchasing and collecting the yellow metal gold in many forms to meet Indian citizen’s gold jewelleries requirements.

Many Indian towns are having jewelleries shops either corporate or medium range shops. In addition to normal days gold sales, there will be a peak sales occurring during holy days like Akshaya truthiya and Dantheras and Dussarah to Deevali season also marriage seasons.

Many corporate and medium range shops offer during these Akshaya truthiya day,  Dantheras and Dussarah to Deevali season also marriage seasons every year.

It is well known as Black Gold in India.

In India, coal is collected by public sector firm Coal India.

In the total domestic coal production, around 82% of coal production takes place through Coal India in every year.

Total coal production in a year, in India is 400 million tonnes.

Coal India shares in Indian shares stock market earned profits on investment.

Thermal Power energy Production

In India, the coal production is meeting up to 82% of whole country requirement.

India is in number 1 position in thermal power production even in this global slowdown recession trend.

India has 86 major thermal power energy production stations country wide. In India, 82 of 86 thermal energy production stations are receiving required coal from public sector company Coal India.(

Whiskey Production

India is number 1 in whiskey production.

Every year nearly 56 million bottles of whiskey is getting export to foreign countries all over the world.

East India Company employee Edward Dayyar started whisky production in India at popular tourism location Shimla in 1820 year.

From 1820 year, the beverage production gradually raised and reached a world leading position in whisky production.

Here is a list of popular beverage production companies in India.

Parle-G Biscuits

World topmost selling biscuits are Parle-G Company’s Biscuits, Made in India.

These Parle-G Biscuits are imported by BRIC countries, USA, Europe countries and to many African countries.

Parle-G Biscuits are manufactured in Mumbai city in 1929. The Parle-g brand value is expecting to 2000 crores.

Coconut Oil

India is leading country in coconut oil production.

Know COCONUT Production Statistics in India.

Marico’s Parachute is became world brand in coconut oil production.

The turnover of Parachute brand is reached to 3,128 crores in this fiscal year.


 Nano car is Rathan Tata’s dream car that reached to Indian middle class families.

All over the world, there is no any four wheelers to comparison with NANO car of India.

TATA companies are takeovered many UK companies in the recent years and offered employment to 40,000 UK citizens.

UK’s popular company British aerospace is limited to second place after TATA companies.

TATA Consultancy Limited Services nearly offered jobs to around 4,000 UK citizens from the recent years to till date in UK.

As a number 1 foreign investors in UK, TATA Companies takeovered popular UK’s Corus, Tetle, Jaguar and Rover companies…and invested in Iron, Gold, IT, Software, Telecom, Chemical, Power energy production, Consumer goods, Fashion & Textile products…etc…

Asia’s largest chain hotel group is Taj Group of hotels is established by TATA group.

Outsourcing Services:

India country is in number one position in Global Service Location Index.

Every USA and Europe country’s knows that India is center for best Out Sourcing Services worldwide.

Though India country getting a severe competition from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt countries, owned number 1 position in Global Outsourcing Services.

Availability of English language speaking youth, standard educational studies background, availability of labor at lesser salaries in comparison with international markets…etc…are helping the Indian country in receiving Software projects to BPO and KPO services from USA and Europe countries.

Global financial crisis shown a little impact during 2009 year, after then, India achieved number one position in Global Service Location Index announced in the last fiscal year.

Even in this world Inflation crisis 2012 and global Europe slowdown / crisis time, India is in top with number 1 position in Global Outsourcing Services.


Sugar comes from sugar cane plant. Most of the people wish to take it in many forms like tea, coffee, food, edibles, sweets, lollypops, chocolates, toffees, cream biscuits etc…

India country is playing a major role in consumption of sugar. India is in number 1 position sugar consumption.

Nearly 15-16% of total World sugar production consumed by Indian citizens only. The dragon country China is in second place in sugar consumption.

In India country, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, UP and Maharashtra states are producing nearly 90-95% of total Indian sugar consumption.

Many sugar production factories are offering employment to nearby surrounding people.

Milk Production

In my childhood, in the social science studies i read that Denmark is top country in milk production and popular for milk export.

Now I am happy to write these texts on milk production.

A mother can feed with milk to her child.

But India is feeding this whole world with milk.

In the total world milk production, nearly 15-20% is producing in India country. With White Revolution effects, milk production gradually augmented and currently exporting to more than 50 countries.

Amul is become number 1 in milk production in India country. Now even in this world crisis and slowdown situation, Amul Company exporting milk and milk products to 37-40 countries.

The worth of this exporting milk products value is 150 to 200 crores for this fiscal year.
Management of dairy farm is not much expensive and no need of much investment in India.

Indian government and state governments are aiding the Indian citizens with loans, update modern dairy form technologies, scientific methods for dairy farm management and awareness programs on dairy farming, milk production also dairy milk and milk products marketing technology.

In India, many educational institutes are offering regular graduate, master degree certificate programs and online certificate courses on dairy farming technology and management.

Indian people like gold and diamonds made jewelleries much than others. There is a proverb on diamonds that is “To cut the diamond, we have to use diamond”.

Indians have the required skills like creativity, patience, skilled work labour to polish a diamond. Raw diamonds to polish are imported from USA, Africa, Europe countries …etc…

Indian cities Bhavnagar, Ahmadabad (Capital of Gujarat), Mumbai, and Surat are well popular for diamond industry.

Though India receiving competition from Belgium, Israel countries for polishing the diamonds, wih an average 95 to 96% of skilled experts are available in India.

Cities like Bhavnagar, Ahmadabad (Capital of Gujarat), Mumbai, and Surat, this diamond industry started as small scale industry and gradually grown to a level of export of polished diamonds to USA, Japan, China and Europe countries…

There are 10 – 12 lakhs Indian native citizens are depended on this diamond industry. Around 95 to 96% of skilled expert employees in the world diamond industry are in India only.

We know that in our rings, diamond stands up always...
Like that India holds first place in diamond industry forever…

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