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Guidelines to Secure Savings and Share Stock Market Investment Information to Protect from Identity Theft. - Savings and Investment Security India

Here are some Required Guidelines to Secure Savings and Share Stock Market Investment Information to Protect from Identity Theft at Online Sources.

Saving bank accounts, Mutual funds, Ulips, Life Insurances, PPF, Security bonds, Fixed deposits, Equity market, National Savings Certificate, health insurance policies, Gold investment, future shares, EPF, Post office savings plans and schemes, Monthly income schemes and plans, NPS, Gold ETF, Future shares, Fund investments and share market investments also stock market investments are the some of best investment sources for saving the money in India.

Some of them provide security against investment and gives possible returns profits.While some of them show impact of share and stock market up and down on our investment and may results in either profit returns or investment losses.

The papers and certificates of these investment policies and plans should deposit in secured places or locations against thefts, losses and insect, book worming problems.

Here are some guidelines to secure savings and investment details from protection.

Among many of us think that the protection of savings and investment information is keeping those documents and certifications in secrete places and locations without intimating to other family members.
This is not the right one. All family members or at least one of the family members need to know the savings and investment information against unexpected happenings.

Primary Documents: These documents are generally for personal identification with having photo or image some may have not.

Ex: Birth day certificates, nativity certificates, marriage certificates, passport certification, voter identification, nationality identification cards, driving licenses etc…

For property transfer, these primary documents (not all) are necessary for person identification. So keep all these at one place to protect personal documents from thefts, losses and insect, book worming problems.

Insurance documents: Life insurance plans or life insurance policies are best protective shields from unexpected happenings like sudden death or accidental deaths, permanent disabilities, job losses due to crisis…etc……

Make a list of all insurance policies on a paper along with details of insurance policy name, premium details, premium payment amount details, term period details, nominee details, insurance company representative or agent contact phone numbers…etc.

Especially in the case of online insurance policies, online insurance premium amount payments etc…these detailed information need to know at least one the family members.
Especially keep the family health insurance policy cards in best available place for all family members.

Provident Funds: National Provident Schemes or fund or plans are best saving plans for future needs for personal as well family members. Do you know many of neglecting the PF to save money for future usage? 

I’m appreciating you if you are considering the PF schemes as best savings plans to save money for future needs for personal as well family members.

Note down all details of P F information like NPS- PF serial number, nominee details, EPF account number, PF branch office details on a paper.

Property and Assets Documents: Keep all property and assets documents in a safe place and note down all details like property or assets value, nominee details, insurance information of property or assets etc…

Bank Accounts: nowadays having more than one bank account is becoming necessary.

If have more than one bank account, note down all bank account details like account number, belonging account category (saving or current or any other type), nominee information, locker number (if you have), deposited things like jewellery, gold, money, assets documents information etc…

Demat Account: Demat account is necessary one to invest money in stock markets and share markets. 

Account number, transaction details, investment details, depository participant details, broker or agent contact phone number, nominee information details and detailed information of purchased shares, stock market investment details should be noted down on a paper.

Other Alternative Investments: Many of us invest the money in traditional investment plans. Besides to traditional investment policies, we can invest our money in some alternate investment sources.

Note down the details of PPF account, post office savings information, saving certificates, mutual funds investment details, fort polio information, fund investment firm phone numbers, online transactional Photostat copies.  Keep these certificates or documents in a safe place and intimate to at least one of the family member to take care for them in protection.

Passwords: Password is the personal word generally used to login after registering an account. Don’t use general words like birth day dates, partner details, children details even your name, ex-lover name, phone number details…

We can use our native town name along with some numerical numbers, long phrases with numerical numbers etc…

We have to protect our passwords against security breaches, phishing, identity theft, identity fraud, hacking, email spamming, password leakage malwares, virus programs, online information theft incidents.

Note down all these investment details on a paper and intimate to one of elder family member who is taking care about all family members. Make this paper at least 2 or 3 Xerox (photo copies) copies and keep them at safest places in the home. 

This is helps the family members in emergencies and unexpected happening situations.

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Get Car loans for Used Old Cars from Banks and Non-Banking Firms in India - Latest Banking News

Here is latest Banking sector news on How to Get Car loans for Used Old Cars from Banks and Non-Banking Firms in India

A cars loan to purchase old or second hand cars is not familiar in last 5 years back.

Due to increased middle class family numbers in the country and increased income to the middle class families, many banks and non-banking finance institutes are planning to car loans to expand the customer services.

New latest cars costs high. Many people are not able to buy latest model cars with own cash as cash and carry. So many of are showing interest to buy cars with the help of available car loans from nearest transactioning branch banks and financing firms.

Nowadays many banks and non-banking institutions are offering car loans up to 60 to 75% on old or used cars.

When we are buying a new car, many banks are not applying any conditions for new car loans. They consider mainly loan applicant income details only.

Whereas for old cars, the considerable details are car manufacture company, model, manufactured year, loaning years, loan applicant credit history etc…

Here is another most important point is loan period and loaning car age. The loaning car age and loan period should not be exceed at least 7 years.

For example, if car age (car model manufactured year) is 2 years, the loan period should be within 5 years.

If car age is 3 years, the loan period should be within 4 years.

If car age is 4 years, the loan period should be within 3 years.

How do we get car loans for desired used car or old car?

When we are applying to car loans for used cars or old cars or second hand cars, the loaning firms send a person to finalize the loaning amount according to car model, manufactured year, kilometers reading…etc…All these factors decide the loaning amount.

Sometimes based on existing relationships with banking firms we can get 80 to 90% loans. These baking and non-banking financial firms are maintaining personal credit score for loan history regularly.

Some banks have agreements with local car dealers about loaning amount.  If we take loans from those dealers, we can get up to 80 to 90 % of loans.

Here is another important point to consider is loan interest rates. Based on credit score and loan history the loan interest rates also get change.

Generally for old used cars the interest rate is 2 to 3% is high than normal interest rates.

Banking loan interest rates are somewhat lesser than non-banking financial firms.

Apply loan for used car……

Get loans to own a car……

Drive safely with car…...

Indian Shares Stock Market Latest Trends on Market Investments and Net Banking - Share Stock Market News

Here is latest news about Indian Shares Stock Market Trends on Market Investments and Net Banking

Here is latest Indian shares stock market news on latest investment trends and Indians opinion on Internet Banking (Online Banking) or (Mobile Net Banking).

In recent years Indian citizens are investing their money into share stock market online.

The number of online share market investors gradually increasing from 2009 onwards.

Many of share market investors are take other person opinion while planning to invest money to earn returns profits and to secure invested amount.

Generally online investors plans to invest their money in stock market, security bonds, metals, mutual funds and traditional savings plans etc…

Most of the normal investors ask the known persons opinion before investment into Indian share stocks market. After investments also depend upon neighbourhoods opinions.

But most of online Indian investors takes own decisions while investing money into Indian share stock market. They will not depend upon other persons or neighbourhoods.

To take financial related decisions, generally Indian citizens choose to ask the close relatives, friends, co-employees and family well-wishers 

Especially for investments, Indians depends upon nearest and dearest ones. At the same time they will not believe others including close relatives, friends, co-employees, nearest and dearest ones…they will depends upon their decisions.

Even though Indians are experts in internet usage, they will not treat that the internet banking or mobile banking is not secured one.

They will go directly to their bank for any transactions. This is not only in villages also in urban areas also.
Due to news on information security breaches, phishing, identity theft, identity fraud, hacking, email spamming, password leaking… etc…Indian citizens though having awareness on online banking, always prefer the direct banking transactions.

They are treating the direct money transactions in the relevant branch bank is easiest and safer than online transactions.

Due to recent developed mobile phone technology and secure mobile phone applications online Indian citizens preferring to mobile phone banking as safer from information security breaches, phishing, identity theft, identity fraud, hacking, email spamming, password leaking from secure java applications based their high-end smart phones.

Required Insurance Documents for Life Insurance Policies - Insurance News India

Here is latest Insurance News on Required Insurance Documents for Life Insurance Policies in India.

Many insurance documents are required for life insurance policy. From filling the policy form to applying to insurance company after policy maturity, many documents forms are necessary between insurers to beneficiaries.

The terms and policy conditions generally resolve the issues or disputes and required actions during the course of the selected life insurance policy. The ability of understanding and awareness of insurance segment terminology and knowledge of the beneficiaries also affects the course of policy.

The required documents are specified into 2 categories

1.     Essential Documents (Ex: Proposal application Form, Personal Statement, First Premium Receipt, Renewal Premium Receipt, and Policy Document)
     2. Non-Essential Documents (Ex: Premium Reminder Letters, Bonus Notice letters)

Essential Documents:

Proposal application Form:

The very first required document is our application form for chosen insurance policy.

This application form or insurance proposal form is a printed and standardized format.

Applicant details and signs at required places on the insurance form along with passport sized photos. For illiterate people, the left thumb impression will consider as sign after attested.

After submitting this complete filled file will be checked by agent or relevant employee of Assurance Company and conforms after their standard verification process. 

This application form encloses an assurance declaration form to declare the assurance contract for the mentioned terms and policy conditions.

With the submission of this declaration form, the insurer will announce the contact. From here our life insurance contract is begin with Assurance Company. 

Along with this application form we have to pay premium amount and other amount for documentation fee or agent charges if there. 

The required applicant details includes of applicant name and communicative address date of birth, age, occupation details, nominee information and other details.

While along with application or insurance proposal file or form, some particulars are mandatory to endow are mode of premium, employment information, and other required relevant forms like age proof, communicative address proof, contact details etc…

Personal Statement:

The personal statement should be submitted along with insurance proposal form or application form. 

Generally the personal statement contains particulars of personal habits, medical history, willingness for insurance policy and declaration form. Inappropriate personal statements can nullify the application for insurance policy at any time.

First Premium Receipt:

First premium is most important one. If submitted insurance policy accepted by insuring company, immediately we have to pay full premium.

We have to enclose this first premium receipt along with other required documents or files to insuring company.
Policy document will be issued after complete final verification of assurance policy application forms and documents along with first premium receipt.

The first premium receipt is sign as our insurance policy contact is instigated. First premium receipt document contains the particulars of the chosen assurance policy.

The premium receipt document with details of policy number, date of paid, date of maturity, premium amount, date of commencement, renewal date name and contact address of assured person…etc…

Renewal Premium Receipt:

Renewal Premium Receipt is evidence as we are paying regularly towards chosen policy.

Renewal Premium Receipt is state that both parties in bonding (insured company as well assured person).

These Renewal Premium Receipts are proof for your continuity before claiming against raised disputes or issues.

In recent days, payment of insurance is acceptable through online payment against policy, transfer of payments through debit cards, credit cards, and from bank accounts transactions…etc…

Not only through online banking for insurance payments in recent days, through our high level cellphones, smart phones, and from branded mobile phones, we can also pay the assurance premium.

Policy Document:

Insurance Policy document is a main and important evidence document between insured firm and insured person.

This assurance policy document contains of policy terms, conditions, clauses.

The loss of this doc, generally will not affect our assurance contact.

If we lost original doc, we can get a new policy doc up on our request application.

The policy doc is with authorized sign and stamp.

Also the policy doc contains information of date of commencement, policy nominee, premium payment details and other information.

All these Proposal application Form, Personal Statement, First Premium Receipt, Renewal Premium Receipt, and Policy Document are very important.

Non- Essential documents:

In addition to above documents, some other docs like Premium Reminder Letters & Bonus Notice letters are have no significance after the chosen premium paid.

For payment of premium, the premium reminder letter and Bonus intimation notice letter are not essential.

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Indian Gold Investment Contending with China Gold Consumption Investment Demand Gold demand statistics, future trends :Gold news India

Here is latest Gold news on Indian Gold Investment Contending with China Gold Consumption Investment Demand and Gold demand statistics, future trends.

China is dominating the world market in Electronic apparatus goods, cellphones, home appliances and other sectors from last 10 years.

China exporting all these imitated mobile phones, electronic goods and cheap plastic, fiber made home appliances to all major countries.

From recent days, china is focusing on gold and silver commodity market and entered in.

For gold investment in the form of gold bars, gold coins are used generally by every country in this word.

Nearly 934 tons gold purchased by India during the year 2011, whereas 1006 tons in 2010 year.

The greater fluctuation in gold prices at international market, variation local currency value against dollar, dissimilarity in local market gold rates and Indian economic growth slowdown situation are discouraged the gold purchase and consumption.

From last 4 to 5 years china closely observed and analyzed the gold investments and future trends. Greater china purchased gold from international market to meet domestic gold demand.

From last 3 to 4 years, the demand of light weight gold jewellery increasing in India. Indian citizens putting their investment in light weight golden jewelleries in this global slowdown crisis period.

China, Singapore, Bankak countries manufacturing these light weighted golden jewelleries by utilizing Italian electro foaming technology. 

These China, Singapore, Bankak countries manufacturing Indian popular god and goddess gold coins and light weight jewelleries with 12, 14, 16, 18 carrots quality of gold purity.

Koyambattur of Tamilnadu state is manufacturing light weighted gold pendants, various styles of gold rings, ear rings, bracelets, golden bangles, neck ornaments etc…

These light weight jewelries are looking so beautiful and though weighing at light weight but appear like 20 grams weight.

Indian gold trading organizations analyzing the current gold trends and future trends and planning to hallmark of golden jewelries in order to eradicate conflicts and doubts on gold quality and gold purity in India.

Here is latest gold statistics about gold import to meet demand.

Gold demand for year 2010,

Country           Jewelries            Gold Investment

India                657 tons              349 tons
China               480 tons              187 tons
World countries  2017 tons         1200 tons

Gold demand for year 2011,

Country           Jewelries            Gold Investment

India                567 tons              366 tons
China               545 tons              266 tons
World countries  1963 tons         1487 tons

For the year 2011, China’s gold demand increased due to many reasons

Per head income of China is more than India,

Raised local market demand

Chinese citizens interest on golden ornaments, jewelries

Slowdown of world economic situation…etc…factors leading to rise in in the gold demand in greater china country.

At this same time in India, the gold purchase demand is showing somewhat slowdown trends position due to Indian financial economic growth slowdown that look like crisis situation in 2012 year, Change in the rupee currency value with dollar, investment season on agriculture, less sumurthams for marriages (unseasonal of marriages), non availability of traditional good days like ….  to purchase gold ornaments…

From early winter season and late rainy season the gold sales may rise to a level is expected by Indian gold trading firms.

Purchase the gold today…

Save money for future needs……

Elder Age Health Insurance Policies After Retirements - Insurance News

Here is latest information on Insurance News about Elder Age Health Insurance Policies After Retirements for all Indian citizens.

Before retirement, generally we will get group insurance policy or medical claim facilities provided by company. After retirement, we lose this group insurance policy or medical claiming.

Due to long term workforce, job stress and lack of proper stress management activities, improper health management, food habits may result in old age medical health problems.

In recent days medical expenses are increased drastically. So it is better to take medical health insurance policy instead of paying high medical treatment bills and expenses.

In India there are many insurance firms providing personal health insurance policies for retired citizens age ranges of 58 to 65 years.

Insurance policies for retired people at age 58 to 60 years

Insurance company name                     Policy name

Apollo Munich                                      Easy health

Bajaj Allianz                                         Health guard

Star health                                             Medi classic

New India assurance                             Medi claim

Max bupa                                              Health companion

United India                                          Medi prime

ICICI Lambard                                   Family protect premier

Insurance policies for retired people at age 61 to 65 years

Insurance company name                     Policy name

Apollo Munich                                      Easy health

Apollo Munich                                      Optima restore

Bajaj Allianz                                          Health guard

Bajaj Allianz                                          Silver health

Star health                                              Red carpet

Max bupa                                               Heart beat

Max bupa                                               Health companion

National Insurance                                 Varista

TATA AIG                                             Medi prime.