Monday, June 4, 2012

Wine, Cosmetics, Poultry Products and Playing Toys also Puppets Import Regulation Process Needs Simplification In India : Latest India News

Here is a Latest India News on Import Regulation Process Simplification In India for Wine, Cosmetics, Poultry Products and Playing Toys also Puppets.

United States Trade Representatives simply USTR whishes a simplified process for importing Cosmetics, Poultry Products, Playing Toys, Puppets, Wine etc… from USA into Indian market. 

United States Trade Representatives wants get a permanent exemption on listing out the Ingredients of packed products and distilled spirits labels, manufacture date of wine.

Not only on wine and distilled spirits products, USTR demanded simplified import process on poultry, child playing dolls, toys, puppets, cosmetics products etc…

In India, there is a registration or order proposed by Indian Standard Bureau. By this, there are additional test for foreign manufactured playing toys products, puppets.  

Foreign manufacturers should provide complete manufacture information for playing toys products, puppets while importing to Indian markets. 

But USTR, United States Trade Representatives and US Industry expressing unhappy on this India’s import rules and regulations against USA medicines, cosmetics products, poultry products, and on wine, distilled spirit products into India market.

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