Saturday, June 23, 2012

V-Guard Introduced New Pedestal Fans in Andhra Pradesh, Shortly Induction Cook Tops of Kitchen Appliances

Here is latest news on V-Guard Introduction of New Pedestal Fans in Andhra Pradesh.

Envero series new pedestal fans are released in Andhra Pradesh by V-Guard Industries. 

These electrical fans may save 40 to 50 % of power save with latest Magneto Motive Drive (MMD) technology. 

This envero series fans with MMD technology are capable to work efficiently even in low voltage electricity power situations. 

V-Guard shortly introducing Induction cook tops (Induction Cookers) to enter into the Kitchen Appliances segment. In Kerala state, switch gears are going to launch shortly.

V-Guard had electricity power cable manufacture unit in Kashipur of Uttarakand state.

The V-Guard company is planning to double the unit manufacture capacity from the current capacity is 3.25 Lakhs power coils with investment of 25 Crores.  

Already V-Guard have market share with pumps, motors, digital ups, inverters, batteries, water heaters, voltage stabilizers…

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