Saturday, June 2, 2012

Save Money and Get Tax Deduction Benefits on Savings In India - Money earning financial plans India

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Here is are details on How to Save Money, Income and Get benefits from Tax Deductions on saving money in India. Know what are tax deductions savings plans in India 2012.

If you want save your every rupee from tax, you reached to right place. Follow these best sources to save yours income/ salaries/rupees/money from state and central taxes

You have many ways to escape from tax. Reach easily the economical financial goals by taking right decisions according to your needs and changed life style, increased expenses.

Equity Linked Savings Schemes:

These Equity Savings Schemes offered by gove banks as well as private banks.


These are unit linked Insurance plans gives both Life Insurance and profits. Best suitable for forced bachelors and unmarried young ones can invest in shares equities.

Health Insurance:

The health insurance is become necessary for all aged Indian citizens

The premium you to be paid for medclaim policies helpful in saving the money from tax deductions under section 80 d

Monthly Pension policies or  Monthly Income Schemes or Monthly Income Plans:

Monthly Pension policies for married and retire elder peoples:

As increase in the home responsibilities, rise in the income, you must plan to increase yours life insurance policies to all your family members

The family members insurance premium amount also helps in saving your money freom tax deductions under section 80 c.

Plan your money to save from taxes under section 80 c and get benefited through Monthly Income Schemes. By investing in these Monthly Income Schemes, you get more interest as Monthly Pension amount besides your salary or income. To say simply these are Monthly Income Schemes to earn extra money and you can avoid tax for these Monthly Income Policies.

Parents with Children:

Take life insurance policies for your Childs

Plan endowments or Money Back policies

The to be paid premium amount eligible to apply for tax deductions under section 80 c

NSC or National Saving Certifications:
NSC acronym for National Saving Certifications

PPAF, Child school fee, tuition fee, Equity linked mutual funds, home rents, share stock market investment, other savings plans offered by post-offices, Banks also eligible to apply for tax deduction.

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