Saturday, June 23, 2012

Real estate Plots, Plats, Buildings and Apartments, Villas at Low Cost Prices for NRI People in India - Latest Real Estate News

Here is latest Indian real estate news on low cost prices for constructed & constructing buildings, flats, villas in India for NRI citizens at this Rupee declining current market situation.

At current Indian Rupee declining situation against American dollar, there is a good news for construction builders and NRI citizens.

Indian real estate segment experts are hoping the huge increase in purchasing of double bed rooms, single bed room apartments, individual flats even in the surroundings of Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and developing cities.

The purchase of apartments, villas, individual residence houses are slowly increasing from last 3 months in India. Many of local Indians as well NRI citizens are also showing interest to buy constructed & constructing homes.

In the recent days many Non Residence Indians are purchased lands in the city surrounding areas where development and city area expansion is occurring.

In this Indian Rupee short fall situation, the purchase cost amount is lowered to 20-25%.

Ex:  Let think, a constructed flat sold at 2 Crore of Rupees,

At that time USA currency dollar value against Rupee is 45 INR. (1 Dollar =45 INR)

i.e. in American currency, the flat cost is 444,444 dollars.

But now the USA dollar’s value against Indian Rupee is at 57. (1 Dollar =57 INR)

i.e. in American currency, the flat cost is 350,877 dollars only.

i.e. Non Residence Indians can save 93,567 $ on investing for purchase

In Indian currency, NRI can save 53, 33, 319 Rupees (in words more than 53 Lakhs in the investment)

The current rupee fall situation supporting the NRI to purchase available flats, villas, resorts, home buildings at lower and cheaper, affordable rates in Indian cities and towns.

Around 25% of NRI’s investment will be saved even in this Rupee value decline situation.

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