Saturday, June 23, 2012

Book Online Home Cooking LPG Gas is Launched and Know Gas Booking Current Status thru Online Portal, List of Indian Oil and Gas Companies Websites

We can book our Home Cooking LPG Gas through newly launched Online web portalfrom now.

Here is latest Oil Gas Industry News on launch of new online website portal in India.

LPG gas online portal is launched in India. The gas portal is launched by Indian ministry of Petroleum, Natural gas.

Here is the online web portal address:

In India, the subsidized home cooking LPG gas is diverted to commercial purpose for vehicles, hotels etc…

To avoid the fraud in distribution of cooking gas and to improve transparency, this web portal is newly launched by Indian ministry of Petroleum, Natural gas.

In this online portal, we can check our current status of booked gas, previous gas bookings, even booked gas cylinders numbers, date of issued also. We can complaint against on gas distributers, dealer’s customer services.

Nearly around 14 Crores LPG gas customers information is available online in this web potal.

Here is a list of Indian Oil and Gas companies websites address

For Indane gas filling,, 

For Bharath gas filling,,

For HP gas filling,

The customers of the public sector oil companies are know all these detailed information from their websites.

So, measure your gas, book gas online and check gas online status from your LPG company web portal now.

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