Saturday, June 16, 2012

List of Companies Restricted or Banned Trading at BSE Recently and Reason to Avoiding Stocks Trading from BSE India : Latest Share Stock Market News,

Here is a Latest Share Stock Market News on BSE trading banned companies and possible reasons to avoiding stock trading at BSE India. 

BSE recently restricted or banned trading of these companies. 

Here is the list of companies.

Vas infrastructure

Syncom formulations India

Swasti vinayaka synthetics

Suryajyothi spinning mills

Shirpur gold refinery

Seax global ventures

Religare technologies

Rcl foods

Rama paper mills

Parsharti investments

Panasonic home appliances

K-lifestyle & industries

Kgn industries

Kanika infotech


Futuristic solutions

Fervent pharma synergies

Eskay K’n’ IT India

Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition

Commex Technology

Ashika Credit capital

Arsi Cosmetic & Chemicals

Aravali Securities & Finance.

These are Indian companies listed already in BSE and at present these firms are under restricted trading. 

Why BSE put companies under restricted trade or ban the companies from market trading?

Reason to avoiding stocks trading from BSE India:

Mainly BSE restricted these listed companies from stock market trading India.

BSE always keep observation on the companies all activities in stock market. 

If any company follows or practices speculative trading methods, SEBI bans or restrict company trading in the stocks market to save the investors from this manipulation in stocks.


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