Saturday, June 23, 2012

Insurance Sector Role in Indian Country Economic Development - Latest Insurance News

Here is detailed information on Insurance Sector Role in Indian Country Economic Development

Insurance companies collect the insured premium amounts money from policies agreed people across the country. In this way huge amount money will be collected to make a fund.

This insured amount is our saving money at them. The insurance firms mobilize these savings of all individuals as investment. These savings amount is routed into investments.

Investments money plays key role in country financial economic development.

These assurance funds are invested in safe avenues like Indian Shares Stock market, National bonds, savings policies, security bonds with highly rated etc…

Indian major insurance company L I C i.e. Life Insurance Corporation (Public Sector) total investments crossed 530,000 Crores.

In this 530,000 Crores of investment,

More than 300,000 crores channeled into Government security bonds,  

Around 16,500 Crores in the State Electricity boards,

Rs. 20,000 Crore in the electricity power generation sector (private),

Rs. 11,000 Crores in Water supply and Sewerage system,

Rs. Around 25,000 Crores in in housing loans,

In addition to these, Life Insurance Corporation invested a lot of amount in Crores in Industrrial estates segments and Rs. 35,000 Crores invested in Indian corporate sector (shares market, term loans, and debentures).

Do yo know all these investment in public and private sector areas directly and indirectly affect the Indian citizen’s lives and country’s economic welfare.

In India, there are too many insurance organization are have their network across the country and collected a large amount of money in the form of primia payments. 

All these collected huge insurance funds, channeled as investment in govt security bonds, and in some other places also in developed countries shares stock markets wher they do bisiness with this huge amount.

All these large amount investments in various sectors are directly and indirectly contributing to Indian country’s economic and financial progress.

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