Saturday, June 2, 2012

India’s update FMCG Companies Complete List and FMCG Shares latest prices at NSE : Indian Shares Stock Market News

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Here is complete lists of India’s FMCG Companies well populared.

There are many companies are covering the overall FMCG market with their marketing strategy.

Here is the India’s latest and updated FMCG companies list:


HU- Hindustan UniLiver Ltd, 

ITC-Indian Tobacco Company, 

GSK Consumer, 

Godrej Consumer product, 

Bajaj Corp, 


Marico are the well popular FMCG companies in India

FMCG Shares latest prices at NSE

Here are the lists of companies as well as their latest shares value of FMCG companies

Company Name                      Closing Rate/Value            Max reached value

ITC                                               229.75                                      230.10

Nestle                                           4867.45                                    4906.95

Godrej Consumer                         490.55                                       508.70

Marico                                         172.05                                       178.50

Bajaj Corp                                   122.55                                       133.00

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer          2776.05                                     2799.80

Dabur                                          105.60                                       123.20

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